Sunday, 25 January 2009

Day 12 - Full house

I forgot to write this up last night as I was too tired, meaning I might forget some of the parts.
Anyway, the day began with Sanders asking if he could borrow some money off of me as his bank was closed and he had £1.20 to last him the weekend. Ended up lending him £50 and getting out £20 for myself, which means that my bank account is no longer in the £3000s :(

We went to Morrisons to get some food and I went to get alcohol for Ben's party that night. At least, I thought I would.
I was going to get 15 cans of strongbow for £9 and Sanders got a bottle of Vodka. I got I.D'd (first time in Leeds I been I.D'd in a shop) as did Sanders. However he didn't have his passport or driving license. He did have his army I.D and loads of other cards which cleary showed that he was 18 however. Just by looking at him you can tell he is older.
So we figured that this meant I'd have to pay for them both. But then for some reason the guy behind he counter said that because Tim didn't have I.D he has to refuse service to me too :@!
This was a load of shit tbh. The law states you have to be 18 to buy alcohol. I had I.D and so did Sanders. Guy behind the counter said that he can only accept EU driving licenses as I.D though. Even so, I don't see why I had to be refused service too when we clearly weren't underage.
Luckily I managed to get a good/better deal at Tesco with 3 bottles of strongbow, but still, this really annoyed me. Was even worse too that they no longer have the 3 bottles of Kopparberg for £5 deal at Morrisons!

Anyway, got back to Sanders' flat and watched some youtube vids before going back to mine watching some videos.
The evening came and we all went next door for Ben's pre-drinks.
We played minefield and boatrace again.
Once again, Sanders lost the first time and had to down the dirty pint.
However on the second time, I lost and had to down it. Was worse too as Tim had poured sidekick into the drink and it curdled really badly. It was horrible to even look at, we scraped the top off but it was still nasty.
However as I drunk these really fast, I ended up getting drunk, really fast.
I spent the main part of the evening in Natalie's room with loads of people lying on the floor. I ended up telling Abi my life story about relationships (have no idea how we got into that conversation tbh).
However today finally everyone from E block had returned, thus making it a full house.
As Luis and I couldn't be bothered to wait for a taxi, we ended up walking to Nu bar on our own. Managed to walk to the front of the queue and got in.
Rest of the night was a bit hazzy.
Everyone was smashed.
Even Mike who had like a shot of vodka, a vodka coke and a pint :S
Part way through the night I met Heather and a friend of her's there.
Ended up asking for Sarah's number ( a friend of Heather's) and we began texting each other all night, in the end asking to marry each other.
Yep, this is what alcohol does to you.

Ended up leaving about 2:15am with Luis, Mia, Abi and Lauren after going to get some chips. As we were leaving we noticed that Luci and Louise were crying and Laura and Natalie were there trying to comfort them.
This will all be explained later.

On the walk back I saw some guy basically mounting a girl who was sitting on a small pillar in the middle of the street, said to him "If the glove don't fit, yo' fulla shit, wear a condom to protect yo' dick"!
He did not look happy at all. He wasn't all that big though, weird enough when I said that though the girl he was with actually got down, so maybe they took my advice.

We got back to the flat to find that Mike, Tim and Katie had already got back.
They came to our flat and I put in a pizza for everyone.
As last time I was blamed for burning the pizza, I kept checking it every minute. Ended up under cooking it in the end so once again was blamed for a bad pizza job :(

Upon arrival back to the flat, a few things were discovered:
We had left Lewis behind, at Clarence Dock, and he wasn't happy. Apparently someone was meant to have rang him when the cab came, but nobody noticed he was gone.

The reason Louise was crying was because she lost her bag. Luci was crying because she got into a fight with a girl. For some reason Luci called her a fat bitch so the girl hit her, not sure what happened after that but apparently Luci won.

Tim was only in Nu bar for about 20 minutes then left cos he was so high on Ketamine.

Also, for the first time in ages, Mia was one of the most sober people there.

It got pretty late and Mike ended up feeling ill after the amount of pizza he had eaten haha.
There was loads more that happened that night, I just can't really remember it now.
It probably isn't worth putting down.
Ah, this was probably one of my best nights out though, I'd say...

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