Sunday, 15 February 2009

Day 34 - LesBarian

This is gonna be a short one.
It's Sunday and I didn't really have anything to do, in terms of workload. I guess I could "revise" but it seems a bit pointless at this early stage as it'll all be gone by the time exams come round.
Turns out last night Lauren broke her elbow too because she fell off a curb.
Yes, fell off a curb.
She wasn't even drunk either, only had 2 glasses of wine.
They called an ambulance and took her to A and E which was apparently full of people in blood stained shirts (Saturday night in Leeds = drunken violence: Bad times).
However Lauren, after waiting for a while asked if she could have some paracetomal for the pain, after which they moved her to the front of the queue and she got checked which was good (still though, part of me thinks that had this been a guy that had asked he wouldn't have even been given anything for the pain let alone be let infront of everyone else).
So now she has a sling around her arm, luckily it's left, but she can't move it :(

After a full day watching Scrubs I went to the bar to play some pool. Whilst watching a girl on 4th floor calld Emily play, I noticed she kept kissing the girl she was playing with. The first time it happened I just ignored it, thinking it was a friendly kiss. Second time it was on the lips and I began to wonder something.
For the rest of the game I stared at them and noticed they held hands on the way back to the tables.
I must have made it really obvious what I was thinking as Dan immediately whispered to me "Yes..they're lesbians".

Learn something new everyday.
As for me, I've learned nothing new today, well, apart from the fact that I really enjoy watching Scrubs.

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