Thursday, 12 February 2009

Day 31 - Scrubsin'

With only one tutorial today being on the chemistry of enthropy and why some substances react and others don't which in turns determines whether an endothermic or exothermic reaction will take place, it wasn't too hard.

I decided to buy my stuff for Pembroke from now. I thought, at most a pair of thick gloves would be £20 and that a proper hiking bag would be about £20 too.
I was sadly mistaking.
We needed a 40 litre bag for Pembroke, 40 litre ones ranged from about £60 - £120!
For some reason though I found a 60 litre one that was £50 so ended up buying that, hoping it will last me the rest of my life. I don't see why it was so much cheaper than the others when it basically looks identical to them =/
Also after annoyingly losing my gloves I had to get a new pair, the cheapest I could find were some from Millets for £24.99 (There was some climbing ones that were about £80!!!)
However as I came to pay, it turns out these gloves were actually £15 not £24.99, was well happy about it. A nice suprise.
I wondered whether I should invest in a flask too as the shitty one I bought from Tesco before Uni ended up being useless as the metal lining began to chip off on the inside after only using it once meaning that I may have drank a lot of it without noticing.
But having spent loads of money this week already and having to spend another £70 for the food at Pembroke as well as more spending money (There are no free ATM machines where we are near) which will be at most another £70, I reckon I should try and save while I can.

Once I got home I ended up spending about 3 hours or so in the kitchen with Mia and Laura. They were talking about how great Saturday (Valentine's day) is going to be as all the girls are planning to come into the kitchen eating pizza and ice-cream and talking about how much they hate men. They said they needed a girl film to watch too, as a joke I suggested Spice girls the movie, to which they both began screaming and said that was a really good idea =/
It's a terrible film.

I guess I'd be excited too if I could have a similar guys night. However with everyone either going home or being with someone they are in a relationship with, it turns out that Tim and I will be the only boys left, cock it!
When I first told Mia and Laura this they then said that they actually felt quite bad now as it's as if I am being left out as they were saying that no boys are allowed in the kitchen.
Yet I found it funny/ironic how they are devoting a night to how much they hate men yet when I told them that I'd be on my own, literally, on Valentine's day they got sad about it haha.

Ah well, looks like a night of Yu-gi-oh or Scrubs for Tim and I on this shitty commercial holiday.

That brings me to my next part.
One of the topics that was brought up during this 3 hours was Mia saying that she had watched all 8 seasons of Scrubs since she got here and now wanted to find another show similar to it to watch.
I have always liked Scrubs but have never watched it from the start.
So why not eh ?
Have already watched the 1st 3 and because of megavideos gay rule about having to wait 54 minutes between every 72 minutes of watching videos, I am using that time to write this blog.

On a side note, Valentine's day sucks!!.....Unless of course you have someone to share it with, then it's probably quite a festive, fun and emotionally satisfying day..

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