Thursday, 12 February 2009

Day 30 - Space

Today could have been VERY long. Well it was, but not as bad as I first thought.
Basically tonight was the night Louise planned a night for her business project at Space so we all, being the good flatmates were are, decided we'd turn up.
However I had a 9am the next morning so instead when to the practical on Wednesday instead of Thursday morning.
This meant that I had 3 hours non-stop of Geology related topics.
After an hour of nothing, I then had to wait around for another 2 hours in which to sort things out for the Pembroke trip.
Turns out Pembroke is in Wales, not Scotland, oops.
Also although I had planned to go on week 1, it seemed more people wanted to go on that day than week 2.
The lecturer said that a few people had e-mailed him and reserved spaces for week 1, about 22 people, he asked those people ONLY to come down and sign.
It was when about 60+ people that went down to sign for it that I realised that I should have just been dishonest too.
Though to be fair, either week is as inconvienient so I'm not too bothered about going during the 3rd week on the 2nd trip.

Turns out I am sharing a dorm with Ben, Tom, Darryl, Charlie, Lewis and Greg.
It got a bit complicated as there were 10 of us there and some would have been left out, we thought about two rooms of 5 but that'd take even MORE organising.
But seeing as the plan is to get up at about 7am each morning, being on the field doing work all day till 6pm, having dinner then spending two hours summarising the day til 10pm. It seems that you'll have to go to bed literally straight away to just about get 8 hours sleep. Therefore it doesn't matter who you stay with all that much.

On the field I am working with Charlie, Lewis, Ben and Darryl.
They actually said that any international student has to be put into a group with English students as the style of teaching would have been different.
That's not the case in our group as Darryl didn't even do A level Geology. In fact Ben and I are the only ones in the group that did. But rather have someone we know well in it than a random person who was forced to be with us.

Finally everything got sorted apart from money (having to pay £70 for the catered food and we have no option in it as it's the deal that was made with the hostel staff. Seeing as I could easily live on £20 a week for food, I'm gonna make sure I get what I payed for and take the piss, even bringing loads of food home with me.

At this point it was now 5pm, I didn't go to Taekwondo tonight from 6-8pm.
I'd have been too tired and would have been at Uni too long. Am a bit sad as it's the first session I have missed since I got here but didn't want to get back and be too tired to go to Space afterwards.

I got back and had something to eat but everyone was planning on drinking in the bar and watching the football. I don't like paying for drinks when I can get it cheap from shops nor do I like football all that much. Which meant I had to drink in my room alone like an alcoholic. It was still pretty fun though, ended up singing along to all the songs I had on quite loud.

Eventually everyone came to the kitchen and after I got my balls out a few times for no reason we were on our way to Space.
It was freezing and everyone was walking ridiculously slow, luckily the girls had got a taxi so didn't have to wait for them, but still they were slow.
So I basically full on sprinted to Space in a drunken state.
Kinda regret it when I got there as I was knackered, but ah well.
It was a pretty good night.
Although I missed it, apparently Abi's boyfriend, Alex threw up on the bar after 8 tequilas and still asked for 2 more beers after that haha. Abi wasn't happy at all but everyone else finds it hilarious hahaha.

Eventually the night got to an end, me, Tim and Jackson walked home again taking photos on the most obscure objects we could find like bins and a giant ball near the Dock that water comes out of.

I got back to find Natalie and Mia in the kitchen eating wedges and talking about what happened that night. No drama whatsoever! First time in a while.
In addition to this, Space made twice as much as they would make on a Friday.
Pretty good considering that Space never opens on a Wednesday so how so many people managed to find out about it I don't know.
They made a £1000 profit which Louise and her group will get, awesome!
All in all, a good night, and I don't have to be in for 9am tomorrow either, sick!

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