Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Day 8 - Barracks

So begins 3 days straight of exams. This sucks so bad. Everyone that is yet to finish will have done so on Wednesday. But nope, my last one is Thursday.
Whilst on the way to Uni Ben and I were going through what might come up (well, really he was just telling me how screwed he was the entire journey).

Once arriving there he asked me if there was one question to turn up, what would it be.

"What is a geoid".

I was certain that question would turn up, and it did!
Seeing as that was the only question Ben knew on the entire paper it doesn't make much sense as to why he didn't even do it but instead chose another one about topics which he had no idea about. Not even I did.
He is on 29.33% atm meaning he would need at least 22% or so to merely pass this module. At the end of the exam he said he doesn't even think he managed that.
I didn't find it too bad tbh.
On the way out I was talking to Neil (the old guy).
Find it funny that he swears quite a bit when he talks as he doesn't look as though he would,
"You know what really pisses me off ? The amount we have to learn then how little comes up in the test. I didn't learn all that magnetism shit and luckily none of that came up so I guess that paid off".
Hahaha, Ah Neil.

As soon as I got back I got a text from Sanders asking if I wanted to go to town with him for lunch and that I owed him a pint from his birthday. I wasn't up for going back into town after only JUST getting back. But once I began doing maths revision I realised that going back was a better option.
His original idea was to go to Yates as he found a "good deal", 2 meals for £7.
Turns out it was actually 2 meals for £7.95 and looking at them, wasn't really that much of a great deal at all.
Not to mention this was midday, it was busy and there was only one person on the till serving.
So instead I showed him the way to Weatherspoons in which we took advantage of the Burger and Beer offer for £4.69. Much better deal.

On the way there however we stopped off at his bank as he wanted to know his BIC number. We were literally waiting for it for about 10 minutes when the woman behind the desk went round the back doing God knows what. She came back then said that she couldn't find it and that he needed his debit card in order to do so. We were just about to leave when the woman behind us in the queue said,

"Wait, you're waiting for your BIC number, I'm staff here I know it, it's Yorkbg22"


It turned out it wasn't even a personalised number like a pin or anything. It was a code for the bank that everyone should have known. Well, at least we found it.
Whilst out I decided to show Sanders where the Barracks were too as he needed to go there tomorrow to meet up with everyone on the Training corps.
We got to the door and an old man with a dog came out asking if we needed help. After having a talk with him for a while we left back for Clarence Dock in which Sanders said,

"Wow, someone actually came out with a dog and everyone. In Australia it's guarded by some fat Asian guy and anybody can literally just walk in. There is even a bus route going through our training area".

I got back and did more revision till I noticed that on cnn.com/live Barack Obama was making his speech. Might as well watch it as this was something that would be remembered in history forever.

Spent a bit more of the evening doing maths till the two Bens knocked on my door asking if I wanted to play pool then smoke some shisha. I was up for the pool but not the shisha. As we were about to leave Ben H noticed Laura had left her door unlocked.
We changed as much as we could as quickly as we could then ran out of there haha.
Played some pool with Tim in which he hit the black ball in basically straight away and watched some football at which everyone left about 9ish.
I got back and failed at doing anymore revision. I was so tired.
Ended up going to bed at 10pm, hoping to get up at 6am to do more maths.

Instead I woke up at 6:30am, have written this blog, it's now 7:10am and I am gonna have breakfast in 20 minutes. Good times.

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