Thursday, 5 February 2009

Day 24 - 3x = box (COD)4

Couldn't do the maths. Sanders texting me about York.
Got back, washed my clothes, couldn't all fit. Took a nap.
Went Tom's flat and played some Xbox, Beat person on pro evo. Then played COD4.
Halo 3. Racing game.
Tequilia but I didn't go.
Got back and decided to clean entire room.
Fungus in the bin.

After this I will only have two more 9am starts, YES!
The 2 hour practical was pretty easy as it was just naming carbonate rocks. We don't even have to hand our work in at the end so for the whole two hours Darryl and I sat there pretty much talking about what we did last night and how everyone in Darryl's block seems to have gotten together to make really unlikely couples.
However things took a turn for the worse when I went to the maths help class and was unable to do a single question on the piece of coursework.
Even more annoying as this was simaltaneous equations which I used to be able to do with my eyes closed at GCSE and now can't do shit all.
There was another girl in the class who seemed to be in the exact same position as me and was close to crying as she kept on muttering to her friend how she used to be able to do them and feels really stupid not being able to do these.

After an hour I only got about halfway through but only because I had to ask for help with every question, cock it!
I had already done the chemistry tutorial the night before so just handed it in and left.
I met Ben H in there who went out the night before so missed his 9am lecture.
I'm not sure what's more stupid tbh. The fact that he's on attendance report but still doesn't bother turning up to his 9am lecture when he knows that he's really close to getting thrown out, or the fact he knew he wouldn't be able to make it into the 9am lecture if he was out the night before but still went out in the first place.
Eitherway it's unlikely he'll be here for long as his plan for if he does get thrown out is to live with us next year anyway, work in Headingly taps then go to the Marines the year after that.
Yes, we all burst out laughing when he told us that.
Though you shouldn't laugh at ones dreams, it seemed unrealistic that he was unable to turn up to lectures yet wants to join the marines of all things.

On the way home I met Sanders who asked if I wanted to come to York with him tomorrow with Tom and some other girls.
Really, I guess I could have gone, I'd have only missed one lecture. However I declined. They had no reason for going, just felt like it.
Was only £8 by bus for a return ticket and the place they were staying was £13 including a breakfast in the morning.

I got back to E block to find that a note had been left on the kitchen door saying that there will be room inspections on the 10th February.
Ah great, was my first thought.
My room was a state, there was some sort of fungas growing from my sink and bin which I never noticed till I began cleaning them later that night. Not nice.

Before this however I decided to do some washing. Annoyingly not everything could fit in and I didn't want to pay £2.60 for another wash, meaning I had to sacrifice washing my duvet cover and go another 2 weeks or so sleeping without one and just the duvet. Looks really ghetto.

After this I got a phone call from Tom who asked what I was up to and if I wanted to go to his flat and play some Xbox.
Sanders, Andrew and someone else who I have met before but can't remember their name, think it's Dom, were already there.
Turns out Tom couldn't fix his Xbox last time it went redbox so bought a new one 2nd hand for £120 which I think its pretty good.
Ended up playing Dom on pro evo 2009 and beat him 1-0 haha. First time I ever played it too.
Then had a few games of COD4 with Tom and Sanders. Sanders being in the army was able to comment on things that were realistic and unrealistic about the game. Such as how quickly they were able to re-load guns haha.
This was followed by a quick match on Halo 3 then a driving game, can't remember the name of it.
Sanders had also cooked some spaghetti bolognase for us all which was really nice and tasted really good too so I didn't have to worry about dinner.
It got to about 10pm and Sanders and I left, he had to be up at 8am the next morning and I was thinking about an early night.

Ben H had text me before saying that people were gonna go to Tequilia and asked if I wanted to come but I declined as I wasplaying Xbox so spent my evening cleaning my room and bathroom. Took about 3 hours in all. Bathroom was so filthy it was unbelievable. No idea how I let it get that bad.
Once I was done I noticed that Ben H was on facebook, this was about 1:30am.
Turns out nobody went to Tequilia in the end meaning I didn't miss out on anything!

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