Monday, 26 January 2009

Day 14 - Australia Day

First day back for lectures. It seems so weird not having to be up at 9am for lectures now. This one beginning at 12pm.
Eitherway I got up about 9am and looked through the maths slide before hand as I knew no matter what the topic I wouldn't understand it in the lecture.
Lucky I had done tbh.
This was then followed by a lecture on computer and data analysis which began as,

"Right then, as if two hours of computer classes weren't enough, I'm now going to bore you with an hour lecture on it. Welcome to the most boring hour of your week. Don't blame me though, I have to teach it".

Hahaha, at least he's honest.
The lecture was pretty good actually. Turns out that the thing most companies are looking for in Geology graduates in computer skills in analysising, stratigraphy and number skills. This was out of a score of 700.
Right at the bottom was vertebre studies, with 64/700.
I noticed there was an annoying correlation in the things I enjoyed the most were regarded as less important as the list went down.
That's just great tbh...
Why doesn't anyone care about animals or fossils ? :(
I then had an hour map drawing lecture, this one seems as though it might be easier than last year. Even he said that this will be the easiest module we do. Plus he has a sick Dutch accent.
The next two lectures were similar in talking about Earth history then vertebra evolution.
Even though these lectures aren't bad. Having them 5 hours straight with no breaks may get annoying. Especially if I don't get much sleep the night before.

I got back to find that Sanders and Tom had already gone underway with Australia day, dressed up and having the BBQ ready. However, it had taken them hours to find any charcoal as nowhere would be selling it at this time of year. Meaning they had to buy wood, which is shit to burn (for a BBQ).
Ended up taking about 2 hours before the BBQ was ready to use.
In that time, we had 2 visits from the subwardens.
The first was because Andrew had parked his car by the block, playing music from it. They then began questioning who gave us permission to have a BBQ and that we had to inform them first.
This was stupid as Tim had organised this at least 2 weeks in advance and had told them that he was going to do it. Luckily they let us carry on with it but still it's not as if we did it with no permission at all.

Their second visit was because Andrew drove his car back to the same place and began playing music. One of the wardens came again as there had been "complaints" and told him to move the car, which he had to do drunk (there was obviously no complaints as the music wasn't loud enough to be heard through peoples windows, not to mention this was only about 7:30pm, who would make a noise complaint at that time !?)

Anyway, it was still a pretty good night anyway. Sanders began to charge 50p a snag (sausage in a bun) though some people ended up only putting in 1p and 2p coins (I admit I did put in a 5p, 10p and 50p, but I helped with the BBQ and provided the cheese).
Also Mike (one that lives in C block) was meant to cook but came back with his skateboard, his friend and a bit shakey. Apparently they were walking along the road and someone rode their bike into the back of them but began making out it was their fault. Another one arrived and one of them shouted to run. He then demanded Mike for his phone and hit him in the face. Mike dropped it and ran as he didn't know if they had a knife on them or anything. Still though, this wasn't far outside of Clarence Dock at all =/
It got to about 9ish and was getting cold so we went into the bar.
I was persuaded into going to Puro as it was 80p entry.
However, upon arriving there at 10:45pm, the queue was MASSIVE!
Now, this wasn't because it was already busy. It was dead in there, you could tell. The bouncers were just letting people in one by one, really slowly, so that it'd get to 11pm and they'd have to pay more money.
On the way back met Harry and some Charlie Morris people who looked as though they were having second thoughts about going in too.

Tom and Andrew really needed to urinate so did it under a bridge in the river, Tom suspected someone might have been following us so carried on walking for a bit, but Andrew, pretty drunk just pissed in the river anyway and said sorry to the person that was "following" us who was giggling like a school girl at him haha.

Got back to Clarence Dock to find that Mike had beaten my tetris marathon high score :( also everyone else that went out that night didn't get into Mezz because it was so busy. It apparently took Sean 90 minutes to get in. Screw that.

11am start tomorrow and 6pm finish :(

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