Saturday, 13 December 2008

Day 85 - Lone Loiner

I ended up staying up till about 5am in the kitchen talking to Mia and Laura about our time spent here. What's funny is how much things have changed. For example when Mia first got her she said she was really nervous and wanted to go home, during the middle of the time here she said she loved it and didn't want to go home, a few weeks on she said she really wanted to go home as she was missing friends and family as was I. But once the day came, her, as well as everyone, were actually all really sad to be leaving.
Everyone's status is about how they are home and just want to go back.
I have no idea what it'll feel like to be home again. I guess I won't be sad as I know I will be back sooner than I think and should make the most of being at home.
Anyway, I spent all of today packing, using up the last of my food and saying bye to people.
There are very few people left in the block now and I am the last person left in flat E1.2.

I spoke to Harry and Magda throughout the day asking what they were gonna be up to. Harry wasn't sure but in the end organised that we'd meet up a bit before I left for Simon's party. Not sure what Magda ended up doing as she said she wanted to go clubbing (bad idea seeing as there are hardly any students left) or cinema.
Anyway, John had left some sliced chicken in the fridge and I had too much food so made a pasta bake with basically everything on it. But it was too much, so I told Harry that he could have some as there was no way I could finish it all.

So, I did not dine alone that night (which is actually the first time in weeks that I haven't had dinner on my own). Harry and I just had a general conversation about going home, Uni, work etc. Turns out Leeds wasn't his first choice as he applied through clearing as before that he never even thought to apply to Uni. Only did 3 weeks before the start of term and just decided to do Maths on a whim.
Weird as he doesn't seem as though he'd have that sort of reckless attitude towards Uni.
Later on one of his friends came round to the kitchen and were going to go to Charles Morris for a gathering, luckily I got a lift out of it.
The trouble came however when I had to find Simon's road.
I knew I'd get lost, but it's worse at night and when it is raining.
Basically I got to a T junction and had no idea which way to turn.
But, as you may have guessed, with a 50% chance of getting it right or wrong, I take the wrong route. Ended up asking for directions in an Indian in which I was told I should be heading about 10 minutes in the opposite direction.
Damn it.

Eventually I arrived, there were just a few of us at first drinking and listening to a music playlist on youtube.
The night progessed, more people turned up, and funny enough, it seemed a lot of people there like weird al, which was good on my part.
After my 4th Kopparberg I began to feel a little ill so decided to stop. No point getting drunk and making myself ill a day before I am meant to be home or the megabus will seem like a really long journey.
It got to about 3am and I left as I need to be up for 10am tomorrow to get everything sorted.

The walk home was scary. I was tempted to actually get a cab.
It was full of drunkards, taxis, people shouting abuse from cars and police.
Having walked home sober every night, this wasn't a new thing for me, though for everyone else it seemed to be, as it is rare that people from E block walk home sober therefore don't tend to notice their surroundings.
As I got closer to Clarence Dock I heard two drunken Asian men shouting stuff out like "We hate Kenyans, we hate Jamaicans, we hate blacks".


Needless to say, I picked up the pace.
Now I am back at the Dock, safe and sound, talking to Heather about how weird it is that everyone is going.
Tomorrow will be my last blog until I return in January, so stay tuned as it should be special (I hope).

Oh, and the word "Loiner" is the correct term for a person living in Leeds. Just thought I'd throw it in there.

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