Friday, 5 December 2008

Day 77 - The beginning and maybe the end..

Had chemistry tutorial, wasn't all that hard but I was still unable to do it that well.
Darrly and I went to canteen to get food and got the free student paper.
Front page article,
"Accident horror".
It was about Scott.
Turns out the road he got knocked over on is quite dangerous and numerous accidents have happened there due to the blind bend and location of pubs so close to the road.
There was a quote from someone in the paper saying,
"That road is so dangerous, it's a suprise the student didn't get killed".
Not a nice thing to say really.

Got back to Clarence Dock and had some food.
Laura knocked on my door a few minutes later as she too had seen the article. She said she went to visit Scott today. Nurses and doctors say that he is having another operation and they are gonna try and sit him up but he still hasn't woken up.
His parents are with him too.
Personally I don't want to visit him if he is in that state as that will be the image I have of him if or until he gets better.
When he wakes up I will defnitely go and see him.
Even so, his Mum said to Laura that she doesn't think he will ever come back to Uni :(

Nobody knows what is going to happen so this waiting game is getting annoying.
It's such a huge loss, for everyone.
It seems impossible for a full recovery to occur, but at the very least, I hope he retains his personality, that even if he has to remain in a wheelchair, he will still be the same Scott as before.

Basically just wasted some time until it was time to go into Uni and grade for Taekwondo. I'm getting really lazy now.
I planned to do at least an hour of revision each night for different topics. But now it all kinda seems a little pointless, that if I only need 40% to pass, and that these marks don't seem to count for all that much that it is not worth the effort to do loads and loads of revision from now.

I seem to learn more from doing coursework and assignments, so as long as I do those and know the basics I hope I am fine, even though I do feel bad that I am losing motivation to do anything.

Eventually 5pm came, Taekwondo time.
The grading wasn't bad at all. Infact, it was basically like a normal lesson, but marked.
When sparring came I went up against Matt, who I have never sparred with before. He is also a white belt. I thought he might be timid, man was I wrong.
He was fast AND strong.
At the end we were both really worn out and said that we were both fun people to spar with haha.

Met up with Daniel at the Library with some others and stayed there for a few drinks before heading off home.

As I got back Heather said that she got a voicemail from "Johnny" saying "brapp brapp brapp" and a text saying he really wants to get to know her haha.
Really though, who is this guy ?

Rest of the night I spent watching Heroes (Which was epic I must say) and wasting time with anything I could find.

A lot of other things happened today (tiny things such as it taking me 3 attempts to find an ATM machine that worked and Magda calling me useless for not being able to help her with her maths or having safety pins she could borrow despite her being equally as useless for not having them either haha) but I don't feel like including them.

Well, tomorrow is likely to be a long one.
Training, Taekwondo xmas meal, banter and drink, drunken banter, then either heading to fruity, Clarence Dock bar or hifi. Probably another messy night.
Hopefully I'd have cheered up a bit by then, hopefully....

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