Friday, 30 January 2009

Day 18 - Evening Fail

Today was great. Only one lecture from 4-5. I could get used to it. Still though not sure if it's better me having loads of lecture Monday and Tuesday and not so many after that or an even amount spaced out. I guess the first is better.
After the only lecture today, which was vertebra evolution, I was happy to discover that the student newspaper was back!
I really missed them as they are quite interesting/funny.
The main headline was how Robinho had been accused of rape at a club called "The Space" in Leeds.
Funny thing being that this club is like 15 minutes from Clarence Dock, the closest club to use (besides Oracle and Mezz).

It was also the first Taekwondo training session of the year today. Having not trained in so long I was worried I'd be knackered. I wasn't too bad though. Infact it was as if I had never left tbh.
However when we were doing self-defence I was partnered with Simon.
We were being taught out to get out of wrist locks and what to do afterwards.
As Simon is quite a big guy I asked if it was alright if I squeezed as hard as I could so it'd be more realistic, he said yes but due to this got too into the "break and attack" and ended up kneeing me in the chin.
I was laughing it off and saying it was fine as he was really apologetic about it.
To be honest though, it hurt, a lot, and still does now.
Not only the impact of being kneed in the jaw, also because I bit my tongue when he did it.

The session was over and I went home as it seemed nobody was going to the pub.
I got in to find that I had a letter from my parents with newspaper clippings in them about how Prince Harry and his girlfriend have split up (for those that don't know, Prince Harry's girlfriend goes to Leeds Uni, and after looking at the newspaper have remembered her name, Chesly Davy).

I spoke to Mia who said that the plan for tonight was for me, her, Abi, Lewis and Luis to have a few drinks in the kitchen as everyone else had either gone to some club which was £15 to get in or had gone home.
As the title suggests, the kitchen party never happened. Instead I sat and watched all the videos on youtube.

Thus, this evening literally was the biggest evening fail, ever.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Day 17 - Loose lips

Title refers to the name of the song from the film Juno. I've never seen it nor know what it is about. Just heard Ben playing it and immediately liked it and had to know what it was called. Since then (about 3 days ago) I haven't stopped listening to it.

Right then, the whole "I don't get hangovers" thing isn't as true as I thought.
I was still drunk when I woke up.
I also phoned Ben Heff loads of times as he needed to be in or he'd get thrown out.
He didn't answer though so I had to leave without him.
Last night I ended up getting about 90 minutes sleep and now had to be in Uni for 9am.
Not good.
Things got worse in my first practical when I began to feel ridiculously ill.
It was nausea, not bad nausea, but still didn't feel good.
Guess I do get partial hangovers...

After the practical I had a maths skills session. I didn't realise that these were optional now and was the only person to turn up. There was even a discussion there between teachers as to whether what we were doing (nth term stuff) would EVER be used in real life. In the end the maths lecturer said she is going to drop it from the syllabus next year as it's pretty useless. I'm a year too early it seems, though it's not hard, remembering all the formulas is troublesome.
After my chemistry tutorial I went home and took a nap for a while before going to the Taekwondo fundraiser at the Packhorse.
Was pretty good actually, there were bands, a slave auction and good to meet up with everyone again.

Got home about 11pm only to find that my facebook chat has been "used up" and I don't know when I can use it again =/
After rickrollin' Katie and her not being able to figure out how to make the song stop I went up to her and Tim's floor.
Ended up watching weird cartoons online like "Adventure time" and "on the moon" haha.
As well as two girls one cup reactions and failblog videos.
Tim was watching Yu-Gi-Oh before I came in too. Forgot how I used to watch that too haha.

Don't have to be in till 4pm tomorrow so am gonna stay up late for no reason again.
Night x

Day 16 - Get Messy

Shit guys, there are some things that happened today which I'd like to talk about in here, but really can't, as they are pretty messy/rough/personal etc.
Though most smart people will be able to pick up the references I make to these situations without me actually stating them.

During my first lecture I found out that on Wednesdays I only actually have one class from 11-12 and that my 9am the next day is only for 4 weeks. Meaning that after a month I will have NO 9am starts, only a 12, three 11s and one 4pm :)
I walked home with Ben who suprisngly actually turned up.
Turns out he HAD been getting a lot of e-mails about his attendance and on his birthday when his Mum came up, Ben told her that he missed his exam and lecture.
She phoned the Uni and now he has to have a meeting.
In short, he is now on an attendance report meaning he'll get thrown out if he misses anything else.
Tbh we all knew it was only a matter of time before something like this happened.

I spent the remainder of the day not doing anything really.
Had a nap so I wouldn't be too tired when the evening came as it was Oceana with the Clarence Dock bar for reduced entry and what not.

This was the beginning of the end of me basically.
It began when we were in the kitchen moshing to rage against machines.
I got too into it and somehow slipped and fell.
As I was about to hit the ground I grabbed/kicked the table by accident, causing 2 of Robyn's saucers and one of Mia's to fall on the floor and smash to pieces.
Everyone was in bits.
Tim was laughing for about 5 minutes straight to the point, I quote "I think I'm gonna throw up I'm laughing so much".
Too bad it hadn't been filmed or it easily could have gone on

As we couldn't be bothered to wait for a taxi, Luis, Lewis, Ben, Sean and I walked to Oceana.
They all got in before me and this was pretty much the last I saw of them all night.
It was just Lewis and I, I decided to go to the toilet then lost him too.
After wandering around for a minute I met up with 3 people I knew from Clarence Dock who told me that the room to my right was the one that had been rented out just for us.
It was awesome.
It has just occured to me how many friends I have actually made here with the amount of people I got talking to that night. Weird thing was the amount of people that knew my name when I had no clue what they were called or that I had ever met them.
I guess due to my skin colour and hair I stand out a lot.
I ended up dancing with a load of people from E block from the 4th floor that seemed to somehow know who I was.
Met a girl called Una (pronounced Oo-na) who was also from the 4th floor and acted as though she knew me pretty well. Also she has a really cool/funny irish accent.
After a while she said she wanted to go back to Clarence Dock. For some reason we made a trip into the Casino and went on the roulette machine.
She said what colour should she bet, I said red.
She bet £20 on it :|
She said "If this isn't red then you're dead".
Thank feck it actually was in the end.
I decided to count my blessings and told her we should just leave as she had already won money and didn't wanna gamble all that away.
Went back to my room which was a bit embarrassing as it was a mess and chilled for a bit.
Turns out that there was a time I saw her in the past and put my thumnb up to her and said hi, shame I'm shit with remembering faces, though it does sound like the type of thing I'd do.
After a while she went back to her own room and I walked into Laura's room where her and Ben were talking.
If you haven't caught on, at this point I was pretty smashed. Worst i've ever been probably.
I didn't realise how loud I was talking so Ben said to come back to his room.
Not sure what happened after that, all I do remember is getting my ass out, then batwinging Ben, in which Dan also did it with me, then being in my bed.
Needless to say, it was a very messy night and I'm glad I don't get hangovers :)

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Day 15 - Block Raiders

Planned on doing loads of work. Butter and Egg on window. First had a map drawing. Seemed easy. Chemistry.
Hour break in which I did quiz. Then had 2 hour practical, Ben actually turned up for the other one.
Got home and had rest of sausages. Stayed round there a bit. Got back and was in kitchen with John, Mia and Luke. Text with bacteria.
Ended up going block raiding. Seeing Harry making out.
Party in D block.
Got to John's room, was talking about conspiracies.

