Sunday, 1 February 2009

Day 20 - Serenity snow

Being Sunday I knew that for the most part the day would be pretty boring. There was a jam session at 7:30pm that evening but I really couldn't be bothered to go.
My day consisted of watching the film Serenity, which I admit is actually really good, and sleeping and even trying to revise.
But we have done so little this first week there really is nothing I can actually "revise" as such. Oh the irony.

It got to about 9:15pm, Ben and Tim knocked on my window asking if I wanted to go to the Clarence Dock bar. However as soon as I got out I saw them walking back saying the bar was closed so they were going to go to Shisha instead.
However at this time it began to snow, really hard.
Mike had already text me saying he had heavy snow, now we were getting it too.
It ended up turning into a huge snowball fight between all the blocks in Clarence Dock. It was so fun. However I wore too many layers and within minutes was ridiculously hot and sweaty. After we made a snowman on the 3rd floor E block balcony I got changed and went with Tim and Ben to get food before returning here.

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