Friday, 23 January 2009

Day 11 - Sleightly Fruity

Ended up waking up at about 2pm, after having breakfast for some reason I washed up my bowl right away. This was the first time in ages that I washed something up and my neck didn't start hurting. Taking advantage of this and just being a good flatmate, decided to do everyone elses washing up and clean the kitchen while I was at it.
Strange enough Luci came in during this process to get some squash. I think she slept round Laura's room :S No idea why. She said that they could all hear us last night upstairs and that they all had exams tomorrow so went into the flat next door and woke up the two Ben's in the morning. Funny thing is, Both Bens and Sean went straight to bed, meaning they had done nothing and the girls assumed wrong.
This turned into a semi-facebook arguement on our E block message thread in which Mia was saying how she heard Ben last night and Ben stated (slightly sarcastically) that he went straight from C block to E block and the only noise she could have heard from him was him opening his door, which he can't control the noise off and wanted an apology haha. It was funny to read.

After a while I got a text from Andy, who is someone in F block saying I could go round Tom's flat when I was ready. It is Tom's 22nd birthday today. The plan was to go round there, drink and play some Xbox.
However once getting there, Tom's Xbox went redbox (when a red ring appears around the on button which basically means the Xbox has blown up). He was quite annoyed as this is the first time it has ever happened and the worse time for it to happen too as he got everyone around early just to play it haha.
Instead played some Farcry 2 on his computer.

Eventually everyone turned up and we went to a resturant called La Rocca. It was kinda posh but the prices and food were fine so it was all good. Afterwhich we got the bus and headed on down to Fruity. I met Tim on the way back from La Rocca. He said he'd come along as he had nothing else to do. Feel a bit sorry for him as he has come at the worse time, when everyone is doing exams. Seeing as he is quite an outgoing and social person too he has found Leeds really boring so far.

We got the bus and got to Leeds Uni about half 10. We found a passport too on the parkinson steps wall. We wondered what to do with it, I came up with the idea of looking her up through the wonders of facebook asking if she lost it, but for now, Tom has it and mat hand it into the police.
Furity itself was alright, but was soooooo packed. Ended up meeting Harry and some other Charlie Mo people in there too.

We left about 3am. I got back and spoke to Heather for a bit who had had a bad night (two in a row now). Couldn't get into Halo nightclub as bouncers didn't believe that it was Sarah in her I.D. photo haha. So they ended up doing a pub/bar crawl, all of which were bad, and ended up getting partly involved in a huge fight outside Puro. Bad times.

5am, time for bed now. And the title..Tom's surname is Sleight. Get it ?

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