My original plan for today was to do all the work I had been given up until now. Let's just say it didn't all go well.
I woke up to breakfast to find that someone had thrown butter and eggs all over our kitchen window. Chances are this was Tim, as he has thus poured coco pops through our window, thrown water on it from his window, and there was a ridiculous amount of noise coming from upstairs (his flat) the night before.
However upon asking him he said that it was Katie. Doubt it tbh.
The first class I had was map drawing, in which we learned how to draw stereonets.
Looking at them, they seem really complicated. However they are actually ridiculously easy. At least I can do one thing to do with mapping.
After chemistry I had an hour break in which I did a quiz that was e-mailed to me about health and fitness, complete 2 over 6 weeks and could win up to £100. YEAH!
Following this were two 2 hour practicals one after another.

The first one was a bit confusing but managable. The 2nd one was stereonets so was easy. However, for the first time in over a month, Ben actually turned up.
This may have been because this practical was at 4pm so he'd have been up ages ago. But still fetl weird actually seeing him in Uni.

I got home to get a text from Sanders saying there are still sausages left over from Australia day that need to be eaten, so went over there and dined with him and others in C block. The other guy in C block, Mike, was going to a fancy dress party of a girl named Fabienee (not sure of spelling so will call her Fab), however I had no idea what block she was in or anything. More on this later.

It got to about 8pm and I decided to go back to E block. John, Mia and Luke were in the kitchen and after talking to them for a bit we somehow came up with the idea that it'd be fun to go block raiding. And boy was it fun.
First we knocked on LJs window and ran, too bad she wasn't there.
Next we went to Tesco and noticed a couple making out.
As we got closer we realised it was actually Harry and his girlfriend.
We wondered what to do. Knock on the window, film it, watch till they notice.
It was too good to be true, he then put his hand down her top which we all thought was funny. They should have drawn the curtains properly.
After a trip to Tesco I showed John and Luke that my card could open other blocks.
We began going into random blocks and knocking on doors asking how they were doing, though nobody answered.

Got to D block, 4th floor, was about to knock, who do I see ? Mike, in his fancy dress.
Fab's pre-drinking for her birthday was in that flat. What are the odds eh.
After strolling in I realised a lot of the people there I actually knew, although we were expecting to walk in on loads of people we had never seen before.

As everyone left, me, John and Luke were talking to two boys in the flat that John knew. Turns out they only know the people in their flat and nobody else in Clarence Dock as their floor is so boring.
Made me realise how many people I do actually know in Clarence Dock. In fact, let's make a list.

E Block:
my flat: Mia, Laura, Charlotte, John.
E1.1: Ben, Robyn, Luis, Natalie, Abi, Heff.
E2.1: Tim, Katie.
E2.2: Harry, Mike, Magda, Lauren, Louise.

C block:
Sanders, Sean, Mike, Natasha, Will

D block:

F block:
Luci, Tom, Andrew

Ah this is getting boring actually. We basically point I am trying to make is they must be bored shitless to not even know anyone in other blocks or flats, even the ones on the same floor as them.

They tried to persuade us to come out but we were too tired. After this we went back to Harry's window and as John looked in he said he thinks Harry saw him and smiled.
Even so, we are not going to bring it up to him.
We then went round Clarence Dock seeing what blocks our cards could open.
Mine and Luke's = E block, D block, F block, G block, J block
John's = E block only haha.

It was about midnight now. Luke went to bed and I went back to John's room first looking up shit jokes, then Chuck Norris facts then conspiracy theories which was actually really interesting.
Not like this blog entry I might add...

Monday, 26 January 2009

Day 14 - Australia Day

First day back for lectures. It seems so weird not having to be up at 9am for lectures now. This one beginning at 12pm.
Eitherway I got up about 9am and looked through the maths slide before hand as I knew no matter what the topic I wouldn't understand it in the lecture.
Lucky I had done tbh.
This was then followed by a lecture on computer and data analysis which began as,

"Right then, as if two hours of computer classes weren't enough, I'm now going to bore you with an hour lecture on it. Welcome to the most boring hour of your week. Don't blame me though, I have to teach it".

Hahaha, at least he's honest.
The lecture was pretty good actually. Turns out that the thing most companies are looking for in Geology graduates in computer skills in analysising, stratigraphy and number skills. This was out of a score of 700.
Right at the bottom was vertebre studies, with 64/700.
I noticed there was an annoying correlation in the things I enjoyed the most were regarded as less important as the list went down.
That's just great tbh...
Why doesn't anyone care about animals or fossils ? :(
I then had an hour map drawing lecture, this one seems as though it might be easier than last year. Even he said that this will be the easiest module we do. Plus he has a sick Dutch accent.
The next two lectures were similar in talking about Earth history then vertebra evolution.
Even though these lectures aren't bad. Having them 5 hours straight with no breaks may get annoying. Especially if I don't get much sleep the night before.

I got back to find that Sanders and Tom had already gone underway with Australia day, dressed up and having the BBQ ready. However, it had taken them hours to find any charcoal as nowhere would be selling it at this time of year. Meaning they had to buy wood, which is shit to burn (for a BBQ).
Ended up taking about 2 hours before the BBQ was ready to use.
In that time, we had 2 visits from the subwardens.
The first was because Andrew had parked his car by the block, playing music from it. They then began questioning who gave us permission to have a BBQ and that we had to inform them first.
This was stupid as Tim had organised this at least 2 weeks in advance and had told them that he was going to do it. Luckily they let us carry on with it but still it's not as if we did it with no permission at all.

Their second visit was because Andrew drove his car back to the same place and began playing music. One of the wardens came again as there had been "complaints" and told him to move the car, which he had to do drunk (there was obviously no complaints as the music wasn't loud enough to be heard through peoples windows, not to mention this was only about 7:30pm, who would make a noise complaint at that time !?)

Anyway, it was still a pretty good night anyway. Sanders began to charge 50p a snag (sausage in a bun) though some people ended up only putting in 1p and 2p coins (I admit I did put in a 5p, 10p and 50p, but I helped with the BBQ and provided the cheese).
Also Mike (one that lives in C block) was meant to cook but came back with his skateboard, his friend and a bit shakey. Apparently they were walking along the road and someone rode their bike into the back of them but began making out it was their fault. Another one arrived and one of them shouted to run. He then demanded Mike for his phone and hit him in the face. Mike dropped it and ran as he didn't know if they had a knife on them or anything. Still though, this wasn't far outside of Clarence Dock at all =/
It got to about 9ish and was getting cold so we went into the bar.
I was persuaded into going to Puro as it was 80p entry.
However, upon arriving there at 10:45pm, the queue was MASSIVE!
Now, this wasn't because it was already busy. It was dead in there, you could tell. The bouncers were just letting people in one by one, really slowly, so that it'd get to 11pm and they'd have to pay more money.
On the way back met Harry and some Charlie Morris people who looked as though they were having second thoughts about going in too.

Tom and Andrew really needed to urinate so did it under a bridge in the river, Tom suspected someone might have been following us so carried on walking for a bit, but Andrew, pretty drunk just pissed in the river anyway and said sorry to the person that was "following" us who was giggling like a school girl at him haha.

Got back to Clarence Dock to find that Mike had beaten my tetris marathon high score :( also everyone else that went out that night didn't get into Mezz because it was so busy. It apparently took Sean 90 minutes to get in. Screw that.

