Sunday, 8 February 2009

Day 26 - Pet Sounds in Eb

A side note about the title, the "b" is meant to be a musical sign for "flat".
Pet Sounds is the name of the night at Leeds academy, get the pun ? It's really not a good one to be fair...

Today was the first day since Freshers week on a Saturday when I hadn't been to a Taekwondo Saturday training session. Not because I was lazy, there just wasn't a training session today.
I spent the entire day doing shit all really, talking to people on msn and what not. I did some more of the simaltaneous equations maths c/w and actually mananged to understand quite a few of them to my suprise. Seems I am an elimination guy as opposed to a substitution guy, who'd have thought eh ?

However the plan for tonight was to hit Leeds academy as it was Dan Cuff's Birthday (well his Birthday is actually on Monday 9th February but we were celebrating it now).
After going into his flat on the 3rd floor in which it had been done up quite well complete with coloured paper over the lights to give a party feeling and balloons stuck to the wall with the help of some static, things began to get underway.

The taxis came at 11pm and I got in one with Charlotte, Kimberly and Kerry. However we arrived at the cash machine first in which the queue was really long, it was freezing cold and I had already withdrawn money before hand to prevent this, shame nobody else did :(
I somehow managed to get into a conversation with the people infront of me in the queue whilst waiting there and ended up meeting them again that same night in Pet sounds after they referred to me as "IT'S ATM GUY"!!
Tbh I didn't even recognise them when I saw them the 2nd time, pretty bad.

After queueing for money, turns out the 3 girls wanted to go into Walkabout before Pet sounds, however I wasn't up for paying another £3 to get into walkabout then £4 to get into Leeds academy, so, fo some reason, just walked into Leeds academy on my own.
Not sure how I managed it, but whilst standing at the urinal met a chinese guy named theo who stereotypically was taking computing and some other scene kid who I can't remember his name, but he introduced me to his friends and I was with them for the first part of the night.
They wandered off somewhere and I met two other randoms and began having a 3 way dance off with them too.
Luckily I managed to catch sight of Jackson, one of Andy's mates who was with us tonight, and with that ended up meeting everyone else.
After having a bit of a dance, things got tense when Luci got with some random guy. We were all expecting Heff to either start a fight or storm off and he and Luci are in a "it's an open complicated" relationship, if that makes sense. No it doesn't does it.

Anyway he just seemed to ignore it.
Later on whilst upstairs it seemed ANOTHER arguement broke out in which all the girls went to the toilet but didn't inform Nat who accussed them of "leaving her" (although me, Jackson, Robyn, Andy, Tim, Mia and Lauren were still present at the time, so she wasn't exactly left on her own).
They were gone for about 2 minutes if that which was enough for her to storm off and not be seen for the next 2 hours or so.
For the rest of the night Tim and I were basically waiting for Rage against machine to come on as we were in the mood for a mosh pit.
It did finally come on, but there was no real mosh pit :(
It was more about 8-10 guys jumping around into each other including one middle aged skin head who looked as though he'd be racist and not into indie at all, not trying to stereotype or anything, but he really did.

It got to about 3am and Tim, Jackson and I left. All the girls were getting a taxi home but it wasn't far at all so the 3 of us walked. I made a powerthirst reference in saying that the girls should just walk there or run as fast as kenyans, in which Tim immediately got the reference causing us both to get really excited.

If you wanna watch all three editions, though I also found this new one today which was also pretty good.

Anyway on the walk home we began singing the song from Family Guy, Bird is the word (can't be bothered to put a link for that) and also went to subway.
I couldn't believe, a meatball footlong for £3.58, YES!
When Jackson was buying his subway some random shaven head guy threw a pastie at him from the door, though it missed and hit the ceiling.
Shaven head guy found it ridiculously funny while everyone else in the shop was looking at him with a "....I could imagine this guy would get annoyed pretty quickly once you get to know him" look.
What was even weirder was when he said "Actually I still want that", picked up pieces of the pastie from the floor, ate it and left.
Gotta say I DID find that part quite funny.

The 3 of us got back to E block to find Laura and Mia sitting in the kitchen talking and eating garlic bread of which I was going to take a piece but Laura licked it so that I couldn't.
Me, Tim and Jackson then went into my room and watched Powerthirst as well as an Americans getting really easy questions wrong on who wants to be a millionaire on youtube, was well funny. Especially when it always popped up with "OWNED" everytime they got it wrong.
Jackson even made a reference to dragonball Z for some reason, man I wish I could have met him sooner, he's actually a really cool guy.
Ended up getting to sleep at about 5:30am, was a really good night out.

Oh, but on a side note, I think I might have/be gettig a throat infection as for the past few weeks I keep coughing, I have a wheezing sound inside my body/lungs and kept on coughing up yellow mucus throughout the day :(
Bad times, gonna leave it another week then visit the doctors, though tbh I'm so sick of going to doctors now for illnesses I am tempted to just hope it goes away on it's own seeing as John told me a story of a man who made his cancer cells recessive by eating loads of brocolli.
Anyway, I digress....

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