Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Day 22 - Bright future

No more snow had fallen over night, which meant Leeds was now covered in nothing but slush and ice.
Yes, I did almost slip over when walking to Uni more than once, but managed not to go down luckily, I was dreading the walk back at 6pm.

The day was pretty long tbh.
First two lectures and break was alright, but 4 hours straight of practicals is just too much. Especially when you have no idea what to do in them. I finally got home to walk into John who had only just got back that evening due to the snow stranding him in Essex.
I spent most of the night with him just talking and catching up till about 11pm when I decided I might get some sleep. Before this however I decided to buy a calender from Abi for £6 as she had to sell them as part of her business project. It's a calender with naked Rugby players on them, what better place for me to put this than on my window where everyone can see eh ?

After a few minutes I heard more voices outside to find Dan Booth and Cuff, Ben H, Tim and some others smoking. Might as well join them.
However they were just about to go back up to their flat for a few drinks.
As I walked in I realised I didn't know a single person in the kitchen really.
One of the girls was called Steph and was new, she had Heather's room. Someone else called Sam who was pretty cool. Another girl called Hayley who had been there the whole time and I didn't even know existed.
And Billy and Anthony who I knew but got pretty negative vibes from tbh.
If you remember back a few blogs, Billy was the one who punched and broke the letterbox, threw a glass bottle at Laura and I and always plays loud drum and bass at ridiculous times.
In short, I don't like him.

Luckily him and Anthony left soon after and it left us all in there to talk.
Dan Cuff still had a video of me from the night at Oceana when I was talking black.
I don't get embarrassed easily, but I REALLY did not want to see this video, ever :(

It got to about 1am and they all went outside for a cigarette while I was about to go to bed.
However after having recieved information that the new season of Heroes was out, I couldn't help but watch it.

Was such a good episode, and with new Lost episodes in the making too, I'd say things are looking bright for the future :)

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