11am start tomorrow and 6pm finish :(

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Day 13 - Carefree no more

It's Sunday today. Last day for a while when I have nothing to do. Uni begins tomorrow. Though I only got one 9am start, the fact that I have 20 hours a week instead of 16 which was last year, and that out of those days, Monday I have 5 hours of non stop lectures 12 till 5pm and that Tuesday I go home at 6pm, I'm yet to wonder whether this timetable is actually better or worse than before.
Oh well, on the upside it could be worse, Lewis, doing eletrical engineering has 25 hours a week, also the more lectures you have, the less work you have outside of class, kinda. For example Mia, with only 6 hours a week has to read loads of books and loads of essays where as I only have to read around the subject to get a better understanding of it, so I won't complain yet.

I got an e-mail from the girl that lost her passport this morning. I text Tom asking if he still has it and he does. Tbh I wanted to be the one to give it back to her, as it could have bloomed a whole new friendship, but he said he would just sort it out himself :(

Also saw Heather with her parents getting her stuff and leaving. I only saw from my window though and don't think she saw me. She asked afterwards why I didn't say bye (when she got home).
1. Her parents were there and it'd have been awkward.
2. I figured it might have made her sad that she was leaving if I said bye to her.
3. I couldn't be bothered to get up.

Didn't really do anything at all during the day. Had a talk with Mia in the kitchen whilst eating dinner about houses next year and how we have probably got the better deal. As it's about £50 cheaper overall, there is nobody in our flat that will cause any sort of arguement (of course there was the tension with Tim not taking a liking to Harry as he moved into Ash's room, however me, Lauren, Mia and Abi all like Harry and Tim would like him if he got to know him).
Not to mention in the other flat Ben H and Luci will be living together and they have both "done stuff" with each other, meaning it'll create a lot of awkwardness hahaha, drama.

Got to about 6pm and we went to the bar to play some pool then planned on going back to Ben's room to watch Mean girls. Was going to be me, Ben M, Mia and Lauren. But Laura, Luci, Louise and Natalie (better known as "the girls") wanted to watch it too.
As they had the bed, it'd mean we'd have to sit on the floor, so we didn't watch it in the end. Instead Ben showed us a documentary on bears, which was actually really interesting. We were also talking about random animal facts which Ben and I seemed to know too well. Am glad I have found someone who is also as sad as I am :D

On the plus side, no longer have to worry about getting up early every single morning. This semester may just be the best yet.

Day 12 - Full house

I forgot to write this up last night as I was too tired, meaning I might forget some of the parts.
Anyway, the day began with Sanders asking if he could borrow some money off of me as his bank was closed and he had £1.20 to last him the weekend. Ended up lending him £50 and getting out £20 for myself, which means that my bank account is no longer in the £3000s :(

We went to Morrisons to get some food and I went to get alcohol for Ben's party that night. At least, I thought I would.
I was going to get 15 cans of strongbow for £9 and Sanders got a bottle of Vodka. I got I.D'd (first time in Leeds I been I.D'd in a shop) as did Sanders. However he didn't have his passport or driving license. He did have his army I.D and loads of other cards which cleary showed that he was 18 however. Just by looking at him you can tell he is older.
So we figured that this meant I'd have to pay for them both. But then for some reason the guy behind he counter said that because Tim didn't have I.D he has to refuse service to me too :@!
This was a load of shit tbh. The law states you have to be 18 to buy alcohol. I had I.D and so did Sanders. Guy behind the counter said that he can only accept EU driving licenses as I.D though. Even so, I don't see why I had to be refused service too when we clearly weren't underage.
Luckily I managed to get a good/better deal at Tesco with 3 bottles of strongbow, but still, this really annoyed me. Was even worse too that they no longer have the 3 bottles of Kopparberg for £5 deal at Morrisons!

Anyway, got back to Sanders' flat and watched some youtube vids before going back to mine watching some videos.
The evening came and we all went next door for Ben's pre-drinks.
We played minefield and boatrace again.
Once again, Sanders lost the first time and had to down the dirty pint.
However on the second time, I lost and had to down it. Was worse too as Tim had poured sidekick into the drink and it curdled really badly. It was horrible to even look at, we scraped the top off but it was still nasty.
However as I drunk these really fast, I ended up getting drunk, really fast.
I spent the main part of the evening in Natalie's room with loads of people lying on the floor. I ended up telling Abi my life story about relationships (have no idea how we got into that conversation tbh).
However today finally everyone from E block had returned, thus making it a full house.
As Luis and I couldn't be bothered to wait for a taxi, we ended up walking to Nu bar on our own. Managed to walk to the front of the queue and got in.
Rest of the night was a bit hazzy.
Everyone was smashed.
Even Mike who had like a shot of vodka, a vodka coke and a pint :S
Part way through the night I met Heather and a friend of her's there.
Ended up asking for Sarah's number ( a friend of Heather's) and we began texting each other all night, in the end asking to marry each other.
Yep, this is what alcohol does to you.

Ended up leaving about 2:15am with Luis, Mia, Abi and Lauren after going to get some chips. As we were leaving we noticed that Luci and Louise were crying and Laura and Natalie were there trying to comfort them.
This will all be explained later.

On the walk back I saw some guy basically mounting a girl who was sitting on a small pillar in the middle of the street, said to him "If the glove don't fit, yo' fulla shit, wear a condom to protect yo' dick"!
He did not look happy at all. He wasn't all that big though, weird enough when I said that though the girl he was with actually got down, so maybe they took my advice.

We got back to the flat to find that Mike, Tim and Katie had already got back.
They came to our flat and I put in a pizza for everyone.
As last time I was blamed for burning the pizza, I kept checking it every minute. Ended up under cooking it in the end so once again was blamed for a bad pizza job :(

Upon arrival back to the flat, a few things were discovered:
We had left Lewis behind, at Clarence Dock, and he wasn't happy. Apparently someone was meant to have rang him when the cab came, but nobody noticed he was gone.

The reason Louise was crying was because she lost her bag. Luci was crying because she got into a fight with a girl. For some reason Luci called her a fat bitch so the girl hit her, not sure what happened after that but apparently Luci won.

Tim was only in Nu bar for about 20 minutes then left cos he was so high on Ketamine.

Also, for the first time in ages, Mia was one of the most sober people there.

It got pretty late and Mike ended up feeling ill after the amount of pizza he had eaten haha.
There was loads more that happened that night, I just can't really remember it now.
It probably isn't worth putting down.
Ah, this was probably one of my best nights out though, I'd say...

Friday, 23 January 2009

Day 11 - Sleightly Fruity

Ended up waking up at about 2pm, after having breakfast for some reason I washed up my bowl right away. This was the first time in ages that I washed something up and my neck didn't start hurting. Taking advantage of this and just being a good flatmate, decided to do everyone elses washing up and clean the kitchen while I was at it.
Strange enough Luci came in during this process to get some squash. I think she slept round Laura's room :S No idea why. She said that they could all hear us last night upstairs and that they all had exams tomorrow so went into the flat next door and woke up the two Ben's in the morning. Funny thing is, Both Bens and Sean went straight to bed, meaning they had done nothing and the girls assumed wrong.
This turned into a semi-facebook arguement on our E block message thread in which Mia was saying how she heard Ben last night and Ben stated (slightly sarcastically) that he went straight from C block to E block and the only noise she could have heard from him was him opening his door, which he can't control the noise off and wanted an apology haha. It was funny to read.

