Thursday, 29 January 2009

Day 17 - Loose lips

Title refers to the name of the song from the film Juno. I've never seen it nor know what it is about. Just heard Ben playing it and immediately liked it and had to know what it was called. Since then (about 3 days ago) I haven't stopped listening to it.

Right then, the whole "I don't get hangovers" thing isn't as true as I thought.
I was still drunk when I woke up.
I also phoned Ben Heff loads of times as he needed to be in or he'd get thrown out.
He didn't answer though so I had to leave without him.
Last night I ended up getting about 90 minutes sleep and now had to be in Uni for 9am.
Not good.
Things got worse in my first practical when I began to feel ridiculously ill.
It was nausea, not bad nausea, but still didn't feel good.
Guess I do get partial hangovers...

After the practical I had a maths skills session. I didn't realise that these were optional now and was the only person to turn up. There was even a discussion there between teachers as to whether what we were doing (nth term stuff) would EVER be used in real life. In the end the maths lecturer said she is going to drop it from the syllabus next year as it's pretty useless. I'm a year too early it seems, though it's not hard, remembering all the formulas is troublesome.
After my chemistry tutorial I went home and took a nap for a while before going to the Taekwondo fundraiser at the Packhorse.
Was pretty good actually, there were bands, a slave auction and good to meet up with everyone again.

Got home about 11pm only to find that my facebook chat has been "used up" and I don't know when I can use it again =/
After rickrollin' Katie and her not being able to figure out how to make the song stop I went up to her and Tim's floor.
Ended up watching weird cartoons online like "Adventure time" and "on the moon" haha.
As well as two girls one cup reactions and failblog videos.
Tim was watching Yu-Gi-Oh before I came in too. Forgot how I used to watch that too haha.

Don't have to be in till 4pm tomorrow so am gonna stay up late for no reason again.
Night x

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