Thursday, 5 February 2009

Day 23 - Sugar Ray Knockout

It seems when I first used to write these they were ridiculously long. Whether it's that things have gotten less interesting or I just don't bother putting as much detail into these as I used to I'm not sure. Ah well, I try to include only the parts that are somewhat interesting to read about and leave boring things out.
I'm writing this a day late meaning I don't remember a thing about my actual day at Uni or the lectures. Therefore nothing of interest could have happened.

However I got home and began talking to John in the kitchen. I remembered how the night before Mia was annoyed that there was sugar on the side of the kicthen top and blamed me for it as I "always have sugar in my cereal".
Now this was quite annoying seeing as I have crunchy nut every morning and DON'T put sugar in my cereal, we live with 5 people meaning it could have been anyone, and looking around the kitchen the majority of the mess was actually hers.
I figured it was time for some sort of psychological protest against this as today John said Mia had a go at him again for more sugar being there.
Although it was a bit childish of me, well, very actually, I took a huge handful of sugar and purposely put a pile of it on the kitchen top for her to see.
John and I were gonna go as far as to actually spell "Mia" in the sugar but then she'd know it was us. Though tbh it's obvious it was us anyway.

About an hour later as I was doing nothing much, I got a knock on the door, I thought it was John but it was actually Mia who asked whether I purposely put sugar on the kitchen top haha.
I tried pretty hard not to laugh at the situation actually, but I admitted it was me.
I never told her the reason why but did make it clear how it WASN'T me that had made the mess the first time so I think she got the message that I was annoyed and that this was mainly to annoy her.
I cleaned it up afterwards though and things got back to normal.

The evening came and it meant Taekwondo training.
It was our final give it a go session for the year tonight.
At most, I figured about 10 people would turn up, as if I didn't do Taekwondo I wouldn't have had a clue that the session was even on.
We were all amazed to get there and find that about 40 people, maybe more had turned up for the session.
Not being stereotypical, but it was obvious what had happened. About 60% of the people that were there were Asian, as in Chinese, Japanese etc.
Now anyone that has been to Uni will know that Asian people tend to stick only with other asian people and don't even acknowledge anyone else.
Obviously a few people had found out and told others who told their friends who told their friends.
Most of the other people there said they had done some form of martial arts before though.
There were even a few blackbelts there.
One, called Jimmy (yes he was Asian) was a 3rd Dan :|

(For those that don't know how the system works, which is probably everyone, it takes about 4 years to get a blackbelt, it then takes 1 years to become first dan, 2 more years to become 2nd dan, then 3 more years to become 3rd dan. That's 12 years in all, meaning he must have been doing Taekwondo pretty much all of his life. He was ridiculously fast too and was only about 5 foot tall haha.)

However the highlight of the evening was the demonstration Simon did with Andy, the instructor (side note: Our instructor has been training 20 years and is a 4th Dan, meaning Jimmy is only one down from him).

Both Simon and Andy were practicing self-defense in which what to do when someone tried to throw a haymaker at you.
However when Andy blocked it, Simon's wrist hit his elbow with full force.
Andy asked Simon to do it again but Simon just stood there.
At first we thought he was just deciding which arm to use till Andy waved his hands infront of his face and there was no reaction.
Turns out he had actually knocked him out slightly as there are pressure points on the wrists.
It's the same as if someone were to whack you on the side of the neck.
Simon said the only thing going through his head was not to fall over infront of all the new people as it'd be really embarrassing.
It's funny to laugh at now, but at the time it was REALLY weird to see.

Eitherway, this was a really successful give it a go session and I hope most of the people that turned up will join.

After hitting the Fenton pub for a bit I left and got back to the Dock.
Have no idea what I actually did when I got back now, but can't have been that interesting really...

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