Monday, 9 February 2009

Day 28 - Low Pass

I seem to be getting more used to the 5 hour block of lectures I have on a Monday. Ben H on the other hand, is not, as he took about 7 pro-plus tablets in the space of 3 minutes then said he felt as though he was going to be sick. Not suprising seeing as you're only meant to take 4 maximum a day and leave about 2 hours between each one.
After a full day of lectures we ventured down to Elbow room for some free pool.
We got a tournement going with all the people there and what do you know, I go out straight away after playing Ben. Almost got 7 balled too, was well embarrassing (but predictable).
As we were about to leave Ben said he reckons that he can pass this semester easily without going to any lectures as he passed Natural hazards with 54% without doing anything for it and finds the chemistry and computing stuff that we did today easy.
Fair enough, he did do A level maths and what we were doing in class today in computing, statistics he has done before, but he never went to the chemistry classes in semester 1 which were MUCH harder, so not a good idea to base an entire semester on 2 weeks really.
They all left and went to Weatherspoons while Mike and I walked home talking about how you take home cooking for granted.

I got in to find a letter from my parents about an interview with Rick Astley from the metro and an article about an Aussie who tried to smuggle baby pigeons onto a plane by tucking them into his trousers hahaha, gotta give credit for originality.
There was also a letter about some sports thing I signed up for (only because it goes on for 6 weeks and you could win £50), though looking at it now I dunno if I can really be bothered with it. I'll see tomorrow.

In addition to this, John is back (still no sign of Charlotte though) but is pretty ill. Mia and Laura cleaned the entire kitchen and I did all the washing up so inspection should be alright for tomorrow.
I checked my results for my modules online too.
I passed, but that's about it really.
63% in Understanding Earth, 58% in Chemistry and 50% in Maths.
Baring in mind Understanding Earth was 90% of the module mark, Chemistry was about 75% and Maths was 35%, meaning I still got semester 2 exams to do on them as well as the coursework, so it's not all over yet, but the dream of getting a 1st in something might be...damn.

Still though, better than a fail. To see the maths marks you go on an excel spreadsheet in which the mark is next to your student number, so you can see what everyone got, the marks actually ranged from someone getting 100% to a few people even getting 0% =/

Someone even got 9%, so I guess I shouldn't dwell on the past. I'l try and do better and learn from my mistakes.

I was pretty tired this evening so took a nap from about half 8 till 11pm which has messed up my sleeping pattern bad.
In that time I heard a load of people walk into Clarence Dock screaming and shouting then the same voices go back out again. I'm assuming this was the 4th floor people as I could definitely hear Una (How can you not notice an Irish accent) calling out to Eileen, who also lives on the 4th floor.
There was also a pedestrians --> sign at the front of E block too which I am assuming was also them.
Such a stereotypical student thing to do hahaha.
Everyone has gone to either Mezz or Chilli Whites tonight, as for me, I am going to go Space on Wednesday for a traffic light party as Louise is promoting it as part of her business course.

Now then, what to do with the rest of the night...

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