Sunday, 25 January 2009

Day 13 - Carefree no more

It's Sunday today. Last day for a while when I have nothing to do. Uni begins tomorrow. Though I only got one 9am start, the fact that I have 20 hours a week instead of 16 which was last year, and that out of those days, Monday I have 5 hours of non stop lectures 12 till 5pm and that Tuesday I go home at 6pm, I'm yet to wonder whether this timetable is actually better or worse than before.
Oh well, on the upside it could be worse, Lewis, doing eletrical engineering has 25 hours a week, also the more lectures you have, the less work you have outside of class, kinda. For example Mia, with only 6 hours a week has to read loads of books and loads of essays where as I only have to read around the subject to get a better understanding of it, so I won't complain yet.

I got an e-mail from the girl that lost her passport this morning. I text Tom asking if he still has it and he does. Tbh I wanted to be the one to give it back to her, as it could have bloomed a whole new friendship, but he said he would just sort it out himself :(

Also saw Heather with her parents getting her stuff and leaving. I only saw from my window though and don't think she saw me. She asked afterwards why I didn't say bye (when she got home).
1. Her parents were there and it'd have been awkward.
2. I figured it might have made her sad that she was leaving if I said bye to her.
3. I couldn't be bothered to get up.

Didn't really do anything at all during the day. Had a talk with Mia in the kitchen whilst eating dinner about houses next year and how we have probably got the better deal. As it's about £50 cheaper overall, there is nobody in our flat that will cause any sort of arguement (of course there was the tension with Tim not taking a liking to Harry as he moved into Ash's room, however me, Lauren, Mia and Abi all like Harry and Tim would like him if he got to know him).
Not to mention in the other flat Ben H and Luci will be living together and they have both "done stuff" with each other, meaning it'll create a lot of awkwardness hahaha, drama.

Got to about 6pm and we went to the bar to play some pool then planned on going back to Ben's room to watch Mean girls. Was going to be me, Ben M, Mia and Lauren. But Laura, Luci, Louise and Natalie (better known as "the girls") wanted to watch it too.
As they had the bed, it'd mean we'd have to sit on the floor, so we didn't watch it in the end. Instead Ben showed us a documentary on bears, which was actually really interesting. We were also talking about random animal facts which Ben and I seemed to know too well. Am glad I have found someone who is also as sad as I am :D

On the plus side, no longer have to worry about getting up early every single morning. This semester may just be the best yet.

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