Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Black by popular demand

Well, what can I say, it has been too long since I did one of these. In a way I'm kinda sad I stopped as they were quite enjoyable and reading back on some of my other ones I can see how much I have changed over the year. One of the main reasons I stopped was that I would get home and end up spending hours sometimes writing up blogs and not getting enough sleep, also I went through a "dry spell" of not being able to think of anything interesting that happened during the day and be able to express it on here in a way that'd interest people, hope I haven't lost that skill...

Anyway, let's get on with this.
I am now in 2nd year, passed first year with no resists (even though I only ended up with a 2:2/ 57%....probably should have read books from the Library and done the work I was told to do instead of watching Scrubs and House all the time).
I now live in a house with 7 other people, Tim, Lewis, Harry, Abi, Lauren and Mia.
Although saying that, Tim and I were the first people to move in months ago and lived together for about 6 weeks on our own which was in some ways better.
Ah well, it's an ok house nontheless although Tim and I have already decided the people we want to be living with next year, which I'll get onto later.

First of all, the Summer. I came down to Leeds quite early to find a job, Tim had been here all Summer looking for one and didn't get a single call back. One day we both went into a pub called the Dry Dock and asked if they had any work going. They didn't, but knew the Library pub did, which was also part of the Scream pub company.
So Tim and I went down there and asked, turned out they were having a Group interview on September 2nd at 12pm.

So a week passed and Tim and I went to the "interview", we waited and waited, nobody turned up. The doors weren't even open. Eventually we saw the same girl that had told us about it turn up to work only to inform us we had come a day early...
How embarrassing, although to be fair, she told us it was the 2nd, when it was actually the 3rd.

So the next day we went back, once again, there was nobody there, apart from one other girl, Siobhan.
"Ah this will be great, only 3 people, they'll have to hire us" we thought.
Until the manager came downstairs only to tell us that we were meant to have arrived at 11am not 12pm.
For fu...

So we went upstairs to find a room full of people.
Tim and I were actually really tempted to just leave at first as our chances seemed so slim as we were told by the manager we had missed a task that involved saying who you were, your most embarrassing moment and do an animal or celebrity impression.
However we decided to stay anyway, not knowing we'd still have to do it.

Siohban went up first, and tbh, didn't really make that good of an impression as she lacked confidence. So did I, but I could easily make out that I was confident in what I was doing, I really wasn't.

I introduced myself next, told my most embarrassing moment (drinking too much and shitting myself in Scotland on a Geology trip) and my animal impression was a pig, which everyone loved, as apparently I was the only person to go down on all 4s haha.

Next in our groups we had to pretend to sell useless items to everyone, we had to chose from condoms with holes in them, a bucket with a hole in it, dog breathe smelling mouthwash, Fish smelling deodrant, black light and a solar powered torch.

We chose the deodrant and bucket.
We managed to have fun with it (by we I mean Tim and I as the girl admitted she wasn't feeling too creative today and would just let us two do it all, good)

We got up and managed to sell it to everyone saying how Aquaman uses the deodrant and now has a pg 3 girlfriend in the Daily Whale (Tim's idea, though wish I'd thought it up). Amongst other things with the bucket with a hole in it saying how you can use it for ugly friends and put it over their head.

Eventually I had a one on one interview and was told I was pretty much guarenteed the job anyway because of my pig impression haha.

Come Monday we had a social with all the staff which was fun, everyone got really drunk and I got to meet them all, it's a fun place to work.

My first shift which should have been 5 - 12:30pm on Sunday was cancelled which annoyed me, as my first one now was 8 - 2:30am on Tuesday, in Freshers week, and I had to be up for a 9am the next morning.

The shift went badly, and ok at the same time. Being my first, I had no clue what I was doing, my pints had more head than beer, it took me 5 minutes to make an order each time as I didn't know how to work the till, but amongst all this, all the customers were understanding and some even found it funny (aside from one Asian guy who claimed he was going grey cos I was taken so long, son of a bitch).

Anyway, Uni started and lectures are going fine atm. My 2nd shift was a lot better, was nowhere near as busy and I actually enjoyed it. Was a shame the week after I got a call saying that due to major hour cuts, I have been taken off the rota until further notice....

What's more annoying is that Tim has still been kept on, as have about 2 or 3 other newbies. No idea how they decided who they were gonna keep on, but it's still ruined my plans as if I don't start soon I won't have enough money to live!

Last Saturday was pretty good too. First of all got an e-mail from someone named Stuart who works with Pet Sounds saying that it's their 1st birthday and as I'm a regular I would get free entry into the Maccabees, free drinks and free entry into Pet Sounds.

Now there is an old saying that explains if someone seems too good to be true, it's usually because it is, of course in this case I seemed to forget that.

Me, Tim, Katie and Alex all turned up (as we had all got the e-mail) to find that Stuart hadn't actually told Pet Sounds he was giving away free entry to the gig to people and they were now at full capacity.

Flipping heck, we were all so annoyed as we had turned up at 8pm, sober, expecting free drinks. Tim went to a pub while I went back to Katie and Alex's house to get wasted in anger (oh yeah, Katie and Alex will be 2 of the people I'll be living with next year, the rest will be revealed in a later blog).

We arrived back at Pet Sounds and managed to get free entry, although I found out unless you had drink vouchers you couldn't get free drinks. I was starting to lose my patience. Luckily a randomer must have noticed I wasn't having the best of nights and gave me one of his vouchers which was nice of him.

Got my drink and danced the night away for a bit before heading off to a house party.
It was pretty good. In my state I got my balls out over a couple making out and a girl tried to throw me out of the house saying she had "had complaints about me getting my cock out".
I told her it wasn't me (though it's obvious it was, I was the only black guy at the party) and pulled out the race card saying she only wanted to throw me out cos I was black. It actually worked.

That's all I remember for now of all the things that'd have happened to me since I've been back, the most interesting anyway.
Stay tuned for the next post! x

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