Sunday, 7 December 2008

Day 79 - The lazy log problem..

As predicted, woke up about 3:05pm.
Last night just as I was about to watch Naruto, I got a call from Heather, although she hung up right away. Maybe she was doing that trick where you call someone, hang up, then wait for them to call back so that it won't cost you anything.
If so, her plan worked perfectly.
I phoned and asked what she was after, she just asked if I was up (it was 4am) and came round to hang out.
Felt a bit bad inviting her in as my room was a state to the point you could barely see the carpet (although that might actually be a good thing considering the colour of it).
Like any student up at 4am, she was off her face. Told me a story about how she went to some west indian club and think she is a bit high off fumes now.
Also she kept asking whether I was the mystery person who kept phoning her :S
I'm not THAT sad to do that.
She ended up leaving at about 5am cos she needed water and I finished watching the double episode of Naruto, it was a good episode, the one when Shikamaru defeats Hidan and when Naruto finally shows up using his new rasengan attack. WHOAOAAOAOA!

So anyway, after last night, realised if I was going to invite people into my room, I should at least make it presentable. So proceeded to clean it up.
Was doing so for about 10 minutes when Tim came to my window and asked if I wanted to go with him and some others to Hogshead to watch the football and have an all day breakfast for £2.99.
I didn't care about the football, but was up for the breakfast, so decided to go along with him.
Once outside met Will and we walked there talking about the events of last night.
Tim said that he and Ben ended up taking K and were feeling really mellow. I also so someone else who must have had a huge overdose, as at the end of the night he needed 3 people to carry him up the stairs and was a mess.
I mean he was in such a state he'd make a 15 year old girl who was unsure of her limits and drank loads of wine for the first time in her life look stone sober.
Yes, THAT bad.
Heather even said there was an ambulance outside that same night, so wonder if it was for him :|

So, we got to Hogshead and saw a load of people from Warwick in there who were on a mystery tour. Our breakfasts came (they were actually £4, Tim lied!) and so did Ben M, who stayed for about 5 minutes then had to leave as he had so much to do.

As he was walking out a goal got scored by Aston Villa (24 seconds into the match).

I then told Will and Tim that if Villa win this game, I will support them, as up until now, Sean has tried to convert me to Man U, and Scott to Man City, and wasn't sure who to pick.

Eventually I had to leave too to tidy my room and left with the score being 1 - 1 (other team was Everton).

So, I cleaned my room, which actually took a lot shorter than I expected. In the proccess I even found a whole bottle of salad cream that has been there since day one, haha.
Then I had to wash my clothes.
I counted up all my change but was 10p short, so tidied up some more and foun 50p worth of change.
Set them to wash and it was time for work.

Or so I thought.
I wanted to do maths and chemistry, but both of which involved the use of logarithms.
However, I have a crappy calculator that can't seem to do them properly which meant I was unable to do anything.
So I basically spent the whole day doing nothing and now need to buy a new calculator for £7.

Gota call from parents too, thought I'd add that in there, as well as a text from Will saying that Villa won 3 - 2.

I'm now a Villa supporter!

So yeah, tbh I have gotten really really lazy. Just cba to do anything which doesn't need to be done. As Geology work load is very little compared to other subjects as it seems everyone else is really busy whilst I haven't once been too nailed down with workload.

At least, I hope that's the case, if not them I am on a one way road to fail land.
Also remembered I got a mineral test on Tuesday and have done shit all revision for it, so should be fun.

Think tomorrow night is either Puro or gatecrasher, eitherway, should be fun.

Night x

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