Friday, 20 February 2009

Day 38 - Sweet and sour mint

A little side note, I'm beginning to lose intrest in writing these now. Mainly as nobody actually reads them anymore it just seems a bit pointless. I said that it'd be fun to look back and read, but after doing so even I get bored of myself really quickly.
At most I will only carry this on for my 1st year, for now it's all seeming a bit futile, ah well I'll carry like normal for now.

I was ridiculously tired for my 9am lecture as well as feeling quite ill. Worst idea ever. However as the day went on and I ate something I began to feel better.
I did take a huge nap as soon as I got back to Clarence Dock though. I met Tom at Uni who said that he and Tim were gonna be in the bar that night as there wasa DJ there and people we're going mint later on that night, met Sanders going to Uni too funny enough, so looks like I'd be doing that tonight.

After a few games of pool at about 8pm I went back to my room for a bit watching Scrubs as I didn't hear anything from anyone. I was planning on just staying in if nobody phoned.
However Sanders text me at 10pm asking me where the "fk" I was as he was in the bar with everyone.
As we're broke students we kept running back to C block, downing cider then running back to the bar.
Yep, running with a full gut of cider isn't all that comfortable tbh.
As the night went on I began to dance a bit and also met Jaz and Louise (not the E block one) in there. It was her birthday and they were trying to convince me to go to mint with them.
I said that I'd stay with Tom and everyone but after declining Jaz said "At least let me buy you a drink" and got me two VKs. I couldn't turn him down now haha.
Tom said it was fine for me to go so I went and got ready.
In that time (about 5 minutes) I got back to find that Louise was crying over something outside with Ellie (another N blocker).
I asked Jaz what it was about but he told me not to worry.
We went back to their block/kitchen (which was a state. There was even a notice on the door saying their kitchen was too dirty. Plates and bowls were everywhere, it was horrible).
Not sure how or why it happened, but Louise (very drunk) had some sort of arguement with Ellie as her bf might have been going to jail. Funny thing is Louise's short term memory was going due to her intoxication and she was unable to remember why they were arguing in the first place.

After much talk in which I was the only sober one there. Jaz ordered Louise and I a taxi as he and Ellie decided they'd stay in N block.
This kinda put me on the spot, as Louise really wanted to go out, but in the state she was in I'd have no choice but to look after her all night.
It got to 11:45pm and our taxi was there. After Louise fell over walking out of N block, she met two other people (not sure if she knew them) that were also going to mint.
We decided to share a cab with them as it'd be cheaper.
Was £4, £1 each in the end. Cab driver said it was actually £5 but there were 4 of us and he couldn't be bothered to deal with change, what a nice man.
I had to hold Louise up till we got to the queue of mint, in which we met a French man who had a fluent conversation with Louise in French (she does French as a degree).
It was funny that she was able to speak French well and clear when wasted better than English haha.

However despite everything the night was actually quite good. Louise began drinking water as soon as she got there and sobered up quickly and I met some other people that I knew, as did Louise, so we didn't have to rely on each other.

I ended up walking home with Ben about 2:10am as I got pretty tired. After a randomer asking us if we had to touch someone's nipple whether it'd be left or right, I went to bed.

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