Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Day 15 - Block Raiders

Planned on doing loads of work. Butter and Egg on window. First had a map drawing. Seemed easy. Chemistry.
Hour break in which I did quiz. Then had 2 hour practical, Ben actually turned up for the other one.
Got home and had rest of sausages. Stayed round there a bit. Got back and was in kitchen with John, Mia and Luke. Text with bacteria.
Ended up going block raiding. Seeing Harry making out.
Party in D block.
Got to John's room, was talking about conspiracies.

My original plan for today was to do all the work I had been given up until now. Let's just say it didn't all go well.
I woke up to breakfast to find that someone had thrown butter and eggs all over our kitchen window. Chances are this was Tim, as he has thus poured coco pops through our window, thrown water on it from his window, and there was a ridiculous amount of noise coming from upstairs (his flat) the night before.
However upon asking him he said that it was Katie. Doubt it tbh.
The first class I had was map drawing, in which we learned how to draw stereonets.
Looking at them, they seem really complicated. However they are actually ridiculously easy. At least I can do one thing to do with mapping.
After chemistry I had an hour break in which I did a quiz that was e-mailed to me about health and fitness, complete 2 over 6 weeks and could win up to £100. YEAH!
Following this were two 2 hour practicals one after another.

The first one was a bit confusing but managable. The 2nd one was stereonets so was easy. However, for the first time in over a month, Ben actually turned up.
This may have been because this practical was at 4pm so he'd have been up ages ago. But still fetl weird actually seeing him in Uni.

I got home to get a text from Sanders saying there are still sausages left over from Australia day that need to be eaten, so went over there and dined with him and others in C block. The other guy in C block, Mike, was going to a fancy dress party of a girl named Fabienee (not sure of spelling so will call her Fab), however I had no idea what block she was in or anything. More on this later.

It got to about 8pm and I decided to go back to E block. John, Mia and Luke were in the kitchen and after talking to them for a bit we somehow came up with the idea that it'd be fun to go block raiding. And boy was it fun.
First we knocked on LJs window and ran, too bad she wasn't there.
Next we went to Tesco and noticed a couple making out.
As we got closer we realised it was actually Harry and his girlfriend.
We wondered what to do. Knock on the window, film it, watch till they notice.
It was too good to be true, he then put his hand down her top which we all thought was funny. They should have drawn the curtains properly.
After a trip to Tesco I showed John and Luke that my card could open other blocks.
We began going into random blocks and knocking on doors asking how they were doing, though nobody answered.

Got to D block, 4th floor, was about to knock, who do I see ? Mike, in his fancy dress.
Fab's pre-drinking for her birthday was in that flat. What are the odds eh.
After strolling in I realised a lot of the people there I actually knew, although we were expecting to walk in on loads of people we had never seen before.

As everyone left, me, John and Luke were talking to two boys in the flat that John knew. Turns out they only know the people in their flat and nobody else in Clarence Dock as their floor is so boring.
Made me realise how many people I do actually know in Clarence Dock. In fact, let's make a list.

E Block:
my flat: Mia, Laura, Charlotte, John.
E1.1: Ben, Robyn, Luis, Natalie, Abi, Heff.
E2.1: Tim, Katie.
E2.2: Harry, Mike, Magda, Lauren, Louise.

C block:
Sanders, Sean, Mike, Natasha, Will

D block:

F block:
Luci, Tom, Andrew

Ah this is getting boring actually. We basically point I am trying to make is they must be bored shitless to not even know anyone in other blocks or flats, even the ones on the same floor as them.

They tried to persuade us to come out but we were too tired. After this we went back to Harry's window and as John looked in he said he thinks Harry saw him and smiled.
Even so, we are not going to bring it up to him.
We then went round Clarence Dock seeing what blocks our cards could open.
Mine and Luke's = E block, D block, F block, G block, J block
John's = E block only haha.

It was about midnight now. Luke went to bed and I went back to John's room first looking up shit jokes, then Chuck Norris facts then conspiracy theories which was actually really interesting.
Not like this blog entry I might add...

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