Monday, 1 December 2008

Day 73 - Man Vs. Machine

Yet another day which was ruined by this thing that we call technology.
First up had a mineral lecture which was fine.
Main problem was my eyes were stinging due to the lack of sleep I got the night before and from watching Heroes till early in the morning.
Met Tom D who had got back from London (literally just got back) and still had his cases with him as his train was delayed.
His trip seemed quite funny actually. Said he and his friends went to an Indian resturant where complementary wine was served, although a girl there was not eating and Tom was only getting starters which caused the waiters to get really angry and start shouting at them.
When it came time to pay they wanted £4.50 service charge despite their service being terrible, everyone tried to run out without paying it but two got caught and had to haha.
Next up had a free and decided I would print off my report that I worked so hard on.
Only problem was I had microsoft works on my vista and that is different to microsoft word 2007/2003, therefore would not load up onto the computer from my laptop.
This was incredibly annoying.
I then tried to upload some maps I needed for a computer practical tomorrow morning as I was too lazy to do it last week. However I could not do this either as I didn't have the documents telling me what I had to do. This therefore means I'll have to get up about 30 minutes earlier just to go in so I can get that part done before the lesson.
Luckily, Rob, my chemistry teacher is also the person who takes my tutorials, so I explained the situation as to why I didn't have my report and he was fine with it.
The lecture was not too bad after that. Despite "the question guy" once again making a cameo appearance.

"Hello class. Sorry if I seem slow. I am half asleep at the moment as I am running on Canadian time at the moment"

"Oh, where did you go"!



Anyway, got to the tutorial and had to do rock descriptions for an hour. Once again, this wasn't too bad, by my eyes were stinging even more now.
I should have gone home, but needed stamps and an envelope to post a letter to my parents. It was about 1pm, the worse time to go to a post office.
I arrived and the queue was so long it was coming out of the post office.
This may take a while.
Luckily, by the door, they actually had a stamp machine, and it only cost me 36p.
So that saved me a good 45 minutes.
I then walked into Wilkinson to buy some envelopes and posted the letter back at the post office.
I needed the toilet before I went home and was taking a short cut to go to the Union, when who do I bump into ? Tom Richards.

Walked with him and one of his maths mates, Ryan to the Eldon and got ourselves a pint.
Tom and I were going to take advantage of the 2 meals for £7 deal when we noticed that a burger cost £3.45 anyway which means using the deal we'd actually be spending more money, therefore got things that were more expensive.
Meanwhile, Ryan was on the slot and quiz machines. He brought about £50 worth of money out for some reason when he was on them and probably lost all of it. Although on the deal or no deal quiz he DID manage to win £10 (which he then put back into the slot machine and lost).

Ended up leaving about 5pm, got home and went straight to sleep.

Got woken up about 8:30pm by John knocking on the door as he still has one of the Lord of the rings discs. Since I was up, we decided to have a game of pool. Yes, I lost, but I am improving. We then needed to withdraw some money. The ATM at tesco was out of service (again) so we had to walk into town to find one.

After eating dinner and talking for a while it got to about midnight and John went to bed while I noticed an e-mail from Rob saying that the document of m report I sent him did not open and that he needed it in word 2003.
Cock it!

Once again, I tried to use the website in which you can get microsoft 07 for just £40, yet for some reason, it just doesn't work for me anymore.
Everytime I click "buy now" it says my shopping cart is empty :S
Very annoying as this is probably one of the best deals I will ever get in my life.

However, I managed to find a site in which you can download microsoft 07 for a 60 day trial.

After a lot of annoyance and messing about, I ended up downloading 3 programs which I would never even need to use.
Wasted about 4 hours of my night basically though in the back of my mind I knew that this would all be for nothing...

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