Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Day 2 - K = Constant

I once read somewhere that if you sleep in the cold you are more likely to have nightmares.
I have to say this is true. The worst dreams I have always involve zombies trying to kill me or everyone I know. Last night was a similar dream in which zombies/aliens took over the building/town I was in and began killing everyone. It was pretty gruesome, I spent the whole time hiding behind bread.

Anyway, from getting up at 5am I was really tired from the night before so I got up around midday. After having breakfast and switching on my laptop John knocked at my door asking if he could use some of my salad cream. I've managed to get him hooked on it haha!

I then spent the good part of 6 hours doing nothing but chemistry revision. It's paid off, but I still could have done so much more. Oh well, just have to wait and see how the exam goes tomorrow.
At about 6ish I decided to head down to Uni to see where my exam would be taking place and to do some more work.
However I was really tired by that point so didn't stay long and left. However on the way home bumped into Mike, Heff, Lewis and Tim. Said they were going Shisha for a lads night out.
I thought it was an Indian resturant so went along with them, even having my Mum phone me and me tell her it was an Indian.
Nope, after getting laughed at turns out it was just a place to go and smoke shisha. Smoked fruits.

I felt pretty pimp in there doing it, until I took down too much smoke from one of the them and began coughing my lungs out.
We were in there just talking about how this semester there will be more guys nights as last year we either stayed in our rooms or relied on the girls for everything. Would only go out if they did and if they had a girls night, we would be in our rooms bored.
Not this year though.

After the Shisha we went to Subway in which I met and finally learned the name of the guy who said he doesn't really like Leeds, Mike.
I walked home with him just talking about Uni and what not before getting in and doing more revision.
I feel a bit more confident now as I now know the structure to answering questions I would usually get stuck on.
Work out the mole ratio, then number of moles, then the RAM then the mass.

Nothing I can't handle.

Or at the very least, I SHOULD be able to get 40% on this...
Also Laura is having some sort of girls night I think (though Luci and Mia are the only girls here atm) as there is talking and screaming coming from her room :S

Night people x

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