Thursday, 22 January 2009

Day 10 - The dancing club of Risa

Had Earth exam, was really easy, got back and Ben didn't go cos he got drunk.
Got lost link but ended up speaking to loads of people.
Didnt know what to do.
Drank roun Tims and played blackjack. Katie and Alex came.
Went bar risa.
Nuggest and pizza.

Finally, after weeks of revision, it was my final exam today. I didn't get much sleep at all as I was up basically till 3am with a tickly throat coughing meaning I was really tired come morning time.
The exam itself was actually so easy though. Considering Ben and I were going through a pass paper last night and that was hard too. Speaking of which, I was going to text Ben in the morning like I did before Geophysics to make sure he was up. Just like before his Geophysics exam, the night before, he went out and got really drunk, for no reason.
After getting back to Clarence Dock and asking Ben how he found the exam it turns out he didn't even go.
The reason being that he felt hungover and thought he'd do badly in the exam.
Yep, you heard right kids.
He thought he would do badly, so didn't turn up meaning he got a 0. Did I also mention this exam was worth 90% of our module mark ?
Chances are Ben really will fail this first year now tbh.

Anyway, I was now exam free and it felt great. Matt also sent me a link to a site where the first episodes of Lost season 5 had been uploaded. I was just about to watch them when loads of people began talking to me on facebook chat an msn. First it was Tom Bishop who, by huge coincidence, actually asked if I knew a site to watch Lost on. Someone must have told him cos he asked literally a minute after I got the link. Next Charlotte from upstairs began talking to me apologising for breaking the letterbox as my facebook status said I wanted to know the "douchebag" that broke it.
Tbh I didn't mind it was her (not sure how she managed it, she said she just pulled her flat letterbox door open and the whole thing came open. But the entire thing is locked and Charlotte is pretty small so she must also be really strong).

The real reason was cos I thought it was Billy again who is some guy that lives on the 3rd floor that has already broken the letterbox once, always plays loud drum and bass at 2am and is the same person who threw a glass bottle and Laura and I from his window after the Otley run. Basically he has douche running through his veins.

Next I got a call from Heather asking what it was she said to me last night at 1:47am. Turns out somehow her friend Sarah had got her phone and was the one that shouted "Wesley Dixon I love you"! Down it. Though they both have thick Leeds accents and tbh I can't tell their voices apart so had no idea who it was.

Anyway ended up watching the first two episodes of lost, kinda. For some reason you can only watch 72 minutes at a time. After which you need to wait an hour before watching any more. Both episodes are 41 minutes long. Meaning this message came up when it was 10 minutes before the end right at the climax. Was well annoyed.

Sanders text me also asking what I was up to tonight. As loads of people had been out the night before nobody seemed to want to do anything which was annoying. Ended up going C block, making pasta with Sanders, put sausages in them too, was well nice (also two guys cooking isn't gay), then we played the game blackjack.

We decided we should get some drinking games underway.
Invited Ben H, Ben M, Sean, Katie from upstairs and her friend Alex over. In addition to this there were also others already in the flat, Natasha and Mike.
We played a drinking game called minefield.
Basically someone is blindfolded and has to crawl along the floor to the otherside of the room and there are loads of bottles spread about on the floor. Sanders' rules were that if you touch a bottle you have to down a drink. However as he is Australian, in the army, and therefore a heavier weight drinker than us, we had to change it to doing two fingers of a drink each time you hit one.
I went first, was really hard. You don't have a clue where you're going. Is so fun to play though.
As time went on, more alcohol was consumed. Natasha invited two people from Leeds Met over. I can't remember their names, but one was an hispanic looking person and the other was a short black jamaician guy. He was so cool. Was drinking the 63% rum and could dance like a stereotypical blackman.
Next game we played was one where people sit in a line and there are two people at the front. The people in the line have to down their drinks, once they are done, person behind them has to do it, and so on in that order. The team that loses has to have the person who is at the front (both times it was Sanders and I) down a shit mix (and both times Sanders lost hahaha).

By this time we had all been convinced to go out and ended up at Bar Risa. Was a pretty good night. Met Heather in there who was looking for her Step sister or something, couldn't really hear her, but she left early. Ended up staying right till the end, meeting someone from Taekwondo in there who bought me a drink too. Was obviously too drunk to know what he was doing I reckon haha.

After Risa we went back to C block for a bit and played a bit more minefield after which Katie said that people could go back to hers and have pizza and chicken nuggets. YES!
The funny thing was the entire night Katie and I just took the piss outta each other. She kept making fun of the fact that I had big hands while I kept making fun of the fact her surname is also a washing tablet. Purcell/Persil.
The pizza ended up burning and Katie said it was my fault as I was the one wearing an Apron (it's Tim's apron, has a six pack on it, well good), but it was still good to eat.
Nuggets were pretty good too.

All in all a great night out.
Probably gonna have 3 messy nights in a row, what with Tom's birthday then Heff's the day after.

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