Sunday, 1 February 2009

Day 19 - Nu and weird

I woke up today still aching loads from Taekwondo the evening before.
Nevertheless still decided to go into training anyway.
We did a pyramid again and as usual, it was ridiculously tiring, still not as bad as the first time I did it though.

I then ventured back to Clarence Dock and awaited by my laptop to see what was going to happen that night. We ended up that Nu bar it was so after some pre-drinking in Tim's flat in which he pissed out the window and there was some rotting chicken in his fridge, more people from the flat joined us.
I went to the toilet and proped the door open hoping no subwardens would come.
Just my luck eh, as I walk back up I see two there writing a warning note, cock it.
One of them came in saying that security said that it was too noisy (it was a Saturday night and 1 minute passed 11pm ffs).
We all handed it well but Lewis who was pretty drunk insisted on arguing back until his name was taken down haha.
In addition to this, Ben H had been drinking whiskey which makes him violent as he then, for no real reason, threw a glass at a wall, smashing it and caused Sean to have to calm him down.
Tim and I almost didn't bother going out as we felt the night was ruined but was persuaded into doing it anyway.

Nu bar was quite good once we got there. Good music, also met Una in there again, suprised I was able to recognise her considering how bad I am with faces tbh.
However towards the middle of the night Mia began crying as she had lost her phone (again).
Tim and Lewis had gone home without telling anyone. Ben had an argument with Laura and kept telling me he hated Mia and wanted to punch her then hit Sean in the ribs and shouted at him after looking for him for ages, to which Sean burst out laughing to.
It was a weird night.
In the end Lauren and I took Mia home as she was crying.
As we were walking out two guys said,
"So ladies".
However after telling them I was a man they lost interest.
By the river two other guys said,
"Girls can we ask you a question"
"No" replied Lauren and Mia in succession.
However I asked what it was they needed to know, which was the way to the Royal armouries.
However they seemed a bit dodgy and who would want to go to the armouries at 2:30am ?
So I pointed them in the wrong direction as we didn't see them again haha.
On the walk back Lauren was arguing with Mia saying she shouldn't be crying over a phone as she gets a £1500 bursary and people like her (Lauren) and Abi are poor but still have nothing haha.
Was funny to listen to.

I then got a call from Heather who told me that she was in Kerry's flat in E block so I went up to visit her.
She ended up phoning Saeah and I was speaking to her for a while even though I couldn't hear/understand a single word she was saying.
As we walked into the kitchen, Charlotte said something about going to York, which then turned into a group trip in which everyone would go to York, at 3am, for no reason, then stay in a hostel for 5, though there were 10 of us.
Heather had a go at me for not being spontaneous enough to do it. I replied with explaining how there is a difference between being spontaneous and just being reckless and stupid, as this idea was. They only had 20 minutes till the last train too.
They all left and I went back to my room, although Tim knocked on my window soon after and chilled inside with me for a bit.
Explained how he had been on a bit of a downer since he had returned from Manchester the night before and didn't want to come back to Leeds hence why he left Nu bar so early.

It got late and he went back to his room while I saw on Heather's facebook status that she hadn't made the train so everyone went back to her house haha.

The past few days I have had a really bad cough. It comes and goes, but is always there when I am about to go to sleep, is a tickle in my throat.
Tonight was the worse it has been.
I just couldn't get to sleep.
I ended up getting a call at 5am too from Nu bar that someone had handed in Mia's phone. RESULT!

Second time she lost and recovered it haha.
Hope my cough goes away soon, my diaphram is really starting to hurt.

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