Monday, 2 February 2009

Day 21 - Snow problems here

This is my 100th post. Wow.
Well then, the snow is still falling quite heavily.
2 of my lectutes were cancelled today.
Felt sorry for Ben who got to Uni at 10am only to be unable to find where he was meant to be. He had to wait about for 3 and a half hours till his next lecture haha.
After a day of fun I walked home with Ben who said how with his coat hood up he could only see right infront of him,
"No matter cos it's a good view of her ass" he said pointing to a girl infront of us who was wearing leggins with no skirt, she must have been freezing.
As we were about to cross a road I was about to say to Ben,
"I don't understand how girls can wear so little in the snow".
However stopped as the girl in leggins was right behind me.
As she carried on walking across the road she stopped and looked at us,
"Are you two from Clarence Dock"?
Was my first reaction.
Long story short, she somehow knew I was in E block as she had seen me about (she added she wasn't a stalker, hence only remembered me cos I am black) and is also an Earth scientist doing Earth system science and meteorology.
Yes, Ben did do the "then how long will it snow for"? joke, and it went down pretty well.
We walked home with her the whole way getting to know each other, turns out her name was Hayley and she lives in D block but was previously living in Charles Morris hence doesn't go to Clarence Dock socials and has never once been in the Clarence Dock bar.
As she walked into her block Ben said "Wes I think she likes you, I got that feeling".
Though the only feeling I got was that she was a nice person haha.
Eitherway we both tried to find her on facebook but it was a fail, guess asking her last name would have been a bit weird though it'll be embarrassing I know, as I won't remember her face from just seeing her once, especially since she had her hood up.

As soon as I got in, Sanders asked if I wanted to help him build a fort. I saw no reason not to, after getting involved in another Clarence Dock snowball fight we began building a fort. It was tiring and we were soon knackered after about 20 minutes so called it a day.
Spent the rest of the evening inside doing some maths coursework and not much else really.
The E block thread that we have made is now 500+, so will get to 1000 in no time.
However, from talking on it, I had no idea how, not to sound mean, but brainless Luci actually is.
What's even weirder is that she takes maths of all things :S

It began with Mia and Nat were talking about MRC and BAC (Men are cunts and Bitches are cunts). Mia said that MRC refers to a certain someone and, as a running injoke from earlier on, I suggested that this person was Ben Mann for going skiing for a week and not coming back.
Luci believed me that he wasn't coming back.
Anybody else would have known right away I was making it up considering I said he explained to me he has decided to stay there to become a ski instructor as that is his life long dream.
Unfortantely Nat ruined it by telling her I was lieing :(
She also didn't know what the word "innuendo" meant which I found quite weird, but just goes to show there is a huge line between common sense and knowledge.
Anyway, atm things seem to be going fine (hence the double pun title, there aren't any problems really, but at the same time the snow IS a problem causing lectures to be cancelled as it just means having to cram more in later during the semester).

*Sigh* if only it were the same as school or college being cancelled, ah well. Guess in the end it's a big inconvinience for everyone.

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