Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Day 29 - Eldon International

The first part of today wasn't very good tbh.

Turns out it was actually the two Dan's that put the pedestrian sign outside E block not anybody on the 4th floor.
As I left that morning, making sure my room was really tidy, I noticed the smell of smoke and passed Una and one of her friends walking back to E block. They looked pretty hungover/stoned and didn't even seem to notice I was there even though I said hi and literally walked straight pass them, was weird =/
After the first few lectures I was really tired, the 4 hours worth of practicals dragged on for AAAGGES!
It was just so boring and depessing having to do 2 hours of practicals followed by another 2 hours, especially when you are only about 20% sure that you're actually doing it right.
Anyway after only getting 2/4 (which is shit) on my second practical I got a text from Sanders asking if I wanted to meet him in Eldon with some international girl students.
I agreed as I didn't really have anything to do once I got home, or so I thought.
After waiting for what seemed like ages and witnessing some chavs kick a football (maybe on purpose) across the road and into a family of Asian people who were not pleased to say the least, I got a call from Will asking if I was coming to the Environmental meeting tonight at 7pm.
It was 7pm now and I was till at Uni, no clue that there was even a meeting taking place. Guess I should have checked the facebook group about it a bit more, oh dear.
However Will said he will inform me of what it was that was actually said there.

Eventually Sanders called me saying that he was in the Eldon.
At first when I got there is was a little awkward, well ok very awkward. Combining this with the somewhat bad day I had I was tempted to go home.
Also Ben Fyfe was there. Never mentioned him before but somehow loads of people in E block know him, I have seen him about but never spoken to him, is quite a nice guy actually in B block taking chemical engineering.
However, today it was £1.50 drinks from 7pm onwards and having not eaten basically all day I got quite drunk after 3 pints =/
This was quite embarrassing as Sanders was saying I am one of the biggest lightweights he has ever seen and I denied this a lot. However I guess in the long run being a lightweight isn't all that bad, saves shit loads of money.
After an evening of Ben and I telling random facts and comparing difference in culture (one of the girls was from Canada, another from Pittsburg and another from Australia) it got to about 10:45pm and Ben and I decided to leave.
As we were walking back Ben got a text saying that one of his friends that he met in there that was with us for a bit actually believed that I was a Jamaican exchange student (which is what I said before, despite not having the accent haha).
In addition to this it turns out Ben was also part of the Leeds OUTC, hence how he knew Tim. I realised I should have just lied and said there was nothing wrong with me, as he himself has to take antibiotics everyday. Still, wonder what it'd have been like had I joined...hmm.
Best part of the walk home was a girl coming up to us saying she was a student and not a hustler (yes, her words) that had lost her student metro card and couldn't get home and needed about £3.70 from us to get home. I asked where she lived and she said Wakefield.
First of all, she looked too old to be a student, if she was one, she wouldn't be living in Wakefield. She had her bag with her so how could she only lose her student card, also if that's all she lost then is she really saying she doesn't have £3.70 in her account ?
Ben and I said we have just been to the pub and had no money to give her and carried on walking saying you should only give people like that money if they really won't leave you alone, which he has had to do before lol.

I got back to my room to find that the flat had passed the inspection, the only note saying to clean under the microwave. Oops, that was me that made that mess the night before microwaving spuds but hoped it wasn't noticable. Also as I was walking outside E block I could hear nothing but Irish accents coming from the 4th floor from all of Una's friends haha, I found it pretty funny, probably cos I was drunk.
There was also a message from Abi in the E block facebook thread saying that her, Lauren, Natalie and Louise went to visit Scott today.
He can't speak atm as he has a thing in his throat helping him to learn, but it able to hear what is going on. He can throw his little football around and even waved bye to them as they all left.
This was sad but also annoying as all the guys have been planning a trip to see him ever since we got back but nothing was ever confirmed.
However by the looks of things it seems we are going to be going there Friday at about 6pm. I'm hoping to go too as I haven't seen him once since the night of the accident and am not free most nights. Even on Friday I am missing Taekwondo, first time I'd have ever missed a session, but if all goes to plan it'll be worth it..

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