After a while I got a text from Andy, who is someone in F block saying I could go round Tom's flat when I was ready. It is Tom's 22nd birthday today. The plan was to go round there, drink and play some Xbox.
However once getting there, Tom's Xbox went redbox (when a red ring appears around the on button which basically means the Xbox has blown up). He was quite annoyed as this is the first time it has ever happened and the worse time for it to happen too as he got everyone around early just to play it haha.
Instead played some Farcry 2 on his computer.

Eventually everyone turned up and we went to a resturant called La Rocca. It was kinda posh but the prices and food were fine so it was all good. Afterwhich we got the bus and headed on down to Fruity. I met Tim on the way back from La Rocca. He said he'd come along as he had nothing else to do. Feel a bit sorry for him as he has come at the worse time, when everyone is doing exams. Seeing as he is quite an outgoing and social person too he has found Leeds really boring so far.

We got the bus and got to Leeds Uni about half 10. We found a passport too on the parkinson steps wall. We wondered what to do with it, I came up with the idea of looking her up through the wonders of facebook asking if she lost it, but for now, Tom has it and mat hand it into the police.
Furity itself was alright, but was soooooo packed. Ended up meeting Harry and some other Charlie Mo people in there too.

We left about 3am. I got back and spoke to Heather for a bit who had had a bad night (two in a row now). Couldn't get into Halo nightclub as bouncers didn't believe that it was Sarah in her I.D. photo haha. So they ended up doing a pub/bar crawl, all of which were bad, and ended up getting partly involved in a huge fight outside Puro. Bad times.

5am, time for bed now. And the title..Tom's surname is Sleight. Get it ?

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Day 10 - The dancing club of Risa

Had Earth exam, was really easy, got back and Ben didn't go cos he got drunk.
Got lost link but ended up speaking to loads of people.
Didnt know what to do.
Drank roun Tims and played blackjack. Katie and Alex came.
Went bar risa.
Nuggest and pizza.

Finally, after weeks of revision, it was my final exam today. I didn't get much sleep at all as I was up basically till 3am with a tickly throat coughing meaning I was really tired come morning time.
The exam itself was actually so easy though. Considering Ben and I were going through a pass paper last night and that was hard too. Speaking of which, I was going to text Ben in the morning like I did before Geophysics to make sure he was up. Just like before his Geophysics exam, the night before, he went out and got really drunk, for no reason.
After getting back to Clarence Dock and asking Ben how he found the exam it turns out he didn't even go.
The reason being that he felt hungover and thought he'd do badly in the exam.
Yep, you heard right kids.
He thought he would do badly, so didn't turn up meaning he got a 0. Did I also mention this exam was worth 90% of our module mark ?
Chances are Ben really will fail this first year now tbh.

Anyway, I was now exam free and it felt great. Matt also sent me a link to a site where the first episodes of Lost season 5 had been uploaded. I was just about to watch them when loads of people began talking to me on facebook chat an msn. First it was Tom Bishop who, by huge coincidence, actually asked if I knew a site to watch Lost on. Someone must have told him cos he asked literally a minute after I got the link. Next Charlotte from upstairs began talking to me apologising for breaking the letterbox as my facebook status said I wanted to know the "douchebag" that broke it.
Tbh I didn't mind it was her (not sure how she managed it, she said she just pulled her flat letterbox door open and the whole thing came open. But the entire thing is locked and Charlotte is pretty small so she must also be really strong).

The real reason was cos I thought it was Billy again who is some guy that lives on the 3rd floor that has already broken the letterbox once, always plays loud drum and bass at 2am and is the same person who threw a glass bottle and Laura and I from his window after the Otley run. Basically he has douche running through his veins.

Next I got a call from Heather asking what it was she said to me last night at 1:47am. Turns out somehow her friend Sarah had got her phone and was the one that shouted "Wesley Dixon I love you"! Down it. Though they both have thick Leeds accents and tbh I can't tell their voices apart so had no idea who it was.

Anyway ended up watching the first two episodes of lost, kinda. For some reason you can only watch 72 minutes at a time. After which you need to wait an hour before watching any more. Both episodes are 41 minutes long. Meaning this message came up when it was 10 minutes before the end right at the climax. Was well annoyed.

Sanders text me also asking what I was up to tonight. As loads of people had been out the night before nobody seemed to want to do anything which was annoying. Ended up going C block, making pasta with Sanders, put sausages in them too, was well nice (also two guys cooking isn't gay), then we played the game blackjack.

We decided we should get some drinking games underway.
Invited Ben H, Ben M, Sean, Katie from upstairs and her friend Alex over. In addition to this there were also others already in the flat, Natasha and Mike.
We played a drinking game called minefield.
Basically someone is blindfolded and has to crawl along the floor to the otherside of the room and there are loads of bottles spread about on the floor. Sanders' rules were that if you touch a bottle you have to down a drink. However as he is Australian, in the army, and therefore a heavier weight drinker than us, we had to change it to doing two fingers of a drink each time you hit one.
I went first, was really hard. You don't have a clue where you're going. Is so fun to play though.
As time went on, more alcohol was consumed. Natasha invited two people from Leeds Met over. I can't remember their names, but one was an hispanic looking person and the other was a short black jamaician guy. He was so cool. Was drinking the 63% rum and could dance like a stereotypical blackman.
Next game we played was one where people sit in a line and there are two people at the front. The people in the line have to down their drinks, once they are done, person behind them has to do it, and so on in that order. The team that loses has to have the person who is at the front (both times it was Sanders and I) down a shit mix (and both times Sanders lost hahaha).

By this time we had all been convinced to go out and ended up at Bar Risa. Was a pretty good night. Met Heather in there who was looking for her Step sister or something, couldn't really hear her, but she left early. Ended up staying right till the end, meeting someone from Taekwondo in there who bought me a drink too. Was obviously too drunk to know what he was doing I reckon haha.

After Risa we went back to C block for a bit and played a bit more minefield after which Katie said that people could go back to hers and have pizza and chicken nuggets. YES!
The funny thing was the entire night Katie and I just took the piss outta each other. She kept making fun of the fact that I had big hands while I kept making fun of the fact her surname is also a washing tablet. Purcell/Persil.
The pizza ended up burning and Katie said it was my fault as I was the one wearing an Apron (it's Tim's apron, has a six pack on it, well good), but it was still good to eat.
Nuggets were pretty good too.

All in all a great night out.
Probably gonna have 3 messy nights in a row, what with Tom's birthday then Heff's the day after.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Day 9 - Fun with Dixon and Maths

I've never actually seen the film fun with Dick and Jane and don't really know what it's about either *looks on wikipedia*, but figured a play on words of it was a fitting title none the less.
I was up at 6:30am this morning.
Earliest I have ever been up since Uni I think.
Luckily going to bed at 10pm paid off.

I got to my maths exam and sat there waiting to go in. It was only then it hit me that I don't have a single friend in my maths class. There are people I know, but not enough to be called friends. Not even aquintences. Man that realisation sucked.
Eventually I got into the maths exam and began.
I was so annoyed.
The layout is EXACTLY the same every year!
All they do is change the numbers about.
The first question is always on simplifying, then it moves onto straight line graphs, then trig etc.
Damn it!
Had I known that I would have just revised all the methods on how to do each of the questions there as I messed up a few of the trigonometry ones, somehow.
Ended up using the entire hour and stil carried on writing when they said pens down.
Don't think I did badly, but know I could have done better, oh well.

Left and did some more revision and Sean posted this on a facebook message, I thought it was quite witty.

Very interesting - I think you'll find it is pretty accurate!

WHO IS YOUR ROLE MODEL??? Answer the following questions............

