Thursday, 19 February 2009

Day 37 - Scott

One lecture, got back, Mike late again, traffic, printed out the directions. Got there but two at a time. Stolen van, mcdonalds then stuck in rush hour. Went bar and got chlamydia test, then went in kitchen then to fav. Rage. Abi getting into fight. Walk back.

Although nobody even reads these anymore, for those that might do in the future (God knows why), this is a long one as my past few have been pretty short.
I only had one lecture today which was good. I'd have gone to the practical afterwards but wouldn't have been back in time to go and see Scott in hospital. This means I'd have to go to the 9am one the next morning :(
Straight after the lecture Ben and I went to the I.T. centre to print off directions on how to get to Hope hospital. As I had a feeling these may get lost, I printed off 4 extras so that there'd be one for each of us coming.

After doing some shopping I got home and waited till 2pm, the time we'd leave. I suggested to Ben that we leave earlier as the times we can visit are 3pm till 4pm, it takes 51 minutes to get there but with traffic etc it'd take a lot longer but Ben said that we were already leaving "10 minutes early" sticking to the idea that it'd take no longer than 51 minutes to get thrre.
Just as we were about to leave I knocked on Mike's door, no answer.
After phoning him it turned out he was walking down the street and would be there in about 15 minutes.
I began to think that we weren't going to make it again.
However, we managed to get in the car and be on our way by about 2:10pm.
This time Lewis didn't come as his brother is still with him so he couldn't leave him there.

After a long tense drive in which there was a huge stand still and a truck driver got out and walked up to another car angrily for some reason, we reached Hope hospital. We should have just printed out instructions last time as it's not even hard to get to.
We realised however that we knew Scott was in ward C2 but didn't know the actual room, although as soon as we walked in Ben saw his Dad.
I got a quick glimpse of Scott at first, he looked as though he was lying there motionless. The nurses then came in saying that only two people are allowed to be at a bed side at any time, so Ben and Mike stayed and Tim and I left with his parents.

They informed us on everything that has happened so far. Seems his long term memory is fine but short term might be gone or damaged as he shrugs when asked if he performed a certain task a few hours before. However he has something in his throat to stop him swallowing so can't speak atm which isn't a big help. He has attempted to walk about twice. He also has a wheelchair that he can go in but the doctors said he can only manage an hour (although his parents snuck him into the waiting room once and said he was in there for 2 and a half hours and was fine).
It also seems as though he had been going through phases. Back in Leeds hospital he went through a phase of sticking his middle finger up to everyone that came to visit him, even a priest.
He was also trying to send people really abusive text messages. For example Ben text him one time saying he was in the bar missing him and that he'd come to visit soon.
Scott was about to reply "Fuck u tosser" but his Mum took the phone from him before he could press send.
Whether he did this because of the brain damage, as a joke or is just annoyed though we're not sure.
In addition to this he has a tube going into his stomach for food as when the nurses put it in his nose he kpet on pulling it out to the point they had to bandage up his hands to prevent him from doing it. When asked by his parents if he promises not to if they take them off, he wrote "I can't promise anything". This was pretty amusing.
However the worse thing was that the van which had all his stuff in it was stolen when he was in Leeds hospital.
The keys had been left on the side and someone somehow got in and stole it.
Pretty weird seeing how they knew which van the keys belonged to, still though that's a mystery. Scott has no clothes now.
However this whole thing has affected everyone.
His parents said they're really tired all the time visiting him and knows he'll soon get fed up of only having them there. Also the fact that they have no idea how long it will take for him to get better means they can't plan ahead. If the hospital had given an exact date then at least you'd know after that it'd all be over.
Atm they have said that a recovery would take 3 years at max.

Ben and Mike got back and it was time for Tim and I to go and visit him.
He was in quite a strange state really.
As soon as Tim and I walked in he stuck his thumb up and shook our hands.
We were talking to him telling him everything that has happened and he was aware of what was going on as he looked at us as we were talking.
Also when we walked in he was looking at a TV guide and was trying to show us something, we weren't sure what it was though.
However as he didn't seem to react to most things we said it makes it seem as though he couldn't hear us (he could though, he smiled/laughed slightly when I told him about LP falling off a curb and fracturing her elbow).
I didn't see him when he was in intensive care, but according to everyone else he looks a lot better.
I said I only wanted to visit him once he had woken up as I don't think I'd be able to stand looking at him when he was still in a coma with everyone not sure whether he'd live or not.
For now he looks fine apart from the top of his head which is really swollen because of the surgery.
His parents said it was drained before but keeps on filling back up so it might be part of the brain that tells the body to drain the fluid that is damaged. If that's the case it means he'll have to have a tube put in his brain permanently to drain it which is ANOTHER thing to worry about which could lead to infection, not good.
On the upside though, he has improved quicker than expected and the doctors said it was actually better he was so drunk he was hit as had he been sober he probably would have tried to get up which most likely would have caused him to die :|

That's all I really remember for now, still though I really hope he recovers soon as it created a really big E block downer when it happened.
Had it not occured he'd be living with us next year, most likely with me, Tim and Lewis. He got on with Harry too which would mean that Lewis and Tim wouldn't have anything against him either saying that he is Scott's replacement. It'd also just generally be better if he were still here with us. I guess all we can really do now though is wait and hope.

Before we got back to Clarence Dock we decided to get a Mcdonalds. This was a silly idea as it was about 4:45pm when we left meaning we got caught in Rush hour BAD.
Also the windows kept steaming up so Ben had to keep on opening his side window to let air in which in turn blasted into my face.

Finally we got back and ended up in the Clarence Dock bar. There was talk about going to the Faversham that night as it was an Indie night. At first I didn't want to go as it's so far away and I had to be up at 7:30am the next morning. However I realised I could just sleep after the lectures were over so decided to go do it anyway.
There was also a woman doing Chlamydia tests at the bar. All you had to do was urinate in a tiny jar and you'd get free condoms, highlighters, pens etc. It was awesome!
So I decided to do it too.
I managed to convince all the other guys in the bar at the time to do it too as it'd be a bit of a laugh. Urinating in the jar thing though was so hard as it was small and WOULD get all over your hands. Feck knows how girls manage to do it.
We all compared urine colours too. Ben H's was the weirdest. I was more of a peach colour than yellow and wasn't transparent either, so we think that he has chlamydia.

Also the Dan's managed to blow a condom up by putting it over their nose. Probably the funniest thing I've ever seen. Especially when it burst, there was still some in Dan's hair (which he tried to get out but we told him had gone) and right after he said "Imagine how stupid you'd look going out with a Johnny in your hair haha".
After winning two games of pool against Lewis and his brother (fluke), pre-drinking in the kitchen and a visit from the Subwarden for being too loud (he came at 10:55pm meaning we still had 5 minutes, his excuse was "What if I come at 11pm and you're still making noise"....=/) we left for Faversham.
The taxi's picked us up at 11:45pm and we got there about midnight.
Was still a pretty good night though.
Rage came on and Tim and I went crazy.
Also towards the end of the night Abi almost got into a fight with a guy who kept on getting pushed into us, though she thought he was pushing her so kept pushing him back. He squared up to her and I had to pull her back before anything happened apologising to him using the "Sorry, she's really drunk" excuse.

I walked back to Clarence Dock with Tim and Robyn as everyone else got taxis back. Tim suggested we sleep in the 24 hour clusters, though whilst it seemed like a good idea, I knew that the next morning having to be up at 7:30am, in a cluster, I'd regret it, so slept in my own bed.

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