Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Day 36 - Adventure in Dry Dock

A full day, it didn't drag as much as I thought it would which was nice.
In the morning I got a message from John asking what I was doing up so early. Turns out he is back now with his fianceƩ but went home Wednesday as he has been really ill recently. Still no sign of Charlotte though, I know she is back though as her window is closed. Bad huh?

I was convinced by everyone to go out to Dry Dock that night as it was £1 a pint.
It's not as if I was going to stay in and do work, I'd just watch Scrubs, so figured I might as well go.
On the way there however it seemed really strange, around 8pm, loads of groups of teenage boys walking around. It felt like I was in Romford or something, I could feel something in the air wasn't right. In the distance there was screaming and running about.
Turns out some old tramp looking man said that these 3 girls had stolen £100 from him. Not sure if they had, but they only looked about 15/16 and to be fair, the old man was ridiculously drunk.
People were trying to hold him back and calm him down, in his defense he wasn't getting too aggressive.
After the girls ran off, he began chasing them down an alley, we were all behind him and after a quick "C'mon, let's run too" and a warrior cry, we all sprinted after him and once again tried to calm him down.
I figured it'd be best we just let him go and carry on to Dry Dock but Ben H was there for ages grabbing onto his coat talking to him, he said later that he regret touching his coat as he might have caught some sort of disease.
Eventually the old man seemed to let it go (as well as change the story from £100 being stolen from him to £200) and we carried on towards Dry Dock.
Lewis' brother was with us too. I felt a bit silly that I didn't even catch on they were siblings, despite them being dressed almost the same and talking the same (hey, one has brown hair the other is bright ginger).

Anyway the night was pretty mellow really, depsite waiting for about 30 minutes to get served after which I got bored and decided not to buy anything.
Tim and I walked home together with Lewis and Kurt (his brother).
Hopefully tomorrow we'll actually see Scott without failing again!

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