Friday, 16 January 2009

Day 4 - Bare Jokes

After last night I figured I'd sleep in till about 2pm but was awoken by a text from Australian Tim (will call him Sanders from now on, as that's his last name) asking if he could borrow some blue tac for his posters. This was about 11:45am, figured I may as well get up now though.
I switched on my laptop ready for a whole day of maths revision but ended up talking to Mia and John for like 2 hours in the kitchen about how there are now more people in a relationship in our group of friends than single.

Luis, Harry, Tim, Mike, Louise, Natalie, Abi, Lauren, Robyn were all in proper relationships. Ben and Luci seem to be in some sort of complicated relationship. Sean and Lewis are "seeing" people it seems.
Which means that really me, Laura, Mia and Ben M are the only real single people left.
Valentine's day in a month too, great...

After this long chat and an ongoing joke from John about how Mia and I should be each other's date for Valentine's day I was about to do some maths when I got a text from Sanders asking if I wanted to come to the bank with him to open up a UK account.
Turns out his debit card was swallowed by an ATM machine so he has no choice but to open one up.
I figured it'd be quick so decided to go.
Man was I wrong, we were looking for the Yorkshire Bank. I know I have seen it before loads of times but couldn't remember where. After going in a huge circle and asking directions we found it (turns out it is on the way to the route I take to Uni, everyday).

Got back in the day and did some more revision and ate a little whilst getting texts from Heather asking if I was coming to Puro tonight. Really I couldn't be bothered but kept making up excuses such as me being hungover/ill. Which were NOT true. I don't get hangovers and didn't even drink that much last night t get one.
Eventually she gave in.

Later on Tim knocked on the window asking if I wanted to come Nandos. I wanted to, but didn't wanna spend any more money that I didn't need to. Must have spent at least £50 since I got here Tuesday. In the end I decided to come.
On the way found out from Sean that moany Mike hadn't come back this morning frm the club last night =/ turns out he was probably on E or something due to the weird way he was acting. Staring at people with dialted pupils haha. Anyway finally got to Nandos and was worth the 20 minute wait.
Haven't had a Nandos in about 6 months or more, was really nice. Went to a pub afterwards and chilled for a bit. Originally Lewis was meant to come to Nandos with us but he wasn't answering his phone and when we knocked on his flat he said,

"Yeah, I'm not coming, meet you in the pub".
Obviously what he really meant is he had a girl in his room and was busy.
He said when he got to the pub later that's why he didn't answer as it would have been awkward.
However he tried to steal a pint glass from the pub which Tim accidentally smashed, so karma was with us that night.

After getting back about 11pm I met John in the kitchen. We were there for like 2 hours just telling random jokes to each other. He found "Man with a big orange head" the funniest of them all. Props to Rich Smith for telling it originally.
Laura also came in (with my pint glass) saying,

"So Wes, heard you were a slag last night"?

Haha, not sure why everyone is making such a big thing about last night considering everything else that has happened. Maybe they thought I was gay =/ ?
Eitherway, it got to 1am and both John and I were tired.
After doing some revision on fractions for a while Magda came online asking if I was good at differentiation.

Weird thing was, she asked me this exact same question not too long before the end of semester one, unless she forgot she had, thought I may have improved, or might have just wanted an excuse to talk to me as she was bored, my answer was the same. No I am not. I even told her that she asked me before if I was good and when I said no she called me useless (It hurt).
Turns out she is actually staying with a friend in Bodington who is also doing Chemical Engineering as she couldn't concentrate in Clarence Dock and has a maths test today (this was 2am we were talking). Is her last exam, it's on a Saturday but still, she gets a week off :( not fair!

Hmmm...guess that's it really. Tomorrow might be good as Louise gets back and a lot of people will be going out.

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