Saturday, 14 February 2009

Day 33 - Murphy's Law

After a bad night's sleep sharing a bed with Tim, I awoke to a text from Sanders wishing me a happy Valentine's day, this was at about 7am.
He was currently with the Leeds OUTC training for the weekend.
After we had all got up, we decided to go underway to visit Scott determined we knew where he was.
We had gathered last night that he was in Salford in Hope hospital and the directions given to us were by the girls who had gone to visit him about a week before.
However time got tight again and a few people thought it'd be a good idea to stop for Mcdonalds before hand.
Finally after much driving and following signs, we found "The Manchester general infirmary".
I said that there are no signs indicating that this was Hope hospital but was assured by everyone that the name had been changed.
After walking about for ages a nurse asked us where we were going.

"C2" we replied
"...There is a C3 and C4, but C2 doesn't exist".

After phoning the girls asking if C2 was the right ward, we then went on a wander to fid reception which took another 15 minutes or so. We now only had 15 minutes left to find him.
Finally we found a woman who worked in admissions, we gave the name "Scott Mulligan" and she checked the computer only to find that it didn't come up.
You can probably guess where this is going..

"Well he has been in hospital for about a few months now, are there any other in Salford"?

"Yes, Hope hospital, and you're not in Salford, you're still in Manchester".


Yes, after 20 hours of searching and arriving late, we had gone to the wrong damn hospital!
The worse thing was Ben basically lived in Manchester and was certain that we were in Salford!
Everyone found it funny but I was so annoyed.
I had missed two Taekwondo training sessions for nothing!!!
Whilst in the car we said that we shouldn't tell the girls that we went to the wrong hospital as we'd never hear the end of it, especially being Valentine's day and them being on their MRC spree.
However upon arriving back to the flat all the guys found that the girls had left them a little present on their doors:

Ben Heff: MRC in lip stick and loads of adds from the Yellow pages about alcoholics, anxiety, male breast implants and a letter from the University saying he had been thrown out. I never witnessed this last part, but apprantely the letter looked so realistic he actually believed it and looked as though he was about to cry to the point it got beyond a joke!

Ben Mann: MRC in lipstick and a piece of paper saying that more is yet to come.

Mike: Nothing, they didn't even know he was gone.

Tim: MRC in lipstick.

Luis: "We like you" in lipstick.

Me: MRC in lipstick, ketchup and MRC in salad cream as well as a 4 leaved clover made out of paper saying "Wes loves the Irish" (reference to Una).

Tbh, I as well as everyone else actually found all of these hilarious.
I got them back though.
Smeared cheese, toothpaste and kitchen spray on Mia's door and ketchup, toothpaste and kithcen spray on Laura's door.

Later on whilst confronted about it, turns out they found my prank funny too and wanted to make sure that all the guys knew the whole MRC thing was purely a joke (tbh we spent the weekend talking about how the girls seem to be taking it really seriously to the point of being unessecarily bitter).

I let them get on with their night whilst Tim snuck in and took his spices back, which had been taking from his cuboard. Also when trying to clean the ketchup off my door I realised it was harder than I thought. Best technique so far is spraying it then trying to scrap it off with a knife. Is gonna take ages though :( (longer for Laura!)

Finally, whilst speaking to Matt on msn he asked if it was alright for him and Jack to come visit me for 26th Feb to Sunday!
Of course it was!
Luckily he told me before hand as they were originally gonna just come and suprise me but had I not known then they may have come all this way for nothing.

So with that to look forward to as well as Rich coming down on the 20th, I'd say Murphy's Law didn't totally screw me over.
Happy Valentine's day!!!

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