Friday, 6 February 2009

Day 25 - Block Party

I knew that someday I'd have this as a title, the pun being how people say I look like the Bloc party lead singer, so might as well throw it in there now.

It was Friday again and with only one lecture to go into, vertebra evolution, it was pretty smooth sailing.
Taekwondo also went quite well as I sparred with Phil a bit who managed to show/teach my things about sparring such as what to do and when to do it.
Having sparred with Basil the most times, who is also a yellow belt, I can really feel the difference when sparring against Phil who is Red belt, really fast and pretty strong. He was also the first person I ever sparred and this was only the 2nd time I have sparred with him, I still couldn't really lay a finger on him.

I also sparred with Daniel as last lesson he didn't have his pads and I said it was a shame as I wanted a fair fight. After his reply being "Fair fight !? I'd kick your ass"! We said that next time we have the chance we'd spar with each other.
It was pretty good actually.
He said that I was pretty good with my hands, which is true, I prefer punching than kicking in sparring as it's faster and more combinations can be done.
However one of the punches I threw was pretty hard considering this was meant to be light contact free sparring. I apologised straight away and Daniel said it was alright and that he should have blocked but I could tell that it must have hurt a little bit.
After the lesson he told me that I had actually busted his lip when I hit him which to say the least made me feel even more guilty :(

I didn't go to the pub as I was really hungry and wanted to go to the E block kitchen night that we have planned for so long.
Since semester 2 began there has been a slight divide between the boys and girls.
All the boys do stuff together, Laura, Natalie, Luci and Louise always do stuff together and seem to neglect everyone else at times, including pre-drinking in seperate kitchens even though we were all going to the same place.
This therefore leaves Lauren, Abi and Mia to the side.

First everyone was playing jenga (and were pretty shit at it I must say), as I didn't have a seat it was hard to play and kinda boring when sober, Tim felt the same too.
So we went back to his room and watched an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh then went to the bar for a game of pool then came back when we thought everyone might be a little bit more wasted. No luck.
After having a game of twister on our own everyone else joined it.
Forgot how hard it was actually.
I was the spinner for the girls and began to just say colours that'd make it really awkward for them, however I didn't realise Luci was really flexible making my plan fail.
At this point Lewis had drank half a bottle of southern comfort and was pretty bad. He said he was feeling ill so went back to his flat, none of us saw or heard from him the rest of the night haha.
We then began to play pictionary.
The other team were about halfway across the board before it was our turn, of all the people to go first on our team it was Luci, for some reason.
Her things to draw was Butler.
Though she thought that a Butler was a cobbler so began drawing feet and shoes.
It was at this point we realised we weren't going to win.
Halfway through the game Laura and Louise wandered off into the corridor and taped up Ben Mann's door as he is away for the week.
Nat got quite annoyed at how they just got up and left mid game but I didn't mind as we were losing anyway haha.

Sean then came in and asked for some frozen peas. We all wondered what it was for.
Turns out Ben H had punched a wall for some reason and then after throwing a hoover across the room stormed off.
Shouldn't laugh but I tend to find his little outbursts quite funny tbh. Apparently it was over Luci (no suprise there).

Tim and I then went to the 3rd floor as there was a small party going on up there.
Dan Booth made a joke about there being a "Black out" in Clarence Dock although I shouldn't be worried as he was recaptured, which immediately led to him being batwinged/ball hit.
Not sure why, but a man having his balls out always makes people laugh. Mark walked into the kitchen and just saw me with my balls out and was in bits for ages.

The rest of the night involved more drinking and going to different floors and partying. There was also a spontaneous jam session with Luis on the guitar, Tim on bongos and me on accordian, it was awesome, even if I have no clue how to play an accordian. Also had a really deep talk about racism on the 3rd floor haha.
Ah well, was a good night in I'd say..

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