Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Day 81 - The realisation of student life..

Computer class, finished and handed in my work. Had a break for an hour in which I did some work, I think.
Got to 12:30pm and we had to have a meeting at picard's housing about signing and getting a place.
Basically the entire thing was pretty disasterous.
Half the people hadn't even been told which houses they were allocated to, which caused a lot of anger. For example, Harry has been put in our house, although he doesn't know many people in ours and knows more in the other one.
Sean wanted to live in the other house but had been put into our one.
Lots of different problems occured over personal and friendship matters. It got to the point when the picard workers wrote a letter and signed it saying we were allowed 4 switches between houses and they wouldn't charge us for it (usually it'd be £75).
Atm, the houses are.
9 bedroom - Laura, Luci, Louise, Natalie, Luis, Ben H, Ben M, Sean
7 bedroom - Me, Mia, Abi, Lauren, Harry, Tim, Lewis.

I'm not too bothered as to which house I live in, but, our houses are about 30 seconds away from each other anyway which was done to prevent this very sort of thing becoming a problem in the first place so basically we wasted about an hour arguing for nothing.

It got really stressful in the end. Also we had to pay a £155 deposit.
We worked out this house is costing us £500 more a year than Clarence Cock.
It is £77 a week, but is being rented out for 52 weeks instead of 42.
That means it is costing us £4004 a year in rent alone, ontop of that is food, entertainment, books etc.
It has now hit me how easy it is for students to get into debt and have very little to no money.
We're all definitely going to have to get jobs.
What made things worse was that Mia and Robyn decided not to turn up for some reason so were unable to pay deposits. Luckily they said we didn't have to do it that day, otherwise either one of us would have to pay it for them (£310, in which would take ages to be paid back) or we all put in about £23 each now.
However, Mia said she only has £90 to last her till 12th January, and considering she lost her bag yestetrday which had everything, means that she will have to spend about £150 or more on new stuff as well as the £155 deposit. Bad times for her (still though, she gets the full grant of £1500 as well as student loan which is more than what everyone else gets so not sure how come she has less money over all :S).

So, it all got sorted and I was off to my next 2 hour practical which I was too tired to really pay attention to.
Got home and did some work.
Spoke to John for a bit before having dinner, giving my secret santa present to Laura then going to the kitchen for 9pm to open them all.
Gotta say, some of the presents were pretty funny.

Ben M - a man thong and electric beer glass
Ben H - a t shirt with muscles drawn on and a message on the back saying he doesn't need to take his top off anymore.
Mike - Mr man book. Mr Tall (running joke about Mike's height which isn't worth getting into on here).
Harry - hand held pool table (pool was free at Charles Morris).
Lauren - Ben 10 top trumps (from me).
Me - 3 bottles of Kopparberg (for £5! Wish I knew of this deal earlier).
Laura - Ms. Santa dress.
Mia - Gin, condom and chocolates.
Natalie - alcohol
Louise - tampon and a framed picture.
Sean - a book about sex
Luis - a bread bin (Tim was gonna buy him a spice rack but they were sold out, so got the item next to it, a bread bin haha).
Lewis - a remote control helicopter (seriously, it is so fun to play with!)
Tim - a t-shirt
Luci - a dummy, baby bottle and bib (running joke from Laura about how Luci looks like a baby)
Abi - Toast and plasters (since Abi pronounces toast in a hull accent).

Think that's everyone.
We all laughed about them and told each other who we had (won't make a huge list again, but Harry bought my one).
After a trip to Tesco for cakes I decided it was time for bed as I need more than 3 hours sleep and have a long tedious day tomorrow.
Also, Mike is leaving tomorrow for Canada so will see him next year.

Night x

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