Sunday, 14 December 2008

Day 86 - The worst journey in the world

The title explains it all. But also because I can't stop listening to the tenacious D song - tribute that I figured I'd put in it too. "The best song in the world".
I reckon during this journey the devil DID appear and ask me to go on the worse journey in the world.
Right then.
The morning wasn't too bad, I packed everything I needed and used up all the food I could in the kitchen, washed up and was ready to go.
My bags were packed to the brim till I could take no more, I had two string bags tied onto my dragging suitcase, a packpack and my saxophone. It was VERY heavy and annoying to carry all of this.
I knocked on Flat 2.1 door to say bye to Harry and Magda but nobody answered. Guess they didn't hear or weren't up yet.
Oh well, I made my way to the bus stop anyway.
It took about 20 minutes in all. Dragging all that stuff with me. One of my string bags was being dragged along the floor too, which I stupidly ignored.

By the time I got to the bus stop, a huge hole had been torn in the string bag and also pretty much destroyed my camera case and scratched the camera quite badly.
I then text my parents asking if they could meet me at a train station as it'd be hard carrying all this stuff home, I then got a call from my Dad in which the main topic of conversation was how he thought I was coming home on the 15th not the 14th therefore was unable to pick me up as he and Mum were just about to go on a boat cruise across the Thames.
God dammit! I told them so many times that I was coming back on the Sunday!
I was quite annoyed at this point and it didn't really go away until I finally got home.
Finally the bus came and I had to put my own stuff on while everyone else got their's put on for them by the bus driver :S

The journey wasn't too bad. I began reading my Geophysics book wondering if I could read it all throughout the journey.
No chance!
Gave up after about 12 pages and went to sleep. It was so hot on the bus though, and I needed the toilet really bad.
Therefore I didn't eat or drink anything till I arrived at Victoria station. However, I forgot about the huge hole in my bag, when it was taken off the bus, a Kopparberg fell out and smashed along the floor.
I was furious at this point.
There was no way in hell I'd fine a 3 for £5 deal in Essex!
Luckily I had another one (which kept on falling out during the remainder of the journey), but still, it was such a waste!
Needed to urinate real bad so figured I'd use the toilets there, but nope, they were closed for cleaning.
As I was about the cross the street I was approached by some man who had one blue eye and one white eye who asked me where I was going, this is how the conversation went,

"Where you going"
"Where are you going"
"Where in Essex"
"What zone is that"
"It's the end of the district line"
"Well it just so happens I have a zone 6 travel ticket with me, you can have it for £7 etc..."

At this point the light had changed to the green man and I was in no mood to be patient, I walked away from him as he was still talking to me saying that I already had a travel pass (that was a lie, all I had was an oyster card and got no clue how much money is actually on it).

So I wandered through Victoria not having a clue where I was really going.
Lucky my parents had phoned me telling me I needed the district line so I just followed signs for that.
After sitting on the train for what seemed like hours I arrived at Barking.

There was no district line train going from Barking to Upminster so I had to change.
Whilst dragging my bag I noticed that there was something else scrapping.
Turns out the strap on the bag has been caught up in the wheel this whole time. So badly that I actually had to cut it off when I got home (the string bag was ruined anyway).

Not too sure where I should be, I asked a chav Mum and her daughter if this was the right plattform, it was. My only luck for the day.
The train arrived and it was packed. My saxophone and huge suitcase didn't help at all as I bumped everyone I walked pass.
Eventually I got back into Upminster, after heaving my bag up the stairs I met up with my Sister and we began the walk home.

It's weird. Nothing seems to feel different. It's as if I never left. Everyone from E block has been writing on facebook about how they find home boring and want to go back and miss everyone.
Without sounding unsocial and horrible, I don't feel that way at all, or miss anyone =/
Probably cos I know I'll see em all again pretty soon.
Though I gotta say I do miss Scott loads.
I spent the evening unpacking, watching tv and talking to people on msn.
The posters I bought for Mike, Jack and Matt have been crushed badly from the way in which I carried them home.
I drank my last Kopparberg so that nothing else could happen to it.
Did some maths revision.
Matt said next time we meet he'll buy me a Kopparberg for the one that smashed :)
Also have already arranged to meet Emily tomorrow at 5pm for a game of pool and eating Ramen at the noodle bar and also to watch the NFL with Mike at 1:30am, so will be sleeping over there.
At the very least, I am happy I got a warm welcome home.

It is now 2:36am, Heather and I are texting each other about our journeys home and I am just happy to be back. I gotta get out of my student body clock of going to bed so late though.

Well then, this is my last entry until the 12th of January I think.
Semster 2 will start with day 1, just so that is is easier to follow.
It has been fun guys.

Adios! x

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