Sunday, 8 February 2009

Day 27 - Black Ballin'

Got up about 2pm today then didn't do much else besides finish my maths coursework and sit on facebook seeing what comes up. Much to my suprise, as earlier Mia said she would make me clean any sugar in the kitchen for deliberatly pouring some on the kitchen top, she clean the whole kitchen, assuming on her own.
The only things left to do now are the floor and the washing up, I opted to do all the washing but she said to leave that and that we'd all do the floor and rest tomorrow, though saying that I am not sure what time John is getting back and Charlotte who I haven't seen in about 2 weeks (not even sure if she is here or went home) definitely won't help.

During the evening I played some pool with Lewis, Ben H, Sean and Tim. I managed to do an impossible shot getting the blackball in which, due to Ben H's theory, was that if a ball hits the side of the table 6 times it will always go in.
Everyone burst out laughing but Sean got really annoyed, as he was on the other team and it looked as though they had the game in the bag.
I did a few more really lucky shots as the evening went on but didn't win any other games.

Also Ben Mann has got back today after taking a week off to go skiing. Seems weird, ever since he left, things kinda got a bit out of control with everyone. Well, for me it's just funny to watch people get worked up over nothing.
But maybe it's true that your personality and mood depends 90% on the people around you, if that's the case, Ben Mann is the only one who is able to maintain peace and stability throughout E block..

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