Monday, 8 December 2008

Day 80 - Puro Mayhem

WAYHAY! It's my final week of semester 1.
Man it's gone quick. Hard to believe I have been here for 11 weeks already.
What's even harder to believe is how little it seems I have actually learned. Though I guess that's always the case whatever eh ?
Right then, down to business. Had my last mineralogy lecture which was good as always.
Had an hour break in which we all checked our marks for Geophysics after the practicals. I got 78% for the first one and 83% for the second, meaning my overall mark is 40.25%.
Yes, I have already passed a module. The hardest one. Although this is a mere scrape, it does take a load off. Still though, don't plan on slacking on it as I plan to pass all my exams anyway. Maths and chemistry are gonna be the tough ones.
Had my chemistry lecture in which we worked through tutorial 8.
Chemistry is weird, the stuff we do isn't actually hard at all. We just all assume it is and therefore make it harder for ourselves or expect something really complicated when really it's just simple maths or equations.
Ah well.

No lectures left, walked home. Spending too much on the way, bought an American Football, a pump for it and Lauren's secret santa present, Ben 10 top trumps, as well as some food. Came up to £20 in the end.

Whilst having a nap I was awoken by loads of voices from the kitchen, none that I recognised. They were all Charles Morris people, John and Charlotte's friends.
After they left I found out from John that a girl he knew has already dropped out of uni doing biological sciences because it was too much another girl he knew doing medicine dropped out also as it was too stressful.
I knew people drop out, but not THIS early. Hasn't even been a single semester. Me personally, I don't think I will do all that well this year, just average at best, but am still prepared to stick it out a full year. Guess everyone is different.

After an evening of doing very little, we had a meeting about houses. Basically we have found the place we will live in. It's about a 20 minute walk away and is £77 all bills included. One 9 bedroom, one 7 bedroom. I haven't seen it yet in person, but have seen pictures. Although we were advised not to start booking and deciding so early, we have anyway as it's unlikely we will find a better deal for such a large number of us.
Also we gotta pay a deposit of £140 by tomorrow!
ARGH! More money being spent!!!!

Withdrew the money and got ready for Puro. The main reason for this night was for Mike as he was leaving Wednesday, though at the last minute he decided he wasn't going to come out :S Ah...

We wanted to try and get there before 11:30pm so it'd only be £2 entry.
No luck, even with the time we left, the queue was so long and so many people were pushing in we had to pay £4 as it got to about 11:50pm when we got in.

Night didn't go so bad. Good music, brought my hat which is always a treat as well as a babe magnet. Although strangely Mia seemed to vanish after like 20 minutes.
At about 2am I got a call from Heather. Couldn't hear a thing she was saying so asked her to text me.
She text back saying that Mia is at Clarence Dock crying as she has lost her handbag that had everything in it and can't get into her room and for someone to come back asap.
Damn, seeing as I was the only other person aside from Laura that could get into our flat, I gave my hat to Tim and literally ran back. Lusky Puro is only about 10 minutes away.
Got there to find Mia still crying and Kate trying to comfort her.
To cut a long story short as I am tired, Mia thought it'd be a good idea to just leave without saying a word to anyone after she had lost her stuff despite have no keys to get in. Heather saw her wondering about and noticed she was in a state so let her in. I waited with Mia till the subwarden came and let her in her room as she was saying she didn't mind just sleeping in the hallway.

Everyone is still at Puro and can't find her handbag :(
Bad times.
Now I gotta be up for 7:30am, to be in for 9am, go to a house viewing at 1pm, then have a test from 3pm to 5pm, which I have done shit all revision for.
More Bad Times...

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