Try it without looking at answers

1) Pick your Favourite number between 1-9

2) Multiply by 3 then

3) Add 3, then again Multiply by 3 (I'll wait while you get the calculator....)

4) You'll get a 2 or 3 digit numberï¿?.

5) Add the digits together.

Now Scroll down .............

Now with that number see who your ROLE MODEL is from the list below :

1. Einstein

2. Nelson Mandela

3. Jacob Zuma

4. Tom Cruise

5. Bill Gates

6. Gandhi

7. Brad Pitt

8. Hitler

9. Sean Kenny

10. Barack Obama

This was posted to all the E block crew. Some people weren't able to pick up on the fact that no matter what number you pick it will always be 9 as Tim said that he ended up on Barack Obama and Lewis asked which number you have to use for that one haha. Ah dear...

Rest of the day has been pretty boring tbh. Am sick of revising now. Last exam tomorrow, am just gonna fake my way through it like I do with all my exams.
At least tomorrow I'll be free for 4 days...

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Day 8 - Barracks

So begins 3 days straight of exams. This sucks so bad. Everyone that is yet to finish will have done so on Wednesday. But nope, my last one is Thursday.
Whilst on the way to Uni Ben and I were going through what might come up (well, really he was just telling me how screwed he was the entire journey).

Once arriving there he asked me if there was one question to turn up, what would it be.

"What is a geoid".

I was certain that question would turn up, and it did!
Seeing as that was the only question Ben knew on the entire paper it doesn't make much sense as to why he didn't even do it but instead chose another one about topics which he had no idea about. Not even I did.
He is on 29.33% atm meaning he would need at least 22% or so to merely pass this module. At the end of the exam he said he doesn't even think he managed that.
I didn't find it too bad tbh.
On the way out I was talking to Neil (the old guy).
Find it funny that he swears quite a bit when he talks as he doesn't look as though he would,
"You know what really pisses me off ? The amount we have to learn then how little comes up in the test. I didn't learn all that magnetism shit and luckily none of that came up so I guess that paid off".
Hahaha, Ah Neil.

As soon as I got back I got a text from Sanders asking if I wanted to go to town with him for lunch and that I owed him a pint from his birthday. I wasn't up for going back into town after only JUST getting back. But once I began doing maths revision I realised that going back was a better option.
His original idea was to go to Yates as he found a "good deal", 2 meals for £7.
Turns out it was actually 2 meals for £7.95 and looking at them, wasn't really that much of a great deal at all.
Not to mention this was midday, it was busy and there was only one person on the till serving.
So instead I showed him the way to Weatherspoons in which we took advantage of the Burger and Beer offer for £4.69. Much better deal.

On the way there however we stopped off at his bank as he wanted to know his BIC number. We were literally waiting for it for about 10 minutes when the woman behind the desk went round the back doing God knows what. She came back then said that she couldn't find it and that he needed his debit card in order to do so. We were just about to leave when the woman behind us in the queue said,

"Wait, you're waiting for your BIC number, I'm staff here I know it, it's Yorkbg22"


It turned out it wasn't even a personalised number like a pin or anything. It was a code for the bank that everyone should have known. Well, at least we found it.
Whilst out I decided to show Sanders where the Barracks were too as he needed to go there tomorrow to meet up with everyone on the Training corps.
We got to the door and an old man with a dog came out asking if we needed help. After having a talk with him for a while we left back for Clarence Dock in which Sanders said,

"Wow, someone actually came out with a dog and everyone. In Australia it's guarded by some fat Asian guy and anybody can literally just walk in. There is even a bus route going through our training area".

I got back and did more revision till I noticed that on Barack Obama was making his speech. Might as well watch it as this was something that would be remembered in history forever.

Spent a bit more of the evening doing maths till the two Bens knocked on my door asking if I wanted to play pool then smoke some shisha. I was up for the pool but not the shisha. As we were about to leave Ben H noticed Laura had left her door unlocked.
We changed as much as we could as quickly as we could then ran out of there haha.
Played some pool with Tim in which he hit the black ball in basically straight away and watched some football at which everyone left about 9ish.
I got back and failed at doing anymore revision. I was so tired.
Ended up going to bed at 10pm, hoping to get up at 6am to do more maths.

Instead I woke up at 6:30am, have written this blog, it's now 7:10am and I am gonna have breakfast in 20 minutes. Good times.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Day 7 - F**k it, 40 %

The title refers to both a facebook group I joined yesterday and basically towards the attitude it seems most 1st years have about the exams,

"Screw it, as long as I get 40% and pass I'm happy".
Basically it. Although the scores will show up on the final graduation certificate and people who are generally lazy in 1st year find 2nd year harder but still.
Now I know what I have to do to keep the pace up so won't let that happen.
Day began with Sanders texting me asking if I wanted to come with him to town for a birthday beer and shopping for spirits.
I wanted to but had to decline as I was meeting Ben and someone else called Matt at Uni to do Geophysics revision.
It got to about 1pm and I was just about to text Ben asking if he was still going (really it was to see if he was actually awake).
After being 15 minutes late in getting ready we left. Turns out it was Laura knocking on their flat door that woke him otherwise he may not have gotten up.

When we got there and saw Matt the first thing we said was "We really don't know what we're doing". Didn't help Matt's reply was "Neither do I really".
We spent about 20 - 30 minutes actually doing revision. Going through the quizzes and I gotta say I have learned a few more things from doing that. It was advised by the lecturers that was the best way to revise.
However after a while the "fuck it, 40%" kicked in and we all ended up on facebook. I broke my new tetris marathon score while Ben got worried that Luci was now 3rd place on her tetris score.
It got to 4pm and Ben was meant to have met Ben M to go to elbow room, a place you can play free pool on Mondays.
Matt said he was going to the library to meet with other Geophysics people who were gonna be there for abotu 5 hours apparently :S

As we waited outside in the freezing cold Ben and I realised we had no idea where our exam actually was tomorrow morning. I went to look but went in the wrong direction so decided I'd find out tomorrow meaning we both have to get there really early.

We got to elbow room and the games of free pool went underway. I lost two games to Mike, managed to beat Tim, lost on a doubles game but on the final doubles, Mike and I Vs Ben and Tim, we somehow beat them =/
Almost 7 balling them too, considering Ben M is probably the best and Mike and I are probably the worst it seems weird we actually won, but hey, I was happy. I got the final shot too haha.

Everyone left and went to Weatherspoons but Tim and I decided to only stay for a short while as we had to revise, plus I didn't want to spend money. Was quite funny though as Mike was not allowed to buy a burger from the bar as he didn't have I.D., meaning that Ben H had to buy it for him. We were then joking about it afterwards asking if Mike has to ask Ben H to ask for ice in his coke too.

I left with Tim and upon walking back saw Sanders a about 4 girls in the bar. Wish I could have gone out for his birthday. Worse that I had been saying all this time that I actually would too.
Exam or not though, I am REALLY tired tonight.
Ended up drinking loads of hot chocolate and a 10p swiss roll just to have a sugar rush to keep on going.
Anyway, gonna get to sleep now and maybe do some last minute revision before tomorrow.
Even though I already passed this exam by 0.52%, I'd like to go away from 1st year feeling as though I managed to accomplish SOMETHING.

Day 6 - Brandy Blazer

Sunday = nothing but revision.

