Monday, 19 January 2009

Day 7 - F**k it, 40 %

The title refers to both a facebook group I joined yesterday and basically towards the attitude it seems most 1st years have about the exams,

"Screw it, as long as I get 40% and pass I'm happy".
Basically it. Although the scores will show up on the final graduation certificate and people who are generally lazy in 1st year find 2nd year harder but still.
Now I know what I have to do to keep the pace up so won't let that happen.
Day began with Sanders texting me asking if I wanted to come with him to town for a birthday beer and shopping for spirits.
I wanted to but had to decline as I was meeting Ben and someone else called Matt at Uni to do Geophysics revision.
It got to about 1pm and I was just about to text Ben asking if he was still going (really it was to see if he was actually awake).
After being 15 minutes late in getting ready we left. Turns out it was Laura knocking on their flat door that woke him otherwise he may not have gotten up.

When we got there and saw Matt the first thing we said was "We really don't know what we're doing". Didn't help Matt's reply was "Neither do I really".
We spent about 20 - 30 minutes actually doing revision. Going through the quizzes and I gotta say I have learned a few more things from doing that. It was advised by the lecturers that was the best way to revise.
However after a while the "fuck it, 40%" kicked in and we all ended up on facebook. I broke my new tetris marathon score while Ben got worried that Luci was now 3rd place on her tetris score.
It got to 4pm and Ben was meant to have met Ben M to go to elbow room, a place you can play free pool on Mondays.
Matt said he was going to the library to meet with other Geophysics people who were gonna be there for abotu 5 hours apparently :S

As we waited outside in the freezing cold Ben and I realised we had no idea where our exam actually was tomorrow morning. I went to look but went in the wrong direction so decided I'd find out tomorrow meaning we both have to get there really early.

We got to elbow room and the games of free pool went underway. I lost two games to Mike, managed to beat Tim, lost on a doubles game but on the final doubles, Mike and I Vs Ben and Tim, we somehow beat them =/
Almost 7 balling them too, considering Ben M is probably the best and Mike and I are probably the worst it seems weird we actually won, but hey, I was happy. I got the final shot too haha.

Everyone left and went to Weatherspoons but Tim and I decided to only stay for a short while as we had to revise, plus I didn't want to spend money. Was quite funny though as Mike was not allowed to buy a burger from the bar as he didn't have I.D., meaning that Ben H had to buy it for him. We were then joking about it afterwards asking if Mike has to ask Ben H to ask for ice in his coke too.

I left with Tim and upon walking back saw Sanders a about 4 girls in the bar. Wish I could have gone out for his birthday. Worse that I had been saying all this time that I actually would too.
Exam or not though, I am REALLY tired tonight.
Ended up drinking loads of hot chocolate and a 10p swiss roll just to have a sugar rush to keep on going.
Anyway, gonna get to sleep now and maybe do some last minute revision before tomorrow.
Even though I already passed this exam by 0.52%, I'd like to go away from 1st year feeling as though I managed to accomplish SOMETHING.

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