Thursday, 15 January 2009

Day 3 - Electronegrotivaty attraction +/-

Right, remembering back today was a pretty long day. Doesn't help I am writing this drunk either as I find it a lot harder to type.
So, the day began with me waking up ready for my chemistry test. Lucky it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. There was only two really hard questions, rest were explaining ones, which I am alright at.
One test down, 3 to go woho!

I was actualy meant to have met Heather after my exam at 10:30am. I text her but no reply, so I decided to go home and get some food.
Upon doing so began talking to people on msn, was about to go to bed then Tim came online.
(Long story short, this Tim is one from Australia, and exchange student, have been talking to him for a while on msn before he came).

We organised to meet and go shopping for some of his things like bedding, pillows, food etc.
I found it funny how what he thought was freezing I thought was reasonable and that he was confused at our currency as Australian dollars are smaller and they don't have 1p or 2p coins. After our shopping spree and me getting lost a few times trying to find different shops, we got back to his block in which he set everything up, showing me how to make a bed and that in the army if they bounce a 20p off the bed and it doesn't bounce back up they rip off the covers and make you do it again, harsh.
In addition to this, he got done for drink driving a day before he was meant to arrive in the UK. Which means he has to go to court and pay a huge fine when he gets back as well as having his license taking from him haha. Unlucky to say the least.

After going to the Clarence Dock bar and playing a few games of pool (despite being Australian I actually beat him twice) he decided to go to his room to sleep as he had been awake for over 48 hours basically.

Now every guy apart from Luis had returned, thus we decided to go to Mission.
All in all, it was a great night out. But more on that later.
Before this I went to the flat next door and played Chris Kamara (Tim came up with the name, not Australian Tim, Gammy leg tim).
Basically have a cup full of red bull and vodka infront of you, as does someone on the opposite end of the table. You gotta bounce the ball into the other persons glass. The loser has to down the drink, the winner gets another shot of vodka added to their glass. If they win again, it's another shot.
If they win after that, they can forfeit and won't have to do the shit mix.
Just my luck.
I beat Mike at first (one of his shots actually went in the cup then bounced out).
Then Tim.
Got to Ben Heff, he beat me. Which meant I had to drink 3 shots of vodka and red bull in one glass. Not nice. Almost vommed. Needless to say, it got me drunk pretty quick.
Sean and his friend Henry came out to Mission too.
We got there at 11pm to beat the queue, good thinking, we got there and there was none.
Was dead at first but soon got busy.
I remember Tim standing there and me pointing to a girl saying "Tim, look at her, go for it". However she noticed me and before I knew it we were dancing together.
Yes, as usual, she was pretty large (but also had large breasts so it evened out).
She walked off somewhere and I was left alone dancing again.
About 30 minutes later I met her again and we somehow ended up kissing haha. Went to the bar and she got a drink. She was telling me to get one too but I really didn't want one but she was pretty stubborn. Luckily in her drunken state she didn't notice that I just picked up an empty glass from the bar and took it with me, she thought it was a drink haha. After her falling over spilling her drink, she began looking for her friends. I followed her around for some reason then asked what they looked like, putting me hand on her shoulder. She whacked it off. It was then I realised she was no longer interested :(
Tbh the whole thing reminded me of my relationship with Jen and I. She even looked like her a bit....hmm.
Later on we got a text from Tim saying he had been thrown out haha. Ben left too to see if he was ok (really he was going to go see Luci).
The rest of the night was brilliant. Me, Henry and Sean (all of us are black).
Some girl dancing ended up hitting me in the face, I pretended to cry and she said,
"Oh I'm really sorry, can I have a hug"?
Then told me I was really beautiful haha.
I thought I was in there till she said she had to get back to her boyfriend, who was about 1 metre away from us watching. He wasn't big at all but still, she was acting as though she was free and single right infront of him haha. She got my hopes up for nothing.
Ended up dancing with a few more girls and had an immense black-off.
Yet another tiny Asian guy was really good at dancing, a cirlce formed and before I knew it we were all challenging each other.
I gotta say I lost each time.
I pulled out my secret move, the backstroke, where I jump on the floor and pretend to swim.
Immediately regret that decision as the floor was filthy.
Whilst dancing with anotehr girl Mike (guy who moaned about Leeds) was out of his face and just kept standing really still staring at people.
About 20 minutes later I saw him get escorted out by a bouncer haha.

The night ended and I said bye to the small Asian guy, hoping to meet him again in the near future. Henry left to go home and we got into a taxi. We saw Mike standing outside talking to a load of random people. We were shouting at him to get into the taxi but he wasn't interested so we had no choice but to leave him there haha. Oh well.

Guess I should get to bed now. Heather has tried to force me into going Puro tomorrow and to invite Tim and she and her friend Sarah will be there. Tbh going out two nights in a row was not my original idea and my whole plan of living on a budget has gone out the window already. Ah well, as long as I get loads of revision done tomorrow I guess Puro couldn't hurt...


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