Monday, 16 February 2009

Day 35 - Mondaze

After recieving an e-mail stating that we would have a tutorial at 11am today, it meant that I'd have 6 hours with no break of lectures.
By chance my Maths lecture was cancelled as the lecturer was ill, still though, whilst in the tutorial, in which we were informed we will need to work in groups to make a poster titled "Geology of Pembrokeshire", we were told that we'd have a tutorial every week till the term ends.
6 hours is just too much to the point I'm wondering whether I should begin skipping the last two lectures or not as the registers don't seem to get taken anymore in them. Whilst waiting outside I was suprised that the person taking the tutorial knew my name, although I have him for vertebra evolution, there has never been a time when he would have actually spoken to me one on one let alone have heard and remembered my name.
Then I realised that he had a list with him that had everyone's name and photos on it. He even got a few people wrong asking if Andrew was Tom (they look nothiing alike).
I was hoping he wouldn't need to state the obvious in my case, but he did anyway in saying,
"Well I guess for you Wesley it's quite easy to tell who you are from the pictures".
*Awkward laughter*
Guess the only way he could have made the situation more awkward would have been to ask whether I was an African international student, luckily he didn't go that far.
To sum it up, the day dragged a lot. I couldn't stay focussed for most of the lecuters (hence the title, it's another pun if you hadn't noticed).

However people said they were going to elbow room at about 5ish. Ben H was too tired so went home. After getting really lost and retracing my steps I finally got to elbow room to find that nobody was in there!
Was well annoyed!

Anyway, although I had originally planned to go out this evening, at about 8pm I was just way too tired to do anything, so spent ANOTHER evening in watching scrubs and trying to beat Matt Darby's score on tetris so that I can once again be #1 in the score ranks.
Good times.

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