Friday, 30 January 2009

Day 18 - Evening Fail

Today was great. Only one lecture from 4-5. I could get used to it. Still though not sure if it's better me having loads of lecture Monday and Tuesday and not so many after that or an even amount spaced out. I guess the first is better.
After the only lecture today, which was vertebra evolution, I was happy to discover that the student newspaper was back!
I really missed them as they are quite interesting/funny.
The main headline was how Robinho had been accused of rape at a club called "The Space" in Leeds.
Funny thing being that this club is like 15 minutes from Clarence Dock, the closest club to use (besides Oracle and Mezz).

It was also the first Taekwondo training session of the year today. Having not trained in so long I was worried I'd be knackered. I wasn't too bad though. Infact it was as if I had never left tbh.
However when we were doing self-defence I was partnered with Simon.
We were being taught out to get out of wrist locks and what to do afterwards.
As Simon is quite a big guy I asked if it was alright if I squeezed as hard as I could so it'd be more realistic, he said yes but due to this got too into the "break and attack" and ended up kneeing me in the chin.
I was laughing it off and saying it was fine as he was really apologetic about it.
To be honest though, it hurt, a lot, and still does now.
Not only the impact of being kneed in the jaw, also because I bit my tongue when he did it.

The session was over and I went home as it seemed nobody was going to the pub.
I got in to find that I had a letter from my parents with newspaper clippings in them about how Prince Harry and his girlfriend have split up (for those that don't know, Prince Harry's girlfriend goes to Leeds Uni, and after looking at the newspaper have remembered her name, Chesly Davy).

I spoke to Mia who said that the plan for tonight was for me, her, Abi, Lewis and Luis to have a few drinks in the kitchen as everyone else had either gone to some club which was £15 to get in or had gone home.
As the title suggests, the kitchen party never happened. Instead I sat and watched all the videos on youtube.

Thus, this evening literally was the biggest evening fail, ever.

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