Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Day 74 - Cryogenic Sleep

So, only got about 2 hours sleep in the end. Not enough at all.
Today is my longest day too.
I let by 8am, but it was really really cold this morning, and really really icy.
From the dock to the town I had to halve my usual walking speed otherwise I would have slipped. Every guy walking along that part of the street looked like a queer, on their toes and walking with their arms out.
I even saw a girl jogging to Uni, in heels! The slip factor was beyond belief, although I didn't see her do it :(
Got to the cluster and managed to send my report to Rob after it had been converted to a word file. Thanks Sean :D
However, the rest of the lesson was VERY stressful. It took me about 90 minutes to simply upload a map onto coralDRAW.
Basically I had copied it instead of importing, meaning that it was pixelated when it appeared on coralDRAW, 2nd problem I found was that everytime I saved it, it would just cause the computer to freeze. In the end I had to import maps that had already been made as I was so far behind and nothing was working.
I hate this class.
Turns out the reason it wouldn't save was because I had too much on my M drive.
Oops. So deleted some files and managed to save it, luckily the task at hand is dead easy. Simply gotta draw on geological boundaries and features using coralDRAW.
Something I can actually do.

Got to the end of the lesson, decided to go to another cluster and waste some time. Did some more of my coralDRAW whilst I was there too. Got persuaded to vote against two motions the Union are having when this girl came up to me and explained it all out of the blue then had a meeting with Ivan.

Was our 2nd one of the semester. Was pretty good, basically he just asked how I was doing etc. Boring stuff.
Then asked how I was getting home,

"Oh, I'm taking the megabus"
"The mega what"?
"Megabus, can travel for as much as a £1"
"You're joking right, what is the website"

*Goes on megabus website*

"Jesus Christ! I can get to Oxford for £3"!

Good times.

Finally 3pm came and had my last practical. Was really easy again but was struggling to stay awake as the tiredness was kicking in really badly.

Eventually I got home and decided to have dinner straight away as I needed an early night. John came in shortly after looking very wet and cold.
Made my special tonight "Pasta, with everything in it".
Atm am trying to find as many things as I can that tastes nice with Adam's greek yoghurt. Pasta is one of them.

Mia came in shortly after and the 3 of us had a conversation. She also had a go at me saying that I am responsible for using up most of the washing up liquid because I put too much (it's about the size of a pea) on the sponge :S
Though considering we have been here 10 weeks, this is only our 2nd washing up liquid we have got onto, we haven't even began to use mine, hers or John's, AND that nothing else in the kitchen that is shared is even hers (Laura bought the toaster, Adam left his kitchen towels and I am the only person to buy kitchen roll), I don't see what the real problem is tbh.
Annoyed me a little more than it should have done though.

Anyway, John went to visit one of his friends in C block and I got back to my room and did some trigonometry.

It is now 20:17pm, and I am going to bed. That's how tired I am.
Bet it will be even colder tomorrow :(

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