Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Day 75 - 16 hours

Was a cold night. Have a terrible cold now and probably will for the rest of the week.
Anyway, still managed to get to Geophysics ontime. Should really have a shower one of these mornings, but it's so cold when I get up I really don't want to.
Lecture today was actually pretty funny.
He kept getting really pissed off with people coming in late and walking right infront of him. I don't get why people do that when there are about 12 doors to the side you can easily sneak in through haha.
Also he told us two stories about Geophysics.
One involved some people wanting him and his students to map a farm to find were metal poles and concrete were so a farmer wouldn't hit it when ploughing. Though it turned out that they actually knew where all this was but wanted someone to go and prove that the people who had laid it all down had done a really bad (illegal) job of it.
Another one involved reflections and how in a Darren Brown book all the Geophysics in there is bullshit (his exact words) as Brown stated how it was possible to see someone's face through relfection seismics which isn't possible as it can only sense disturbances, not actually show exact images of what it is relfecting off haha (oh wow, I really am learning something).

Had a free for the next hour in which I carried on with my coralDRAW.
Dynamic Earth next. Let's just say I realised why I began to not go to this lecture. Was so boring and this Asian guy wouldn't shut up. For some reason when he talks in lectures, he doesn't do it in a hushed voice, he talks normally, so EVERYONE can hear him. To the point it's off putting.
I would have liked to have a thrown a cup of shut the f**k up in his face tbh.
Chemistry next, it's getting tough now.

I would have gone home at this point but had a Green meeting at 3pm.
Did more coralDRAW.
Had the meeting and turns out some people have actually done quite a lot as reps. Such as writing to council for bins etc. Me personally, I have made some leaflets about recycling bins for kitchens and gonna post them around E, D and G block.
Hopefully people won't screw them up this time.
Also although I shouldn't laugh, the talk of the Green meeting was given by a woman who has that thing when you can't pronounce the letter "s" and instead it comes out as "kssh". Gotta hear it to understand but I thought it was kinda funny, though I shouldn't.

So, finished my coralDRAW in the time remaining then went to Taekwondo for 6pm. Last training session before grading. Without sounding cocky, I am not at all nervous. I know all the patterns inside out and this is for yellow tag. Basically anyone can pass. Just wanna get this over with and start working on higher belts tbh.
Found it amusing too how some of the beginners who were unsure of things, such as whether a block comes from above or below always came to me for the answer haha.

Sparring was good too. Either I got worse, or everyone is getting better. This time I sparred against Dominic, who is also a white belt. He was really good though. An offensive fighter who had me on the defense all the time.
He was fun to spar with.

We didn't go Library as they wouldn't have food at this time so went to the Old bar instead.
Suprise suprise, the kitchen was closed there too.
So instead went to the Terrace.
Ended up staying there till 11:20pm. In that time, saw a lot of hot girls, Jeremy explained how the grading is done in groups of 6, making me even less nervous that I won't be up there on my own. AND saw two wiggas play a game of pool.
One was white, other looked hispanic. Though I gotta give it to them, everytime they got a ball in and started breakdancing on the floor it did look pretty impressive.
Just find it funny that I actually saw someone like that who was wearing a huge T-shirt and low batty but was white hehe. And no, I'm not racist.

Walked back though was tempted to get a taxi as it was late, cold and VERY slippery. Leeds ambulances have been really busy the past few days with people slipping over and breaking things, Jeremy said there have been 5 crashes on his road in the past 2 days too.
Ice = Bad Times.
In all, I have been at Uni for 16 hours today, from when I left to when I got back. Long day.

Got back and went on facebook in which all of E block were chatting about houses next year. There was a meeting at the bar about it but only 3 people went. Basically, best time to look is Jan/Feb, but there seems to be A LOT of options atm on places to live. For me, somewhere closer to the Uni where we won't get robbed would be nice. But will have to wait and see.

Also spoke to Heather a bit as she is considering leaving as she really doesn't like her course. Can't have another one leave :(

And Magda asked if I took maths as my status had a logarithm in it due to a chain letter game I was playing on msn.
Had a chat with her for a while as she thinks all of us don't really like her as she is quite busy and shy, which isn't true. Also I found out she has about 16 - 18 hours of lectures a week as opposed to my 8 hours of lectures, 6 hours of practicals (which is now only 4) and another 2 of seminar and tutorial.
She is doing chemical engineering so does explain why she has so many hours.

Well, is 3am atm. Ben H said he will definitely be in tomorrow though I doubt it. I got about 4 hours sleep to have now and WILL have a shower when I get back in the day....maybe....probably....won't bother.

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