Friday, 12 December 2008

Day 84 - The anti-climax of semester one..

Right, so today I only had to be up for one reason. The chemistry test. Knowing I would do badly, I decided t go into Uni a bit early and do some revision for it.
What a waste of time that was.
There were only about 3 questions I understood in the whole paper, which when worked out would come up to about 16 marks if that (the paper was out of 100).
To make things worse, I completely forget te forumla for how to work out the volume of something.
Had I remembered this I would have done a lot better, Darryl and Tom said they didn't find it too bad but having this test in the morning as my last day of teaching was not really how I would have liked it to have ended. I guess the upside is that I can learn from my mistakes and this was only %5 of m final mark. Real thing matters in January.
Suppose I am lucky in the sense it seems most people in the first year are aiming to pass, not to do amazingly well. In my case I have to aim to do amazingly well merely to pass!
I thought I'd go cheer myself up by buying a student newspaper. I already checked for one before in the morning but nothing was there so guessed they hadn't been put out yet.
Walked back there again after the test.
YES! A new pile of papers.
As I walked over though I noticed the front cover was the same as the one from last week. Hang about, it WAS last week's paper.
Now what am I gonna do when I get home with no new newspaper!?!

Not a great start to the day tbh..
As I walked back I figured there might be some sort of celebration tonight involving alcohol, if not, I still wanted to take advantage of the offer Harry found on Kopparberg, 3 for £5.
After wondering around Morrison's for about 20 minutes I noticed that all the alcohol was in a seperate section. As I was queuing up some 4 ft 5 Asian women kept on talking to me as if she knew me :S Asking me whether the alcohol she was holding was stronger than the other one on the rack. Well, considering I hadn't looked at the one on the rack, and when she walked over she said it was 17% and the one she had was 14%, I don't see why she felt the need to ask me.
Even read the serving instructions saying "Lemon ? I don't need lemon, got some lemon at home".

A little weird, I just smiled and nodded like I do in most situations.
Got home to find a note left by Mike on facebook about his journey home. It was quite long, so will just give the basics.
Basically he was VERY late for his plane and after a series of event which involved him running from one side of the airport to another with his bag and guitar, having to take off his shoes so they could check for bombs in the x-ray in which he literally replied,
"You have got to be fucking kidding me"!
And arriving at the desk with only 5 minutes before his plane was about to leave.
Luckily he is safe in Canada now.
Also, more news on Scott, good news.
Ben M got a text (not sure who sent it though) saying that Scott has been able to respond to the nurses requests on demand. Which were when she told him to squeeze her hand, stick out his tongue and wiggle his toes, he was able to do it.
He is recovering :D Brightened up my day a lot.
Spent the rest of the day in my room sleeping before heading off to the final Taekwondo session.
Only about 11 people were there (more girls than boys which was weird).
It was a really fun lesson though.
First we were doing one kick each and I was suprised at myself that I could actually do a spinning hook kick as high as my own face.

Next was the best part, we had a small sparring tournement.

5 people on one side, 5 on the other.

First it was Jeremy against Anthony, both black belts.
In the end it was a draw but a good match.
Next, me Vs James.
Ok, now I am not making excuses here, as it's true, but I had a HUGE disadvantage from the start and the only reason I had to fight James was because the only other people in the group were girls and not all that confident at sparring. Not to mention I am a yellow belt and James is blue (which is 2 grades above me).
Needless to say, I lost, I got 2 points, but it's obvious they were given to me out of pity due to te unfairness of the match up.
Next the other girls fought each other, but in the end the other team won.

I was then called up again to fight James, but the instructor remembered I already had and asked if anybody else wanted to spar with me. I really wanted to spar with someone else, but Liz (who was on our team) began to moan that the match-ups were unfair as they had better people on the team and wanted to do something else.

So we ended up having a "pattern off". Basically had to do a pattern all together and the better group would win. Once again, Liz moaned that they had higher grades in their group so would be better (tbh since we had lower grades it should mean we are better as it is the first pattern and we would therefore know it better having practiced it more recently).

But the other team had more strength in it when they did the pattern and won. What happened next ? Yep, you guessed it.
More moaning from Liz about the teams being unevenly matched. They really weren't though.

After this we did some group pattern work in which we went through a pattern with 54 moves. Yes, it was hard to remember. Finally we did some self-defence. Was taught a really good wrist lock move, though in a real fight would be basically impossible to use due to everything you have to go through to get them into that position. Though it is a technique practiced by prison guards and policemen and usually used when the suspect is already on the floor. We were then shown how to do a thumb lock, with me being demonstrated on, yes, it hurt, a lot.

So, the lesson ended and we all went off to the Library. Had a game of pool with Matt, two actually. Lost both times, but not an epic loss.

On the walk home the atmosphere around Leeds felt weird, really tense, as if something was going to happen. I also noticed that there were almost no students around the town and it was full of middle aged people, the type you see in old man type pubs.
Even when I walked pass a group of men that looked about 40 odd, one of them stared at me as I walked pass shouting something like,
"Fuck off out of our town"!
(Funny enough that is exactly what I am going to do on Sunday, so everyone is happy).

Got home to find everybody scattered about E block, Mia and Laura were packing and Lewis and Ben H were in Tim's flat. Lauren, Abi and Ben M had already left, as well as Sean.
I spoke to Luis on facebook asking if he knew where everybody was, after informing me, he told me about a game called bloons defence tower.
Best game ever. Was playing it for ages before going up to Tim's flat.
Was just listening to music up there for a while whilst talking about what things will be like next year in the flat. Seems Tim and Lewis have a bit of a problem with Harry and don't really want him living with us next year which would be quite annoying as it'd constantely cause tension in the house if that were the case.

However at about 2am or so I decided to head off back to my room and play some more bloons.
So, wasn't really the most exciting way to end this semester tbh. I now got 6 Kopparbergs in my room and wondering what to do.
Bring them to Simon's party tomorrow, if I decide to go that is, stay in tomorrow and drink with Harry (me, Harry, Magda and Heather are the only people I know not leaving Saturday) or I could just take all 6 home with me.
Hmm....I will have an answer tomorrow.

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