Monday, 19 January 2009

Day 6 - Brandy Blazer

Sunday = nothing but revision.

After revising pretty much all day Tim invited me over to C block as he saw a bottle of brandy and an orange and just wanted to make a cocktail (having worked in a cocktail bar for years).
It was actually really cool to watch.
First he poured hot water into two glasses. Rested on of the glasses ontop of the other then span it so that the glass would get heated up, otherwise it was smash when the brandy as added. He then added the brandy and some of my 63% rum, switched off the lights then lit it on fire. Took a few pictures too it was that good.
Then added some lime and orange skin for flavour as well as brown sugar.
It was really strong though. You had to close your eyes when you drank it otherwise they would sting from all the oils. It was served warm too and had to be had really slowly (lucky he told me as I never eat or drink slowly).
After this we then went to the bar for a bit. Once again I couldn't be bothered to make dinner so just had a burger and chips from the bar. It fills me up so can't complain.
A bit later Ben and Tim came into the bar to play some pool, Ben asked if I wanted to go with him to meet up with someone that does Geophysics tomorrow for a quick revision session. I declined as I thought I had it in the bag (man was I wrong).

I wasn't planning on staying long but the film "Blood Diamonds" was put on the TV and I got quite into it. At first I was annoyed at this as the NFL game was literally just about to start, Eagles Vs Cardinals, and if Eagles lost I could laugh in Mike's face.
However Blood Diamonds was good so it's alright.

I got back to my room about half 10 and began doing some more revision. However for some reason my Geophysics powerpoints just wouldn't open. After looking at the past paper I realised that I really was going to have to do some revision if I wanted to do good on this exam. Ironically I found a facebook group called "Fuck it, 40%" that same day and considering I already got 40.52% then I began to wonder whether it was really worth doing a whole day of revision then not going out the next day as it's Sanders' birthday.

Ended up being online to Heather till about 2am after she phoned me saying he got dumped by text. Sounds bad but when she told me I was trying so hard not to laugh, probably because she told me when she was drunk,

"Wes....guess what...I just got a text....couldn't get any worse than that".


Ah I'm a bad person.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring..

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