Thursday, 11 December 2008

Day 83 - Drawing to a close..

With only one lecture today and having got about 3 or 4 hours sleep, I walked in still really tired, endured a maths lecture, attended the maths revision class, walked all the way into headingly to sign for the house then walked home.

I began to revise for chemistry as I have a test tomorrow and know I won't do all that well in it. Met John in te kitchen who informed me that Scott is going to have permanent brain damage :(
Hope the doctors have got it wrong and that he doesn't.
Then spent 4 hours sleeping catching up on the sleep I should have got had Heather not come into my room, thrown everything about and began to spray my oust constantely.

It was Abi's birthday on Saturday, but she was leaving Friday. So we all celebrated it in the kitchen. Basically just drank and listened to Christmas songs.
So it's getting late and reckon I should get to bed now.
Everyone is still making loads of noise in the kitchen playing pictionary. Suprised a subwarden hasn't come in yet and te whole of E block must be able to hear us, someone's status is even set to,

"I wish the people downstairs would shut the fuck up"!


Hopefully the Christmas break will let them cool off...

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