After revising pretty much all day Tim invited me over to C block as he saw a bottle of brandy and an orange and just wanted to make a cocktail (having worked in a cocktail bar for years).
It was actually really cool to watch.
First he poured hot water into two glasses. Rested on of the glasses ontop of the other then span it so that the glass would get heated up, otherwise it was smash when the brandy as added. He then added the brandy and some of my 63% rum, switched off the lights then lit it on fire. Took a few pictures too it was that good.
Then added some lime and orange skin for flavour as well as brown sugar.
It was really strong though. You had to close your eyes when you drank it otherwise they would sting from all the oils. It was served warm too and had to be had really slowly (lucky he told me as I never eat or drink slowly).
After this we then went to the bar for a bit. Once again I couldn't be bothered to make dinner so just had a burger and chips from the bar. It fills me up so can't complain.
A bit later Ben and Tim came into the bar to play some pool, Ben asked if I wanted to go with him to meet up with someone that does Geophysics tomorrow for a quick revision session. I declined as I thought I had it in the bag (man was I wrong).

I wasn't planning on staying long but the film "Blood Diamonds" was put on the TV and I got quite into it. At first I was annoyed at this as the NFL game was literally just about to start, Eagles Vs Cardinals, and if Eagles lost I could laugh in Mike's face.
However Blood Diamonds was good so it's alright.

I got back to my room about half 10 and began doing some more revision. However for some reason my Geophysics powerpoints just wouldn't open. After looking at the past paper I realised that I really was going to have to do some revision if I wanted to do good on this exam. Ironically I found a facebook group called "Fuck it, 40%" that same day and considering I already got 40.52% then I began to wonder whether it was really worth doing a whole day of revision then not going out the next day as it's Sanders' birthday.

Ended up being online to Heather till about 2am after she phoned me saying he got dumped by text. Sounds bad but when she told me I was trying so hard not to laugh, probably because she told me when she was drunk,

"Wes....guess what...I just got a text....couldn't get any worse than that".


Ah I'm a bad person.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring..

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Day 5 - The Chris Kamara tournement

Although I got to bed about 2am or something, my day actually began at 4am.
I noticed my phone was ringing at this time, it was Heather making (yet another) drunken call to me, for no real reason, at a really inconvinent time of night.
I couldn't really make out a word she was saying as she was shouting down the phone so loud Laura could probably hear next door. Although I did manage to piece together that there was some random man following her and her friend Sarah that they didn't want with them, the last thing I heard was,

"Oh fuck off you dickhead...oh shit, fuck that, FUCK THAT"! *Screaming*
*Phone hangs up*.

I was a little worried something had happened to them, but there was not much I could do, so switched my phone off so I wouldn't get another call from her and carried on sleeping.

Once again woke up to a text message on my phone from Sanders asking if he could borrow my microsoft word 2007 disc and what was going on that night. I had no idea tbh. Got up and had my first shower in almost a week (as bad as this sounds, they had only JUST got hot water, hence I wasn't up for a cold shower).
Began revising some maths when Mia knocked at the door asking if I had two £1 coins as the washing machine wouldn't take £2 coins.
Almost thought I had none and remembered last night I gave a tramp £1 which I began to regret but luckily found one at the bottom of my wallet.
There was room for more stuff too so Mia said if I had anything I needed to wash I could put them in, which was perfect as my towels needed washing really badly and I didn't wanna pay £2.60 just to wash them as I have yet to build a load of dirty clothes.

Once they had been washed I placed both my towels and Mia's clothes in the dryer and also found £2 in the washing machine. Not sure whether it was hers, mine or had already been in the machine since the previous wash, but eitherway I kept the money as there would be no way to tell. Heck, even the fingerprints would have washed off.
Got a text from Sanders too telling me the bar opened at 5pm tonight so may as well go for a cheeky pint, with my extra £2 and lack of wanting to revise I decided to.
Also the football was meant to have been showing, only problem is that it was airing on Sentana, which the bar doesn't have. Luckily basically nobody turned up to watch the game so wasn't too embarrassing. For about 30 minutes Sanders and I were the only people in there just talking to the bar maids. Turns out that last year the bar was always packed so this year is actually a quiet/boring year. Who knew eh.

Eventually more E blockers came down and we all had a huge game of pool. I didn't introduce Tim as I figured he'd have done it himself but didn't, meaning for about 10 minutes he was standing there not talking to anyone. Luckily Heff introduced himself first followed by everyone else to break the tension, followed by a lot of Austrialian jokes. Such as asking if he rides Kangaroos to Uni. All really shit ones.

Got to about 7ish and tonight we were gonna have a huge tournement of Chris Kamara to see once and for all who was the champ.

(Not sure if I explained the rules of this yet, if so, don't read this part, if you forget, then listen. You have two glasses filled with spirits and mixer on either end of the table. You gotta bounce a ping pong ball into the other persons glass. If it goes in, they down their drink and you get another shot added to yours. Win again with a new person, they down their drink, another shot added to yours. Win for a 3rd time and you leave and the next two people have to share the drink you have. Also if the ball bounces twice you are allowed to then snatch it away. If it spins around in the cup you are allowed to take it out if you're fast enough. If you throw it, it rebounds and comes back to you, the next shot has to be left handed. Comes back to you after that, you gotta header it in).

I played a really good first round, beating Tim, Ben Mann and Mike in a row meaning I didn't have to drink my drink (which was red bull, vodka, whiskey and sidekick, which is like bailey's, meaning everything had curdled).

However later on Mike got the ball in my shit mix and I had to dirnk it. Tbh I couldn't taste the lumps at all so not too bad.
Come tournement time though I was knocked out in the first round by Heff.
It got down to him and Tim, but Heff won in the end, keeping his Chris Kamara championship title.

They all went to watch match of the day while I went to get some food for it. In tesco reduced to clear I bought 5 packets of swiss jam roll for 10p each. Couldn't believe it. However all the girls and John were in our kitchen so went there instead as the football would have been boring.
After all the girls left to go to Nu bar it was just me, John and Charlotte left in the kitchen. We began telling her all the shit jokes we told the night before till Charlotte got a phone call which looked quite serious. It was from some girl called LJ getting annoyed about houses for next year.

(Right, the story behind LJ is that she is someone who lived in Charlie Morris who John knew. Apparently she is a feminist and quite annoying, as I later found out. Ironically she entered the Miss Leeds 2009 contest only to help out her friend who was help making it happen. However considering she is a feminist it kinda goes against everything she lives for doesn't it ? I mean she didn't have to say yes she would be a part of it).

Anyway, Charlotte said she is going to go there and sort things out, randomly John asked if he could come too, she said we both could haha. I thought it'd be a good idea to turn up in something ridiculous. Thus, got my afro and rainbow afro out for John and I to wear.
We thought we'd be thrown out straight away by her, but she and the other flatmates actually found the wigs quite funny, not knowing if it was our real hair or not. Luckily Harry and his girlfriend were there too, which had they not been we'd have been thrown out most likely.
A few people went into a room to talk about houses whilst John, Harry and I went into the kitchen talking about random stuff from shit jokes to buying small condoms.
As more people arrived we heard them going into the room next door, John and I walked in, forgetting we were wearing our wigs and everyone erupted in laughter haha.
However after about a minute LJ said,

"Sorry, I like you too but we are trying to sort out houses and if we don't get it done tonight we never will so can you piss off please".

Yep, now I see why John seems to talk bad about her. Someone in the room even said,

"Man LJ I love how subtle you are".

Oh well.
Before we left John and I figured we might as well do something cheeky so ran up to their window and jumped at it, scaring quite a few people then ran back to E block in which I stayed in Tim's kitchen for a bit before going back to my room.

