Saturday, 6 December 2008

Day 78 - Arc Ball

Right, I am in the mood to be quite descriptive no, so will try and remember everything about today.
Got up sometime during mid day and made it to squad training.
But whaddayano ? We have been double booked, (FOR ABOUT THE 4TH TIME)!

Turns out that sports hall 2 was needed, all of it (we only use half on Saturdays) for a huge Ju jitsu session. However we had been moved to sports hall 3.
Guess things are improving as last time we just got told a load of shit about how there was nothing they could do and we ended up using hall 3 anyway which was also "booked out".

The training session was a killer. We had 4 different stations and had to do a different thing at each. First was press ups for 30 seconds. Easy right ?
Not when you have to do them on your knuckles AND have to hold them half way for 2 seconds, down for 2 seconds, half way for 2 seconds, then up for 2 seconds.

Next wasn't so bad, had to lock legs with partner and sit with body at a 45 degree angle as to work on abs.

3rd was the worse. Had to sit facing opposite direction of bench and push yourself up and down. Tricep work outs. Not sure if my technique was bad or what, but it hurt so much that my arms ached for hours after.
Not to mention this was just the first set, we had to do all this again but hold everything for a minute afterwards!
Won't bother going into detail about the next set of exercises but they were real hard too.
Did some sparring with Joe. I got in a decent body shot but he managed to land about 2 face shots and a head shot, so he definitely won the spar. After 5 minutes we were both too tired to carry on. Also I found out from him that we actually double graded on Friday which is awesome (meaning that the patterns we learned was actually for yellow belt, not yellow tag).

4:30pm came and it was time to leave. The plan was to meet at Headingly taps for 6pm for drinks then head to Arc for 7pm for the TKD meal. There was no way I was getting there for 6pm though.

By the time I got back it was 5:10pm so realised there was little point in rushing. Had something to eat, got changed but kept meeting people I knew along the way which slowed me down. After about a 50 minute walk into Headingly I met two other beginner girls who were heading to the meal and had a cab and said I could go in it with them.
One of them said that she said hi to me in the street the other day and I ignored her :|
Seeing as I am bad with faces I probably do this quite often.
I got in the cab with them which was pretty pointless as we were literally about 50 metres from the pub, though they had no clue where it was and had this taxi before hand so I only had to pay 5p.

By this time it was 6:45pm. Got into the taps and it was full of students dressed up in different costumes, from animals to robin hood.
Soon after we got to the arc and got our seats. Everyones food began to come but mine wasn't which I was finding weird, I had ordered the buffet (only me and one other guy did) as it was cheaper and looked nicer on the menu.
However, by buffet, I assumed it meant all you can eat.
I was wrong.
Turns out they just put the food on a big dish and you take what you want.
In all fairness, it was quite nice, but it didn't really fill me up all that much (not as much as £13 should anyway).
I got a text from Tom (one that lives at Clarence Dock) saying that the ball at Clarence Dock was pretty good and that I should come down.
It was 9:30pm and people had finished so I decided I might as well make a move, said bye to everyone and got a cab back which was £8:70.
Not bad considering I have been charged £7 just from the Uni back to Clarence Dock and the taps is A LOT further.
As this was also a formal event, I was already dressed for the occasion.
However, I didn't know a single person there.
This is why you should talk to as many people as possible during your first few weeks.
After about 30 minutes of standing about and talking to some people that were friends of friends although it being awkward, finally some of E block arrived!
Things began to liven up at this point.
First bit of banter, us texting Heff asking why he wasn't coming, assuming he was masturbating then barging into his unlocked room. He wasn't there, but for some reason his matress was up against the wall :S
Next was me and Harry complaining about every song that came on, saying we were unable to dance to it, that was until Superstition came on :)

Night turned out to be pretty good in the end.
Ended up talking to loads of different people.
One being a girl that does Taekwondo but rarely turns up. Was introduced to her by a friend, expecting her to say "we have already" met though I looked stupid as I stood there looking at her hoping for a reaction.
After I said to her "you don't recognise me"? and figured that there was no way this was the wrong person, eventually asked if she did actually do Taekwondo in which she remembered me instantely.
Jeez, first time that has ever happened. Whole reason Tom and I became friends is because he remembered my hair (and skin colour most likely).

Also I met a girl called Louise that I talked to WEEKS back in the laundrette. Were both in there waiting for washing to be done, two other guys came in and tried to get some crips from vending machine but it got stuck. In the end we spent about £4 or something between the 4 of us trying to get the crips out, as each time a new one came, the one in front for closer and closer.
After shaking the machine, 4 packets fell out.
Suprised I remembered her face tbh, and even more suprised when I talked to another girl who I asked "You were the one that kicked your shoe into the river"!? and was right.
And this was because I recongised her voice of all things, sounded French but don't know haha.

Kopperberg was only £2.50, bargain.
And the guy that started a fight with Ben and Harry was there too. To everyone's suprise despite his threats to Ben, when they met, they actually shook hands. He shook Harry's too, and mine, saying he remembered me from that night and is "scared" :S
Not too sure what he meant by that though.

Ball came to and end at 1am but people were up for an after party.
First up, E block.
Just talked about Scott and how it is weird he is the only one that got hurt as all night all of us were running across roads whilst being really drunk though in the newspaper it makes it out to be that it was due to the busy road he was crossing.
It was more our fault. Even Tim said he would have run into the road too to the next pub had it not been for his gammy leg.
Were also saying it is kinda ironic (and in some sense funny) how it happened, as had Scott not been so intent on finishing the enitre Otley run this may have never happened, as we skipped those two pubs but he went in with Tim.
Eitherway, his operations seem to be going well and the pressure in his brain has gone down so he is recovering :)

Got a call from Tom asking if the E block party was any good. Wasn't really, so went with him and a few others into an M block kitchen.
Was no music and no alcohol.

Next went to an A block kitchen.
Their entire flat was so weird though.
As in all over the walls they had pictures, posters, newspaper, magazine cut outs.
It was what a student flat SHOULD look like.
Were in there for about 30 minutes but everyone was getting tired.

Not sure who's idea it was, but in the corner there was an inflatable santa and we thought it'd be a good idea to take it. So using our cunning (we just picked it up and ran) managed to sneak it out the block and run and hide it in G block haha.

Ah fun.
Got back and went on facebook for a bit. Talked to Jen for a while about how Uni is going for and when she gets back (she has an exam the 18th so gets back 20th, sucks to be her haha).

Still though, only about a week left.
Really missing everyone.
4am, tomorrow is a Sunday meaning I have nothing to get up for and no real work to do (besides "revision").

Now though, it's time to watch the new episode of Naruto :)

Out ya'll.

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