Thursday, 29 January 2009

Day 16 - Get Messy

Shit guys, there are some things that happened today which I'd like to talk about in here, but really can't, as they are pretty messy/rough/personal etc.
Though most smart people will be able to pick up the references I make to these situations without me actually stating them.

During my first lecture I found out that on Wednesdays I only actually have one class from 11-12 and that my 9am the next day is only for 4 weeks. Meaning that after a month I will have NO 9am starts, only a 12, three 11s and one 4pm :)
I walked home with Ben who suprisngly actually turned up.
Turns out he HAD been getting a lot of e-mails about his attendance and on his birthday when his Mum came up, Ben told her that he missed his exam and lecture.
She phoned the Uni and now he has to have a meeting.
In short, he is now on an attendance report meaning he'll get thrown out if he misses anything else.
Tbh we all knew it was only a matter of time before something like this happened.

I spent the remainder of the day not doing anything really.
Had a nap so I wouldn't be too tired when the evening came as it was Oceana with the Clarence Dock bar for reduced entry and what not.

This was the beginning of the end of me basically.
It began when we were in the kitchen moshing to rage against machines.
I got too into it and somehow slipped and fell.
As I was about to hit the ground I grabbed/kicked the table by accident, causing 2 of Robyn's saucers and one of Mia's to fall on the floor and smash to pieces.
Everyone was in bits.
Tim was laughing for about 5 minutes straight to the point, I quote "I think I'm gonna throw up I'm laughing so much".
Too bad it hadn't been filmed or it easily could have gone on

As we couldn't be bothered to wait for a taxi, Luis, Lewis, Ben, Sean and I walked to Oceana.
They all got in before me and this was pretty much the last I saw of them all night.
It was just Lewis and I, I decided to go to the toilet then lost him too.
After wandering around for a minute I met up with 3 people I knew from Clarence Dock who told me that the room to my right was the one that had been rented out just for us.
It was awesome.
It has just occured to me how many friends I have actually made here with the amount of people I got talking to that night. Weird thing was the amount of people that knew my name when I had no clue what they were called or that I had ever met them.
I guess due to my skin colour and hair I stand out a lot.
I ended up dancing with a load of people from E block from the 4th floor that seemed to somehow know who I was.
Met a girl called Una (pronounced Oo-na) who was also from the 4th floor and acted as though she knew me pretty well. Also she has a really cool/funny irish accent.
After a while she said she wanted to go back to Clarence Dock. For some reason we made a trip into the Casino and went on the roulette machine.
She said what colour should she bet, I said red.
She bet £20 on it :|
She said "If this isn't red then you're dead".
Thank feck it actually was in the end.
I decided to count my blessings and told her we should just leave as she had already won money and didn't wanna gamble all that away.
Went back to my room which was a bit embarrassing as it was a mess and chilled for a bit.
Turns out that there was a time I saw her in the past and put my thumnb up to her and said hi, shame I'm shit with remembering faces, though it does sound like the type of thing I'd do.
After a while she went back to her own room and I walked into Laura's room where her and Ben were talking.
If you haven't caught on, at this point I was pretty smashed. Worst i've ever been probably.
I didn't realise how loud I was talking so Ben said to come back to his room.
Not sure what happened after that, all I do remember is getting my ass out, then batwinging Ben, in which Dan also did it with me, then being in my bed.
Needless to say, it was a very messy night and I'm glad I don't get hangovers :)

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