Spoke to Magda on facebook asking how her exam went in which she replied "Ahhh it sucked I don't wanna talk about it" haha.
Also brought up whether or not I was drunk on New Year when I began talking to her on chat. I wasn't, but that at that time after new year I thought it'd be a good idea to tell Magda I thought she was really attractive and that I liked her. Not sure why tbh. Anyway it was a bit embarrassing that she remembered and brought it up again but at the same time funny, so no harm done I hope.

Well it's now 4:24am. Robyn just knocked on the door crying with Andy asking if I knew where Laura was =/
Andy apologised saying she was really really drunk and has no idea why she is looking for Laura haha.
Well, just hope nothing kicks off in the kitchen or Laura's room.
1. Because someone could get hurt, but mainly because I am about to go to bed and don't wanna be kept up by shouting lol.


Friday, 16 January 2009

Day 4 - Bare Jokes

After last night I figured I'd sleep in till about 2pm but was awoken by a text from Australian Tim (will call him Sanders from now on, as that's his last name) asking if he could borrow some blue tac for his posters. This was about 11:45am, figured I may as well get up now though.
I switched on my laptop ready for a whole day of maths revision but ended up talking to Mia and John for like 2 hours in the kitchen about how there are now more people in a relationship in our group of friends than single.

Luis, Harry, Tim, Mike, Louise, Natalie, Abi, Lauren, Robyn were all in proper relationships. Ben and Luci seem to be in some sort of complicated relationship. Sean and Lewis are "seeing" people it seems.
Which means that really me, Laura, Mia and Ben M are the only real single people left.
Valentine's day in a month too, great...

After this long chat and an ongoing joke from John about how Mia and I should be each other's date for Valentine's day I was about to do some maths when I got a text from Sanders asking if I wanted to come to the bank with him to open up a UK account.
Turns out his debit card was swallowed by an ATM machine so he has no choice but to open one up.
I figured it'd be quick so decided to go.
Man was I wrong, we were looking for the Yorkshire Bank. I know I have seen it before loads of times but couldn't remember where. After going in a huge circle and asking directions we found it (turns out it is on the way to the route I take to Uni, everyday).

Got back in the day and did some more revision and ate a little whilst getting texts from Heather asking if I was coming to Puro tonight. Really I couldn't be bothered but kept making up excuses such as me being hungover/ill. Which were NOT true. I don't get hangovers and didn't even drink that much last night t get one.
Eventually she gave in.

Later on Tim knocked on the window asking if I wanted to come Nandos. I wanted to, but didn't wanna spend any more money that I didn't need to. Must have spent at least £50 since I got here Tuesday. In the end I decided to come.
On the way found out from Sean that moany Mike hadn't come back this morning frm the club last night =/ turns out he was probably on E or something due to the weird way he was acting. Staring at people with dialted pupils haha. Anyway finally got to Nandos and was worth the 20 minute wait.
Haven't had a Nandos in about 6 months or more, was really nice. Went to a pub afterwards and chilled for a bit. Originally Lewis was meant to come to Nandos with us but he wasn't answering his phone and when we knocked on his flat he said,

"Yeah, I'm not coming, meet you in the pub".
Obviously what he really meant is he had a girl in his room and was busy.
He said when he got to the pub later that's why he didn't answer as it would have been awkward.
However he tried to steal a pint glass from the pub which Tim accidentally smashed, so karma was with us that night.

After getting back about 11pm I met John in the kitchen. We were there for like 2 hours just telling random jokes to each other. He found "Man with a big orange head" the funniest of them all. Props to Rich Smith for telling it originally.
Laura also came in (with my pint glass) saying,

"So Wes, heard you were a slag last night"?

Haha, not sure why everyone is making such a big thing about last night considering everything else that has happened. Maybe they thought I was gay =/ ?
Eitherway, it got to 1am and both John and I were tired.
After doing some revision on fractions for a while Magda came online asking if I was good at differentiation.

Weird thing was, she asked me this exact same question not too long before the end of semester one, unless she forgot she had, thought I may have improved, or might have just wanted an excuse to talk to me as she was bored, my answer was the same. No I am not. I even told her that she asked me before if I was good and when I said no she called me useless (It hurt).
Turns out she is actually staying with a friend in Bodington who is also doing Chemical Engineering as she couldn't concentrate in Clarence Dock and has a maths test today (this was 2am we were talking). Is her last exam, it's on a Saturday but still, she gets a week off :( not fair!

Hmmm...guess that's it really. Tomorrow might be good as Louise gets back and a lot of people will be going out.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Day 3 - Electronegrotivaty attraction +/-

Right, remembering back today was a pretty long day. Doesn't help I am writing this drunk either as I find it a lot harder to type.
So, the day began with me waking up ready for my chemistry test. Lucky it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. There was only two really hard questions, rest were explaining ones, which I am alright at.
One test down, 3 to go woho!

I was actualy meant to have met Heather after my exam at 10:30am. I text her but no reply, so I decided to go home and get some food.
Upon doing so began talking to people on msn, was about to go to bed then Tim came online.
(Long story short, this Tim is one from Australia, and exchange student, have been talking to him for a while on msn before he came).

We organised to meet and go shopping for some of his things like bedding, pillows, food etc.
I found it funny how what he thought was freezing I thought was reasonable and that he was confused at our currency as Australian dollars are smaller and they don't have 1p or 2p coins. After our shopping spree and me getting lost a few times trying to find different shops, we got back to his block in which he set everything up, showing me how to make a bed and that in the army if they bounce a 20p off the bed and it doesn't bounce back up they rip off the covers and make you do it again, harsh.
In addition to this, he got done for drink driving a day before he was meant to arrive in the UK. Which means he has to go to court and pay a huge fine when he gets back as well as having his license taking from him haha. Unlucky to say the least.

After going to the Clarence Dock bar and playing a few games of pool (despite being Australian I actually beat him twice) he decided to go to his room to sleep as he had been awake for over 48 hours basically.

Now every guy apart from Luis had returned, thus we decided to go to Mission.
All in all, it was a great night out. But more on that later.
Before this I went to the flat next door and played Chris Kamara (Tim came up with the name, not Australian Tim, Gammy leg tim).
Basically have a cup full of red bull and vodka infront of you, as does someone on the opposite end of the table. You gotta bounce the ball into the other persons glass. The loser has to down the drink, the winner gets another shot of vodka added to their glass. If they win again, it's another shot.
If they win after that, they can forfeit and won't have to do the shit mix.
Just my luck.
I beat Mike at first (one of his shots actually went in the cup then bounced out).
Then Tim.
Got to Ben Heff, he beat me. Which meant I had to drink 3 shots of vodka and red bull in one glass. Not nice. Almost vommed. Needless to say, it got me drunk pretty quick.
Sean and his friend Henry came out to Mission too.
We got there at 11pm to beat the queue, good thinking, we got there and there was none.
Was dead at first but soon got busy.
I remember Tim standing there and me pointing to a girl saying "Tim, look at her, go for it". However she noticed me and before I knew it we were dancing together.
Yes, as usual, she was pretty large (but also had large breasts so it evened out).
She walked off somewhere and I was left alone dancing again.
About 30 minutes later I met her again and we somehow ended up kissing haha. Went to the bar and she got a drink. She was telling me to get one too but I really didn't want one but she was pretty stubborn. Luckily in her drunken state she didn't notice that I just picked up an empty glass from the bar and took it with me, she thought it was a drink haha. After her falling over spilling her drink, she began looking for her friends. I followed her around for some reason then asked what they looked like, putting me hand on her shoulder. She whacked it off. It was then I realised she was no longer interested :(
Tbh the whole thing reminded me of my relationship with Jen and I. She even looked like her a bit....hmm.
Later on we got a text from Tim saying he had been thrown out haha. Ben left too to see if he was ok (really he was going to go see Luci).
The rest of the night was brilliant. Me, Henry and Sean (all of us are black).
Some girl dancing ended up hitting me in the face, I pretended to cry and she said,
"Oh I'm really sorry, can I have a hug"?
Then told me I was really beautiful haha.
I thought I was in there till she said she had to get back to her boyfriend, who was about 1 metre away from us watching. He wasn't big at all but still, she was acting as though she was free and single right infront of him haha. She got my hopes up for nothing.
Ended up dancing with a few more girls and had an immense black-off.
Yet another tiny Asian guy was really good at dancing, a cirlce formed and before I knew it we were all challenging each other.
I gotta say I lost each time.
I pulled out my secret move, the backstroke, where I jump on the floor and pretend to swim.
Immediately regret that decision as the floor was filthy.
Whilst dancing with anotehr girl Mike (guy who moaned about Leeds) was out of his face and just kept standing really still staring at people.
About 20 minutes later I saw him get escorted out by a bouncer haha.

