Saturday, 14 February 2009

Day 32 - Hospital Fail

Whilst sat at my laptop waiting for my only lecture of the day. I got a text from Ben H asking if I was still up for going to Manchester to see Scott.
We'd stay over at his (Ben's) house then leave the next day.
I figured this might be the only chance I get to go see him so decided to accept the offer, even if it did mean being cramped in a car for ages.

Today was Friday 13th but I found £10 literally outside my flat door! Was well happy. This makes a grand total of £55 worth of money being found on the floor whilst in Leeds haha!

After the lecture we got back and I got things ready.
Mike really wanted to go but had never really said anything to anyone that day and almost didn't get to come.
Only reason he did was that Ben M decided last minute not to come.
Now Scott had annoying visiting hours. Had to be between 3-4pm and 6 - 8pm.
We planned on leaving Clarence Dock at 6pm to get there ontime.
However as we asked Mike last minute and he had to get ready, we ended up leaving about 6:30pm.
Whilst on the motorway I worried we weren't going to make it in time.
Especially as Ben actually had no idea where he was going.
For some reason he didn't bother printing off any google map instructions and was just going to rely on road signs to tell him where to go. Our first and probably most stupid mistake.
Things made a turn for the worse (literally) when about half the motorway got closed off because of an accident, meaning we had to take a detour.
After driving a bit more we realised we weren't going to make it in time so instead made our way back to Ben's house.
However whilst doing this we saw a sign for the Manchester general infirmary.
"It's was right there the whole time" we thought as we drove pass.
It was too late now though.

We got back to Ben's house and it was pretty fun actually. Mike got really really drunk and ended up throwing up. Lewis went to bed as soon as we got there as he was really ill. Ben was on facebook to Luci most of the night and Tim and I watched the Longest Yard.
When it was time for bed we all ended up stripping down to our boxers and taking really gay pictures, so gay we can't upload them onto facebook. They were that bad.
I was in an Aussie hat, Ben had sunglasses, Tim had a cross bow and Mike was in a hoody and boxers haha.
I ended up sleeping in a double bed with Tim, well I say sleep, it was 4am by the time we got to bed and neither of us really got that much sleep (not in a gay way).
However we just decided that we'd go see Scott tomorrow from 3-4pm, making sure to leave enough time before hand.
Or so we thought...

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