Saturday, 17 January 2009

Day 5 - The Chris Kamara tournement

Although I got to bed about 2am or something, my day actually began at 4am.
I noticed my phone was ringing at this time, it was Heather making (yet another) drunken call to me, for no real reason, at a really inconvinent time of night.
I couldn't really make out a word she was saying as she was shouting down the phone so loud Laura could probably hear next door. Although I did manage to piece together that there was some random man following her and her friend Sarah that they didn't want with them, the last thing I heard was,

"Oh fuck off you dickhead...oh shit, fuck that, FUCK THAT"! *Screaming*
*Phone hangs up*.

I was a little worried something had happened to them, but there was not much I could do, so switched my phone off so I wouldn't get another call from her and carried on sleeping.

Once again woke up to a text message on my phone from Sanders asking if he could borrow my microsoft word 2007 disc and what was going on that night. I had no idea tbh. Got up and had my first shower in almost a week (as bad as this sounds, they had only JUST got hot water, hence I wasn't up for a cold shower).
Began revising some maths when Mia knocked at the door asking if I had two £1 coins as the washing machine wouldn't take £2 coins.
Almost thought I had none and remembered last night I gave a tramp £1 which I began to regret but luckily found one at the bottom of my wallet.
There was room for more stuff too so Mia said if I had anything I needed to wash I could put them in, which was perfect as my towels needed washing really badly and I didn't wanna pay £2.60 just to wash them as I have yet to build a load of dirty clothes.

Once they had been washed I placed both my towels and Mia's clothes in the dryer and also found £2 in the washing machine. Not sure whether it was hers, mine or had already been in the machine since the previous wash, but eitherway I kept the money as there would be no way to tell. Heck, even the fingerprints would have washed off.
Got a text from Sanders too telling me the bar opened at 5pm tonight so may as well go for a cheeky pint, with my extra £2 and lack of wanting to revise I decided to.
Also the football was meant to have been showing, only problem is that it was airing on Sentana, which the bar doesn't have. Luckily basically nobody turned up to watch the game so wasn't too embarrassing. For about 30 minutes Sanders and I were the only people in there just talking to the bar maids. Turns out that last year the bar was always packed so this year is actually a quiet/boring year. Who knew eh.

Eventually more E blockers came down and we all had a huge game of pool. I didn't introduce Tim as I figured he'd have done it himself but didn't, meaning for about 10 minutes he was standing there not talking to anyone. Luckily Heff introduced himself first followed by everyone else to break the tension, followed by a lot of Austrialian jokes. Such as asking if he rides Kangaroos to Uni. All really shit ones.

Got to about 7ish and tonight we were gonna have a huge tournement of Chris Kamara to see once and for all who was the champ.

(Not sure if I explained the rules of this yet, if so, don't read this part, if you forget, then listen. You have two glasses filled with spirits and mixer on either end of the table. You gotta bounce a ping pong ball into the other persons glass. If it goes in, they down their drink and you get another shot added to yours. Win again with a new person, they down their drink, another shot added to yours. Win for a 3rd time and you leave and the next two people have to share the drink you have. Also if the ball bounces twice you are allowed to then snatch it away. If it spins around in the cup you are allowed to take it out if you're fast enough. If you throw it, it rebounds and comes back to you, the next shot has to be left handed. Comes back to you after that, you gotta header it in).

I played a really good first round, beating Tim, Ben Mann and Mike in a row meaning I didn't have to drink my drink (which was red bull, vodka, whiskey and sidekick, which is like bailey's, meaning everything had curdled).

However later on Mike got the ball in my shit mix and I had to dirnk it. Tbh I couldn't taste the lumps at all so not too bad.
Come tournement time though I was knocked out in the first round by Heff.
It got down to him and Tim, but Heff won in the end, keeping his Chris Kamara championship title.

They all went to watch match of the day while I went to get some food for it. In tesco reduced to clear I bought 5 packets of swiss jam roll for 10p each. Couldn't believe it. However all the girls and John were in our kitchen so went there instead as the football would have been boring.
After all the girls left to go to Nu bar it was just me, John and Charlotte left in the kitchen. We began telling her all the shit jokes we told the night before till Charlotte got a phone call which looked quite serious. It was from some girl called LJ getting annoyed about houses for next year.

(Right, the story behind LJ is that she is someone who lived in Charlie Morris who John knew. Apparently she is a feminist and quite annoying, as I later found out. Ironically she entered the Miss Leeds 2009 contest only to help out her friend who was help making it happen. However considering she is a feminist it kinda goes against everything she lives for doesn't it ? I mean she didn't have to say yes she would be a part of it).

Anyway, Charlotte said she is going to go there and sort things out, randomly John asked if he could come too, she said we both could haha. I thought it'd be a good idea to turn up in something ridiculous. Thus, got my afro and rainbow afro out for John and I to wear.
We thought we'd be thrown out straight away by her, but she and the other flatmates actually found the wigs quite funny, not knowing if it was our real hair or not. Luckily Harry and his girlfriend were there too, which had they not been we'd have been thrown out most likely.
A few people went into a room to talk about houses whilst John, Harry and I went into the kitchen talking about random stuff from shit jokes to buying small condoms.
As more people arrived we heard them going into the room next door, John and I walked in, forgetting we were wearing our wigs and everyone erupted in laughter haha.
However after about a minute LJ said,

"Sorry, I like you too but we are trying to sort out houses and if we don't get it done tonight we never will so can you piss off please".

Yep, now I see why John seems to talk bad about her. Someone in the room even said,

"Man LJ I love how subtle you are".

Oh well.
Before we left John and I figured we might as well do something cheeky so ran up to their window and jumped at it, scaring quite a few people then ran back to E block in which I stayed in Tim's kitchen for a bit before going back to my room.

Spoke to Magda on facebook asking how her exam went in which she replied "Ahhh it sucked I don't wanna talk about it" haha.
Also brought up whether or not I was drunk on New Year when I began talking to her on chat. I wasn't, but that at that time after new year I thought it'd be a good idea to tell Magda I thought she was really attractive and that I liked her. Not sure why tbh. Anyway it was a bit embarrassing that she remembered and brought it up again but at the same time funny, so no harm done I hope.

Well it's now 4:24am. Robyn just knocked on the door crying with Andy asking if I knew where Laura was =/
Andy apologised saying she was really really drunk and has no idea why she is looking for Laura haha.
Well, just hope nothing kicks off in the kitchen or Laura's room.
1. Because someone could get hurt, but mainly because I am about to go to bed and don't wanna be kept up by shouting lol.


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