The night ended and I said bye to the small Asian guy, hoping to meet him again in the near future. Henry left to go home and we got into a taxi. We saw Mike standing outside talking to a load of random people. We were shouting at him to get into the taxi but he wasn't interested so we had no choice but to leave him there haha. Oh well.

Guess I should get to bed now. Heather has tried to force me into going Puro tomorrow and to invite Tim and she and her friend Sarah will be there. Tbh going out two nights in a row was not my original idea and my whole plan of living on a budget has gone out the window already. Ah well, as long as I get loads of revision done tomorrow I guess Puro couldn't hurt...


Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Day 2 - K = Constant

I once read somewhere that if you sleep in the cold you are more likely to have nightmares.
I have to say this is true. The worst dreams I have always involve zombies trying to kill me or everyone I know. Last night was a similar dream in which zombies/aliens took over the building/town I was in and began killing everyone. It was pretty gruesome, I spent the whole time hiding behind bread.

Anyway, from getting up at 5am I was really tired from the night before so I got up around midday. After having breakfast and switching on my laptop John knocked at my door asking if he could use some of my salad cream. I've managed to get him hooked on it haha!

I then spent the good part of 6 hours doing nothing but chemistry revision. It's paid off, but I still could have done so much more. Oh well, just have to wait and see how the exam goes tomorrow.
At about 6ish I decided to head down to Uni to see where my exam would be taking place and to do some more work.
However I was really tired by that point so didn't stay long and left. However on the way home bumped into Mike, Heff, Lewis and Tim. Said they were going Shisha for a lads night out.
I thought it was an Indian resturant so went along with them, even having my Mum phone me and me tell her it was an Indian.
Nope, after getting laughed at turns out it was just a place to go and smoke shisha. Smoked fruits.

I felt pretty pimp in there doing it, until I took down too much smoke from one of the them and began coughing my lungs out.
We were in there just talking about how this semester there will be more guys nights as last year we either stayed in our rooms or relied on the girls for everything. Would only go out if they did and if they had a girls night, we would be in our rooms bored.
Not this year though.

After the Shisha we went to Subway in which I met and finally learned the name of the guy who said he doesn't really like Leeds, Mike.
I walked home with him just talking about Uni and what not before getting in and doing more revision.
I feel a bit more confident now as I now know the structure to answering questions I would usually get stuck on.
Work out the mole ratio, then number of moles, then the RAM then the mass.

Nothing I can't handle.

Or at the very least, I SHOULD be able to get 40% on this...
Also Laura is having some sort of girls night I think (though Luci and Mia are the only girls here atm) as there is talking and screaming coming from her room :S

Night people x

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Day 1 - So begins Semester 2...

Wayhay! I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Right then, over the holidays not much really happened. Caught up with friends again, went to a few pubs and clubs. Was really great to see everyone again. But it also feels good to be back in Leeds. I'll be back on the 5th March after this.

Right then, after about 3 hours sleep I awoke at 5am to catch the megabus to Leeds. This joureny was not so bad as my Dad was there to help carry my stuff. A sax case, a pull suitcase with a bag strapped to it and a backpack. The backpack was heavy as Matt has given me 4 Kopparbergs for the road. Real nice of him :)

My Dad and I made it to Victoria coach station with like an hour to spare so we got breakfast and relaxed. The journey to Leeds took 4 and a half hours, but tbh, it only seemed like 90 minutes. Was really happy with that.
Finally arrived back in Leeds, feels weird, but I feel a lot happier than I did before.
Maybe because my head was all full of worry last Semester, I have a good feeling about this one.

Whilst lugging my case back to Clarence Dock I met Jaz and a few others along the way. Seems everything around Leeds is pretty much the same. Got to Clarence Dock and saw Tim in the distance. We had an emotional hug after which he informed me that loads of people were still yet to come. Tbh I thought I was the last person to turn up.
Atm the only people here are me, Tim, Heff, Laura, Luci, Robyn, Harry, Mike, Magda and Lewis.

Meaning we are still waiting for Abi, Ben Mann, Sean, Louise, Natalie, Lauren and Luis.

I unpacked all my stuff and found that Barragon had died due to having no water for a month :( well tbh it was dying way before that anyway.
I didn't want to throw it away so just put it outside the block hoping it'll grow, doubt it. Also found out that Heather left today :(
This is getting annoying.
Every person that I get to know really well ends up leaving.
Adam, Ash, Scott and now Heather.

Turns out she didn't like her course at all and is starting again next year doing just plain English. At the very least unlike the other 3, she is returning to Uni next year AND lives in Leeds. So all is not lost, just some.

After saying hi to a few others including Laura (Who now has a Wii), John knocked on my door and we spoke for a while (like an hour). I got back to find I had a message from Mia,

"I know you're back purely because the Kitchen light was turned off".
Still I haven't seen her since I got back and she lives opposite me :S
One other thing I noticed as well is that I had no knifes, forks or spoons in my chest.
Yep, Mia and Laura have been using them.
Not even discretly as Laura had a drink of orange right infront of me with my glass and even said "Yeah sorry Wes we've been using your stuff" :@
Should have locked it in my room as I know they're not gonna wash it up.

After talking to a lot of people on facebook and msn I made my way to Uni to hand in my maths coursework. Tried to find a book on chemistry in the library but no luck.

Made my way back to Clarence Dock, did some revision. Heff asked me how I am so good on tetris so I went round his room and showed him what he was doing wrong (everything basically).

Then again baring in mind there was a period of my life in Summer when I did nothing but play tetris so I'm not being big headed when I say I am pretty good at it.
In the end Heff still couldn't get the hang of it as he just wanted to beat Luci's score of 5000 on tetris ultra (get most points in 2 minutes).
I did it for him in the end and ended up getting over 9000. We both know that Luci won't believe that he got that.

Wasted the rest of the evening by doing nothing basically. Seems a lot of first years are stressing and worrying over these exams saying how they're gonna fail.
I guess I should be too as I haven't done half as much as I need to to feel secure.
This chemistry one on Thursday will be the hardest I reckon, followed by maths.

The rest I shouldn't have too much of a problem with (I hope).

Not much to comment on really. It's about 1:35am and I'm still talking to Heather and got about 10 minutes of revision done.

Hoping to do more Wednesday as the test is Thursday....